Deanna Pizzitelli - The Living Ground (detail)

Deanna Pizzitelli

Canada 1987


Deanna Pizzitelli
Deanna Pizzitelli
April 28, 2016
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Deanna Pizzitelli, a young Canadian artist, explores delicate yet deep sentiments of desire, longing and loss as well as eroticism. Her photography is very poetic and layered when it comes to its meaning, which is not surprising having in mind that Pizzitelli is also a writer. There is an astounding variety of motifs in her pieces – human bodies, rock formations, animals and even landscapes. However, no matter this puzzling variety, Pizzitelli’s work, as a whole, leaves the impression of a highly complex mental and emotional landscapes wrapped up in a luscious layer of eroticism and mystery.

Deanna Pizzitelli - Laurel III, 2012
Deanna Pizzitelli – Laurel III, 2012

Modern Expression of Historical Processes

Deanna Pizzitelli was born in the late 80s in Toronto, Canada. She earned her BFA in Photography at Ryerson University in 2011 and three years later she received her MFA from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Pizzitelli is using mainly analogue photographic processes in her quest to explore the relationship between analogue and digital technologies. She is also interested in giving a modern, contemporary expression to otherwise obsolete, historical photographic procedures. While her individual artworks are dedicated to her own emotional and mental landscapes, she also collaborates with her partner Jakub Jančo and together they question and investigate the topics of identity, relationships, and expressive possibilities of portraiture.

Pizzitelli is using mainly analogue photographic processes in her quest to explore the relationship between analogue and digital technologies

Deanna Pizzitelli - Birds II, 2012
Deanna Pizzitelli – Birds II, 2012

Motifs of Animals and Nudity

Pizzitelli’s puzzling polaroids, chromogenic and fiber prints are featuring a variety of topics. Her series Intimates is an interesting, versatile mix of erotica, images of animals and short pieces of free style poetry. The viewer feels perplexed by this variety of materials and challenged to find a narrative structure connecting all the pieces, but it seems that the main connection between them is the sentiment of unfiltered and raw, even slightly odd, overwhelming intimacy. Her another quite peculiar series, called The Living Groud, which is a collaboration with her partner Jakub Jančo, leaves the similar impression of intimacy, but the variety of visual motifs is even more interesting in this case, because the artists introduced images of landscapes and close-ups of unsightly animal such as dead fish and worms. The series again has a strong erotic, even pornographic feel at times, mixed with the strange sense of decay and loss. However, not all of Pizzitelli’s artworks explore the themes of intimacy and decay – she has a lot of landscape photographs where she depicts either wide open spaces or concentrates on various details found in nature, such as textures and shapes of stones.

Pizzitelli’s series Intimates is an interesting, versatile mix of erotica, images of animals, still nature and short pieces of free style poetry

Deanna Pizzitelli - Untitled (Intimates)
Deanna Pizzitelli – Untitled (Intimates)

Fresh Approach to Universal Themes

Pizzitelli’s way to represent universal issues such as death, sex and transformation is very personalized, disturbing and intimate, but undoubtedly powerful. Her loose compositions are poetic, sensual and spontaneous , making the viewer feel somewhat voyeuristic and unsettled. At the same time, Pizzitelli’s work is valuable because the young artist uses analogous photographic techniques which are becoming less common nowadays. Pizzitelli’s distinctively raw and experimental work was recently shown at Paris Photo 2015 and Classic Photographs LA 2014. In addition to this, she has participated in 2010 and 2011 CONTACT Photography Festivals.

The artist is represented by Stephen Bulger Gallery.

Deanna Pizzitelli lives and works in Ottawa, Canada.

Featured image: Deanna Pizzitelli – The Living Ground (detail)
All images courtesy of the artist.

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2015Of Place and TimeListhus Gallery, Olafsfjordur ISGroup
2015Paris Photo 2015With Stephen Bulger Gallery, Paris FRGroup
2014Dreams, Fantasies & IllusionsPhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury USAGroup
2014MFA Thesis ShowJoseph Gross Gallery, Tucson USAGroup
2013One-OffsTodd Walker Gallery, Tucson USAGroup
2012Bait and Capture: Abigail Felber & Deanna PizzitelliLionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson USASolo
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2012Abstract ExpressionsPhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury USAGroup
2012What’s New Pussycat? 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles USAGroup
2011Youth, Sometimes: Deanna Pizzitelli & Rachel WaughCONTACT Festival, Galleria 814, Toronto CASolo
2011Endless CavernsGraduate Gallery, Tucson USAGroup
2011Are You Afraid of the Dark? Gallery 1581 Dundas, Toronto CAGroup
2011Function Fundraiser ExhibitionSteam Whistle Gallery, Toronto CAGroup
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