Deborah Claxton

United States

Drawing, Assemblage Art

Deborah Claxton
Deborah Claxton
United States
September 29, 2015
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Deborah Claxton is an American artist, known for her images which only appear to look like oil paintings, but upon closer inspection, it can be noticed that they are made of small pieces of paper pierced glued to a board.
Claxton has been making art her whole life, but this practice started 20 years ago, around 1995, when she wanted to incorporate her love for color, drawing and sculpture into one unique kind of work. She wanted to work in a medium which would allow her to be in a direct contact with the materials she was using. Debora Claxton is fond of the idea that she can assemble images by using vivid, untouched colors, and she find this technique perfect for her practice.

The process of creation involves several stages. She first begins with outlining her subject, which is followed by drawing more details and deciding which color will “occupy” which section. The individual shapes from the design are subsequently transmitted to the accordingly colored papers. Before that, Deborah applies adhesive to the back of the paper. In that way, the shapes are ready to be applied to the board once she cuts them out. Finally, the pieces are combined and any mistake is righted.
The last stage is applying a number of layers of varnish to protect the image. Since the process is so detailed and complex, it can take a couple of months for Claxton to finish only one piece.

Claxton received the academic training at Maryland College of Art and Design and Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. She also graduated from Syracuse University School of Art in the state of New York.
She also had numerous exhibitions, and has collaborated with many artists. Some of her more notable exhibitions include the 2008 Extreme Paper, and the 2013 exhibition titled Sur-real, both of which were organized by Woodward gallery. Her works are represented by them.

Deborah Claxton lives and works in Maryland, US.

Featured image: Deborah Claxton – Farm from a Helicopter (detail), 2005

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Woodward Gallery DecadesWoodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
201520in15Woodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2014Sur-RealWoodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2013Femalenergy3Woodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2013DetailWoodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2010BIG Paper WinterWoodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2008Extreme PaperWoodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2008Works on PaperThe Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY Group
2007Cutting Across Cultures: The Art of Paper Cutting - Then and NowThe Rye Art Center, Westchester, NYGroup
2006Gallery Artists 06-07Woodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2005Winter Paper SevenWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2004Vote With Your ArtO.K Harris Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2004Still-Cut PaperWoodward Gallery, New York, NYSolo
2003GalaHuntsville Museum of Art, Huntsille, ALGroup
2003Paper Invitational VIWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2002Paper Invitational VWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2002Deborah Claxton: Cut Paper OnlyWoodward Gallery, New York, NYSolo
2001Paper Invitational IVWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2001Hit and Run 2001Woodward Gallery, New York, NY Group
2000Paper Invitational IIIWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
1999Frameless: Juried Exhibition–Works on PaperWhiteville, NC Group
19998th Annual Juried ShowArt Institute & Gallery, Salisbury, MD Group
1999Juror–Dr. Virginia Mecklenberg, Senior CuratorNational Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC Group
1998Deborah Claxton at Historic Savage MillSavage, MD Solo
1997Dimensional Illustrators 9th Annual International 3-D Awards ExhibitionsNew York, NY Group
1996Dimensional Illustrators 8th Annual International 3-D Awards ExhibitionsNew York, NY Group
1995Dimensional Illustrators 7th Annual International 3-D Awards ExhibitionsNew York, NYGroup
1984Group showJackson School, Washington, DC Group
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