new realism, pop art

Cyril Le Van/ Cyril Le Van

France 1970

Installation, Sculpture, Pop Art, Photography

Cyril Le Van
Cyril Le Van

Cyril Le Van is a French contemporary artist who composes a plastic artwork by using photography to reproduce objects of everyday life in real size and three dimensions. Born into an artist family, in 1970, Le Van practiced the drawing and the painting before being interested in the urban space.

Cyril Le Van’s Fake Objects

Cyril Le Van’s way of making artworks is very specific. The artist photographs the objects he wants to reproduce in his work. They usually include symbols of belonging to a group, a social or cultural identity, or characteristic of our age. Than Le Van prints them on a rigid support and finally recreates them with stitches or staples creating new object, fake and appealing at the same time. Mixed between New Realism and Pop Art, his works blur the limits between art and popular culture. He uses the brand concept to discuss about globalization and consumerism, as well as their impacts on society.

Cyril Le Van - installation view,  Magrorocca, Volta 2013, New York, photo credits - blouinartinfo
Cyril Le Van – installation view, Magrorocca, Volta 2013, New York

Artistic Reproduction of Nike Shoes

Cyril Le Van reproduces life-size three-dimensional objects which include small things, like a Polaroid camera, and large things, like a car. His realistic works explore the current social codes and common objects of consumption, as well as the transfer of values: brands, symbols of our society, are slowly replacing profound human values. Le Van reproduces expensive Nike shoes, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags, Adidas T-shirts, and more. These things are a status symbol for those who own and wear them, and his uncanny duplicates take power away from its branding. His work functions as moderator, as a starting point that allows a reflection on our times.

French artist Cyril Levan - sculptures 2015
Cyril Le Van – Untitled, from the Shoes series 2012, photo credits – artist

Shanty Towns as Artworks

One part of Le Van’s work focuses on economic and cultural exclusion, as well as on social marginalization. Challenging the viewer’s awareness of issues like poverty, artist photographs shanty towns or mattresses as shelters for the homeless and installs them in a gallery setting. Cyril Le Van wishes to tackle the issues of social and economical exclusion, of modest architectures and of forced migrations, and to show the transient nature of not having a permanent place to live.

Cyril Levan sculptures 2012
Cyril Le Van – Untitled, from the Shelters series, 2012, photo credits – Beautiful decay

Fake Boutique – Cyril Le Van in Belgrade

One of Cyril Le Van’s latest solo shows Fake Boutique was held in 2014 at KC Grad in Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibition was part of the AIR (artist in residence) program of KC Grad gallery. Le Van presented his body of work raging from the mattresses symbolizing one extreme of the modern society – the homeless to Louis Vuitton luxury bags corresponding the other extreme – the wealthy and the snobbish.

Cyril LeVan - Fake Boutique, solo show at KC Grad, Belgrade, 2014, photo credits - Flickr
Cyril Le Van – Fake Boutique, solo show at KC Grad, Belgrade, 2014

Le Van has exhibited his work all around Europe and across the world in many galleries and museums, including Galerie Pi, Copenhagen, 2014, Gallery Krause, New York, 2014, Galerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, 2013, TIL Gallery, London, 2013, Flux Laboratory, Zurich, 2013, Galeria Magrorocca, Milan, 2013, Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse, 2012, For Art Gallery, Lille, 2011, and Lycee Myriam, Toulouse, amongst others.

