Dena Lyons, photo credits - Monaco Life, painting

Dena Lyons

United States 1980


Dena Lyons
Dena Lyons
United States
June 21, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Dena Lyons is an American contemporary artist known for her colourful paintings of trees. Lyons’ thoughtful sensibility, the colour choices and dynamic brushwork, are a reflection of her adventurous journey through life.

Dena Lyons’ Background

Born in 1980, in Boca Raton, southern Florida, Dena Lyons started taking painting lessons and was encouraged to apply for the local arts magnet program at the age of 12. Lyons graduated from the prominent Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 1998. In the same year, she was awarded a merit scholarship to the well-respected Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix en Provence, and moved to France to continue her studies. In 2002, on a merit scholarship Dena attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned a BFA. At the same time, Floridian artist was awarded merit scholarships to study painting at Ox-Bow in Michigan.

Life in France

After completing her formal education, Dena Lyons returned to France. Supporting herself with plain air painting, she spent 5 years exploring the country she had fallen in love with years before for both its stunning beauty and energizing artistic inspiration. For the past several years Dena has maintained both US and French residency while continuing to pursue painting in France which is her primary residence and choice for living and working.

Dena Lyons - Birch, 2013, (left), Dena Lyons - Toxic Beauty, 2010, (right), photo credits - artist, painting
Dena Lyons – Birch, 2013, (left) / Dena Lyons – Toxic Beauty, 2010, (right), photo credits – Dena Lyons

Portraits of Trees

Dena Lyons creates thoughtful and monumental works of art by using a simple object, a tree alone which she calls Portraits of Trees. Featuring trees of different sorts, shapes and colours, her works revolves around la joie de vivre. Usually made with oil and wax on canvas, Dena’s paintings are dynamic, figurative pieces, full of energy, and defined by subtle color choices.

I choose to personify trees because they are expressive, colorful and very often overlooked, but vital components of nature.” – Dena Lyons

Lyons’ organic sensibility is influenced by the Fauvist style, especially Andre Derain, her form of abstract interpretation allows a journey through the form, colors, and brushwork into a world of sensations. Each Portrait of a tree represents a different aspect of the human condition: desire, hope, humility, and revery, among others.

Dena Lyons - Hope, 2010, photo credits - Dena Lyons, painting
Dena Lyons – Hope, 2010, photo credits – Dena Lyons

Dena Lyons Couture

Dena Lyons’ Portraits of Trees has been the basis for her new path in the fashion industry, she merges art and fashion in beautiful scarves that could be uses as a dress, as well. For her new line of silk scarves, Dena is collaborating with Roberto Cavalli on the designs which take her imagery from her paintings and transfer them onto silk. Latterly, her scarves has been included in numerous fashion shows including one at the Lighthouse Arts Museum.

Dena Lyons with her scarves, photo by Guillermo Luna, credits - Fashion Topic, scarves
Dena Lyons with her scarves, photo by Guillermo Luna

Dena Lyons’ Exhibitions

Represented by the Marin Price Gallery in the Washington DC area, and Galerie Villa Köppe in Berlin, Germany, Dena has participated in many solo and group exhibitions at USA and abroad, including Gregory Gaymont Gallery, Addington Gallery, Gallerie MK in Chicago, Rome Art Coterie, Rome, Italy, and Galerie Imprevu, Honfleur, France, amongst others.
Her works of art are owned by respected collectors around the world, including Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Nippon Steel and Chateau Bois Guilbert. Lyons received the mayor’s medal of excellence for her opening in Beausoleil.
She is a member of the International Association of Fine Arts in Monaco.

Dena Lyons currently lives and works in Monaco.

