Day-z - Charlie White - image via Imitate Modern


United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Day-z is a London-born artist who graduated in Fine Art from Central St Martins. Using a pencil as her main weapon of choice, she skillfully depicts contemporary socio-political subjects and playfully subverts them. Her lifelike style has been seen to resurrect the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn and Tupac Shakur. Day-z has a natural ability to create witty and playful artworks that fuse together fine and street art. Using techniques from the Old Masters, Day-z casts an academic finish to contemporary and urban inspired works that demand attention and catch the eye.

Many of her ideas draw upon fashion, brands and advertising which she uses to reflect on our own culture with a mix of imagination, dexterity, and subtle humor. Influences from Cindy Sherman, Alison Jackson and Banksy can be detected in her work to reveal her own unique style, which is evident in her explorations of themes and the social comments she injects into her works.

Featured image: Day-z – Charlie White – image courtesy of Imitate Modern