Dolf Zwerver/ Dolf Zwerver

Netherlands 1932 - 2010

Figurative Art

Dolf Zwerver
Dolf Zwerver

The oeuvre of Dolf Zwerver is characterized by dreamy, spying paintings. Initially, he was classified by the naive art. In Zwervers work his youth is in Oranjewoud, a world of enchanted gardens, mazes and forests, a recurring decor. The silence of the Rhijnauwen estate at Utrecht is also a source of inspiration. His best known work is Groot Drieluik Sanssouci with dozens of fairy-tale figures and animals, where he worked for a total of ten years of his life.

Featured image: Dolf Zwerver – Rhijnauwen 7uur, 2009 – image courtesy of Juffrmans