David Stegmann

Germany 1982

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Sculpture, Painting


David Stegmann
David Stegmann
December 24, 2014

David Stegmann is a Swiss-German contemporary artist, born in 1982 in Freiburg, Germany. Stegmann’s early work was heavily influenced by the Street and Urban art scene, adopting the moniker Dust in the year 2000.

In his work, Stegmann deals with what he describes as a new understanding of life and existence of man on Earth. His work consists of impulsive, fascinating images that are consistently developing throughout his oeuvre. His more abstract works look like random creations, expressive compositions reminiscent of natural phenomena. Stegmann’s works have a spectacular presence which forces the viewer to pause and reflect on the scenes before him. David Stegmann paints on canvas, wood, paper, and glass, creates sculptures and designer toys and paints murals in public spaces. His new works with glass are witnesses of his irrepressible pioneering spirit and the consistent progression of his visual and design vocabulary.

David Stegmann’s inspiration is derived mainly from nature. One’s complete texture is not only characterized by size, but is also reflected in detail. Everything is connected and strives for cohesion. An all-encompassing symbiosis from which man arose when he claimed dominion over flora and fauna. His all-devouring pursuit of progress testifies to the fact that he continues to elude his responsibility for nature. This problem forms the basis of Dust’s work, which directly contrasts man and the technology he has brought forth, with nature itself. That said, nature frankly no longer needs us and never has. It simply needs itself. Because of this, Stegmann avoids trying to prove his work with unique statements. The viewer should be encouraged to reflect on each work and reach his or her’s own conclusions. Just as the smallest of cosmic entities change with closer observation, one can find details in his works that seem to be taken from nature and that become more apparent the closer one looks at them. The focus of Stegmann’s work is the vision of a harmony between man and nature, abstract, traced back to the origin of people who, like animals in a consumer society, are robbed of their true identity and reduced to natural forms.