Cyril Le Van lives and works in Toulouse, France.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2014Fake BoutiqueKC Grad, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2014Cyril Le VanGalerie Pi, Coppenhag, DanemarkSolo
2014Art Up Art FairGalerie NAG, Lille, FranceGroup
2014Art Miami WynwoodPablo Guijarro Gallery, Mexico, MexicoGroup
2014Cyril Le VanMusee Villa Mondrian, Winterswijk, Pays-BasnSolo
2014Cyril Le VanGallery Krause, New York, USASolo
2014Cyril Le VanMarburae Gallery, Macclesfield, GBSolo
2014Cyril Le VanGalerie Gocart, Visby, SuedenSolo
2014Festival photo Saint Germain des PresnGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, FrancenGroup
2013Contemporary Istanbul 2013Gama GallerySolo
2013Social CodesGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2013A Temperemental ViewTIL Gallery, London, UKSolo
2013Where are we goingFlux Laboratory, Zurich, SwitzerlandSolo
2013Cyril Le VanGalerie municipale Robespierre, Grande Synthe, FranceSolo
2013Cyril Le VanGalerie Le Volume, Vern sur Seiche, FranceSolo
2013VOLTA NY, project fair for contemporary artNew-York, USASolo
2013Cyril Le VanGaleria Magrorocca, Milan, ItalieSolo
2013So Critical So FashionMilan, ItalieSolo
2012Very Fake StoreSergeant Paper Art Store, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Cyril le VanGalerie Judy Straten, Horst, NetherlandsSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie Valerie Schwindt-Kleveman, Osnabruck, AllemagneSolo
2012Cyril Le VanEcole des Beaux-Art de Besancon, FrancenSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGallery Judy Straten, Horst, Pays-BasSolo
2012La ZACBrest, FranceSolo
2012Les Marmites Artistiques festivalCampus universitaire de Nanterre, FranceGroup
2012Art & Antique Fair HertogenboschGalerie Van Campen & Rochtus, Anvers, BeGroup
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie Van Campen & Rochtus, Anvers, BelgiqueSolo
2012CHULimoges, FranceGroup
2012Cyril Le VanGallery Judy Straten, Horst, Pays-BasSolo
2012Cyril Le VanStudio gallery, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2012Faites de l'image festivalToulouse, FranceGroup
2012Art Nocturne KnockeGalerie Van Campen & Rochtus, Anvers, BelgiqueGroup
2012Ethical Fashion ShowParis, FranceGroup
2012Contextile 2012, Contemporary Textile Art TriennialPorto, PortugalGroup
2012Cyril Le VanGaleria Tagomago, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie municipale Robespierre, residence, Grande Synthe, FranceSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie Sergeant Paper, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGallery Visionairs, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Cyril Le VanGalerie Arcuterie, Poitiers, FranceSolo
2011Salon PLAYTIMEParis, FranceGroup
2011Cyril Le VanFor Art Gallery, Lille, FranceSolo
2011Cyril Le VanLeslie’s Art Gallery, Bridel, LuxembourgSolo
2011Salon PLAYTIMETokyo, JaponGroup
2011Adidas Original’s et le Citadium BeaubourgParis, FranceSolo
2011Lille Art FairFor Art Gallery, Lille, FranceGroup
2011Salon PLAYTIMENew York, USAGroup
2011Salon CONTRASTERoubaix, FranceGroup
2011La Nuit de L’InstantMarseille, FranceGroup
2011Defense de nettoyer en marche festivalRonchamp, FranceGroup
2011Art Fair Madrid fotoGalerie Ego, EspagneGroup
2011Cyril Le VanLycee Myriam, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2011Festival SUPERNOVAMontpellier, FranceGroup
2011Biennale d'Art Contemporain ArmoricaineMusee de St Brieuc, FranceGroup
2011Paysages SynthetiquesMusee Saint Raymond, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2011Cyril Le VanFlux Laboratory, Carouge, SuisseSolo
2011Cyril Le VanGalerie Arcuterie, Poitiers, FranceSolo
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie Lacen, Paris, FranceSolo
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie Ego, Barcelone, EspagneSolo
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie de l'Ecole nationale des Beaux-arts, Shenyang, ChineSolo
2010Art Fair Madrid fotoGalerie Ego, EspagneGroup
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie LI space, Pekin, ChineSolo
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie l’atelier, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2010Cyril Le VanIn situ, Strasbourg, FranceSolo
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie Artempion, Vincennes, FranceSolo
2010Salon Who’s nextParis, FranceSolo
2010I amGalerie Michard Ardillier, Bordeaux, FranceSolo
2010Art Fair SlickGalerie Studio 55, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Cyril Le VanMICS, Monaco, FranceSolo
2010Art Fair St’ArtGalerie Heine, Strasbourg, FranceGroup
2010Cyril Le VanGalerie Studio 55, Paris, FranceSolo
2009Festival Rio LocoToulouse, FranceGroup
2009Cyril Le VanSalon Premiere Classe, Paris, FranceSolo
2009Cyril Le VanResonnance de la biennale de Lyon, L’epicerie moderne, Feyzin, FranceSolo
2009Cyril Le VanGalerie l’atelier, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2008Cyril Le VanLieu commun, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2008Cyril Le VanLe BBB, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2008Cyril Le VanGalerie l’atelier, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2007Cyril Le VanGalerie la menuiserie, Rodez, FranceSolo
2007Cyril Le VanGalerie l’atelier, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2006Festival Tirage Limite 6Toulouse, FranceGroup
2006Cyril Le VanGalerie l’atelier, Toulouse, FranceSolo