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2014Affordable Art FairMaastricht, HolandGroup
2014Dena LyonsPalm Beach Cultural Council, Lake Worth, FloridaSolo
2013Wurzel weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit Widmen (5), Berlin Art WeekShift, BerlinGroup
2013Wurzel weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit Widmen (6), Berlin Art WeekMuseum Lytke, LeipzigGroup
2013Dena LyonsNMA Studio, New York, New YorkSolo
2013Dena LyonsAuditorium Rainier III, Monte Carl, MonacoSolo
2013Dena LyonsLight Space and Time Gallery, FloridaSolo
2013Dena LyonsGalerie du Service Culturel, Beausoleil, FranceSolo
2013Dena LyonsLight Space and Time Gallery, FloridaSolo
2013Dena LyonsADC Inc, Cincinnatti, OhioSolo
2013Dena LyonsChicago Pubic Library Lincoln Park Branch, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2012Oasis 2012Osaka, JapanSolo
2012Dena LyonsQuai des Artistes, MonacoSolo
2012Dena LyonsCentre Gildo Pastor, MonacoSolo
2012Dena LyonsCasa de Vacas,  Madrid, SpainSolo
2012Dena LyonsReijinsha Co., Osaka, JapanSolo
2012Dena LyonsBeverly Art Center, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2011Dena LyonsPolpetta, MonacoSolo
2011Dena LyonsArt de Triumph, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2011Dena LyonsGallery Swarm, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2011Dena LyonsMarin Price Gallery, Chevy chase, MarylandSolo
2011Dena LyonsBeverly Art Center, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2010Dena LyonsRome Art Coterie, Rome, GASolo
2010Dena LyonsBeverly Arts Center, Chicago, ILSolo
2010Dena LyonsGallerie MK, Chicago, ILSolo
2010Dena LyonsGregory Gaymont Gallery Chicago, ILSolo
2010Dena LyonsSt. Louis Artist's Guild, St. Louis, MOSolo
2010Dena LyonsSwedish Memorial Hospital, Chicago, ILSolo
2010Dena LyonsRobert Morris College, Chicago, ILSolo
2010Dena LyonsTown School of Folk, Music Chicago, ILSolo
2009Dena LyonsBlack Walnut Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2009Dena LyonsGregory Gaymont Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2009Dena LyonsIllnois Institute of Art, Chicago, ILSolo
2008Dena LyonsAddington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2008Dena LyonsUnion Leage Club, Chicago, ILSolo
2007Dena LyonsOld Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL Solo
2007Dena LyonsPeter Jones Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2007Dena LyonsKaren Lynne Gallery, Boca Raton, FLSolo
2006Dena LyonsLurie Fine Art Gallery, Boca Raton, FLSolo
2006Dena LyonsMarin- Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD Solo
2005Dena LyonsDrawing, and Painting Exhibition, West Palm BeachSolo
2005Dena LyonsMarin- Price Galleries, Chevy Chase, MD Solo
2004Dena LyonsGalerie Tuffier, Les Andelys, FranceSolo
2004Dena LyonsL'Espace de Judaism, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2004Dena LyonsHotel Duranti, Toulouse, FranceSolo
2004UnknownGalerie Tuffier, Les Andelys, FranceGroup
2004UnknownHotel Duranti, Toulouse, FranceGroup
2003Dena LyonsChateau Bois Guilbert, Bois Guilbert, FranceSolo
2003Dena LyonsFututre Art and Frame, Hillsboro Beach, FloridaSolo
2003Dena LyonsHibel Gallery, Boynton Beach, FloridaSolo
2003Dena LyonsKen Elias: Habitat Gallery, West Palm Beach, FloridaSolo
2003Dena LyonsNorthern Trust Bank, Boca Raton, FloridaSolo
2003UnknownFuture Art and Frame, Hillsboro Beach, FloridaGroup
2002Dena LyonsGalerie Imprevu, Honfleur, FranceSolo
2002Dena LyonsJardin Pays D’Auge Cambremer, FranceSolo
2002Dena LyonsBachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2002Dena LyonsChicago Public Library, Uptown Branch, Chicago, Illinois Solo
2002Dena LyonsNippon Steel Corporate Exhibition, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2002Dena LyonsField’s Project, Oregon, IllinoisSolo
2002Dena LyonsAnshe Shalom Synagogue, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2002UnknownGalerie Imprevu, Honfleur, FranceGroup
2001Dena LyonsKen Elias : Habitat Gallery West Palm Beach, FloridaSolo
2001Dena LyonsGallery X Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2001Dena LyonsArt Windows, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2001UnknownGallery X, Chicago, IllinoisGroup
2000Dena LyonsKen Elias : Habitat Gallery, Chicago, IllinoisSolo
2000UnknownKen Elias: Habitat Gallery, Chicago, IllinoisGroup
1998Dena LyonsArmory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FloridaSolo
1998UnknownArmory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FloridaGroup