David Stegmann currently lives in Staufen and Stuttgart, Germany.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2015On the RunGalerie Hugo 45, Braunschweig, GermanyGroup
2014Station to StationPretty Portal Galerie, Düsseldorf, GermanySolo
2014The JourneyGalerie Hugo 45 (Braunschweig, GER)Solo
2014Concrete JungleGalerie Merkle (Stuttgart , GER)Duo
2014Alle Jahre WiederGalerie Hugo 45 (Braunschweig, GER)Group
2014Blooom Art Fair 2014Pretty Portal Galerie (Köln, GER)Group
2014#Conturbanaries Art Fair 2014  Pretty Portal Galerie, Stattbad Berlin (Berlin, GER) Group
2014Around the World in 80 ToysEspionage Gallery (Adelaide, AUS)Group
2013Organic 45Galerie Hugo 45 (Braunschweig, GER)Solo
2013Gift WrappedClutter Gallery (New York, USA)Group
2013Dreissig mal DreissigGalerie Merkle (Stuttgart, GER)Group
2013Skate and EnjoyPretty Portal Galerie (Duesseldorf, GER)Group
2013KunstinvasionE-Werk Freiburg (Freiburg, GER)Group
2013Stroke Art FairPretty Portal Galerie + IYF Galerie (Munich, GER)Group
2013IN YOUR FACE!Kunsthalle F6zehn (Augsburg, GER)Group
2013QiQi Custom ShowCreo Design, ToyCon UK (London, UK)Group
201315 Jahre Galerie MerkleGalerie Merkle (Stuttgart, GER)Group
2013Urban ExpoPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2012Dust – Dark Maya44309 StreetartGallery (Dortmund, GER)Solo
2012DUSTArtlane Galerie (Klagenfurt, AUS)Solo
2012All City StyleSold Out Gallery (Bochum, GER)Group
2012NEW POP ARTGallery Richter & Masset (Munich, GER)Group
2012The Toy2r BuneeQ ShowChrom – Galerie für Gegenwartskunst (Bochum, GER)Group
2012DROPPBK9 (Lausanne, CH)Group
2012Dudebox Launch ExhibitionVillage Underground (London, UK)Group
2012Drawings & IllustrationsPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2011Urban ExpoPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2011ART Basel Miami BeachGallery Art Whino (Miami, USA)Group
2011SNCCGalerie Itinerrance (Paris, FR)Group
2011Urban Art – The New Contemporary ArtKunstverein Freiburg (Freiburg, GER)Group
2011The Art of gloryArtlane Galerie (Klagenfurt, AUS)Group
2011Wasser Facetten eines ElementsFoundation Messmer (Riegel, GER)Group
2011SNCCMuseumsquartier (Vienna, AUS)Group
2011G40Gallery Art Whino (Washington DC, USA)Group
2011From Dusk Till DawnAliseo Art Project (Gengenbach, GER)Group
2011Three AnglesPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2011Mini Tea Tour 2011SIXXA (Vienna, AUS)Group
2011Mini Tea Tour 201143° Gallery (Berlin, GER)Group
2011Mini Tea Tour 2011DRAGATOMI (Sacramento, USA)Group
2011Mini Tea Tour 2011Forbidden Planet (London, UK)Group
2011Eastpak Artist SeriesRuttkowski 68 Galerie (Cologne, GER)Group
2011Style needs no Color dust x EastpakLivepainting Bread & Butter (Berlin, GER)Group
2011Jouwe Custom ShowOutlandstore Gallery (Amsterdam, NL)Group
2010Natur in GefahrKulturgalerie Kesselhaus (Lahr, GER)Solo
2010The Almighty Dunny ShowGenuine Artikle and Halycon (NYC, USA)Group
2010URBAN EXPOPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2010SNNC – Schwarz auf Weiss Tour 2010 and Eastpak artist seriesArt Fair Trade Show (Cologne, GER)Group
2010Custom Tea Tour + Chari’Tea AuctionKidrobot Store (London, UK)Group
2010Jouwe Custom ShowGalerie Zimmermann & Heitmann (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2010Jouwe Custom ShowArty Farty Artspace (Cologne, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourGallery Neongolden (Wiesbaden, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourGalerie Parzelle 403 (Basel, CH)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourArty Farty Artspace (Cologne, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourGallery Loyal (Kassel, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourSystM Gallery (Berlin, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourHelmet Gallery (Munich, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourNina Sagt Gallery (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2010The Amos showtime tourArt Store St. Pauli (Hamburg, GER)Group
2010Stroke.02Nuthouse Gallery + Intoxicated Demons Gallery  (Munich, GER)Group
2010The Juguete Custom ShowSantiago, ChileGroup
2010DROP – A Black and White Urban Graphic Art ExhibitionLausanne, CHGroup
2010Hatch – oversized and underprized round twoCologne, GERGroup
2010Keep Smiling, Loser!INK-A-ZOID & SUPERPLAN (Berlin, GER)Group
2010Custom tea tour East Gallery (London, UK), University (Birmingham City, UK), Ik’sentrik Store (Bath, UK), Forbidden Planet (Bristol, UK)Group
2010SNNC – Schwarz auf Weiss TourAltes Arresthaus (Mayen,Koblenz, GER), Nuthouse Gallery (Karlsruhe, GER), Stroke.02 (München, GER), Pretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2010G40 – The SummitArt Whino Gallery (St. Arlington , USA)Group
2009DarkdustPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Solo
2009Surreal MindsMyplasticheart Gallery (New York, USA)Solo
2009Exclusive AlterEGO_ConcreteMyplasticheart Gallery & dust, NYCC (New York, USA)Solo
2009RUN VIE VS INOPERABLE GalleryInoperable Gallery (Wien, AT)Solo
2009ALL EYES ON ARTDRUXS (Freiburg, GER)Group
2009Art Basel Miami BeachArt Whino Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach  (Miami Beach, USA)Group
2009Old skoolin for the childrenGallery Art Whino (Washington DC, USA)Group
2009Rollie custom ShowTenacious Toys and Nemo (NYC, USA)Group
2009Schwarz auf WeißGallery Giesela (Koblenz, GER)Group
2009Invasion KulturtageInvasion Kulturtage (Freiburg, GER)Group
2009Kool KillerKunstraum Winterthur (Winterthur, CH)Group
2009Gallery JENZEN (Aalborg, DK)Intoxicated Demons Gallery (Berlin, GER)Group
2009Kunst im Tresor Intoxicated Demons (München, GER)Group
2009MAYDAY – World PoliticsGallery Art Whino (Washington DC, USA)Group
2009ThreesomeArtbastard, Nice,Nice Exhibition Space (Hannover, GER)Group
2009DRUXS & FriendsDRUXS (Freiburg, GER)Group
2009Bandeschiff WienVienna, ATGroup
2009DropLap Grand OpenningBrescia, ITGroup
2008Dust ImpressionsPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Solo
2008PrettyPortal AllstarsPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2008lIustrative 2008Zürich, CHGroup
2008RAS Customize SessionPretty Portal Galerie (Düsseldorf, GER)Group
2008Werke aus dem Hinterstübchennimby art (Freiburg, GER)Group
2008All City Style ExhibitionCarhartt Gallery (Weil am Rhein, GER)Group
2008TeddyTrooper Customize ExhibitionsTitus Shop (Berlin, GER), Eastpak Store (Oberhausen, GER), Carhartt Gallery (Weil am Rhein, GER), Soda Books (Munich, GER)Group
2008HANG EM HIGHFreiburg, GERGroup
2008Urban Night RomaLive performance @ Urban Night (Roma, IT)Group
2008Inked SoulsGallery Art Whino & TAGÜR (Washington DC, USA)Group
2008URBAN SIGNS 2008Nuthouse Gallery (Karlsruhe, GER)Group
2008ARTIGGallery Artstübli (Basel, CH)Group
2008Circolo degli ArtistiCircolo degli Artisti“ (Roma, IT)Group
2007Dust meets SorgSorg (Freiburg, GER)Solo
2007Inaugural ExhibitionFLUSH 25 (Stuttgart, GER)Solo
2007Dust enter HAUSNUMMER 12Inaugural Exhibition (Pforzheim, GER)Solo
2007White SessionInvited to the first official White Session (Cologne, GER)Group
2006First Presentation of the Designtoys RASFrei.Stil (Freiburg, GER)Group
2006360degrees Arround ArtFreiburg, GERGroup
2006Inaugural ExhibitionGalerie Wildwuchs (Freiburg, GERGroup