Darla Teagarden/ Darla Teagarden

United States

Photography, Fine Art, Surrealism

Darla Teagarden
Darla Teagarden
United States
March 2, 2015
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Darla Teagarden is an American mixed media artist based in Austin, Texas. Formerly a stylist, model and dancer, her current works are photographic – often hand drawing the backgrounds and using recycled or vintage props. In her work Darla combines the arts of photography, fashion and theater sets to produce some very artful and inspiring shots.

Her images are primarily inspired by children’s literature, her time in theatre arts, pop surrealism and the Southern Gothic genre. She likes to work with visual artists and musicians, some of her favorite include Roky Erickson, Lydia Lunch, Liz McGrath, Rasputina, Exene Cervenka, Natalia Fabia, King Dude, Charlie Sexton, Chelsea Wolfe, among others.

Artist currently works on “ALTRAS”, a self-portrait series about living with mental illness. The series has personal roots inspired by her own life and the lives of friends and family members.  She uses Gothic and whimsical imagery which best evokes the bittersweet consequences of living with Clinical Depression and addiction.  Darla makes her portraits by creating simple structures out of wood, paper and other familiar materials. These serve abstractly as her ALTARS, a means for communication, protection, ritual and a sense of place. Each image was shot alone in the same 6 foot space. The images are black and white format, either faceless or Darla in character. The visual narrative is meant to communicate a common experience and unity. ALTARS is also dedicated to Darla’s Grandmother Jean Fay who committed suicide when she was a teenager and her late friend and artist, Nick Bohn. The project is ongoing until 2016.

Her photography can be seen in many national and internationally published magazines, art blogs and galleries.