Eckehard Fuchs - 8ecken

Eckehard Fuchs

Germany 1975


Eckehard Fuchs
Eckehard Fuchs
August 6, 2018
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Eckehard Fuchs’ art does not seem to fit into familiar categories and to stand aside of current trends in painting. On the basis of an objective representation, he creates a visual cosmos steeped in suggestive gestures and complex symbols.

The essential elements of his artistic attitude, as well as the basis of his themes and pictorial worlds, can be traced back to the period of his master’s studies. Since then the search for representations of disrupted communication and warped human behaviourial modes has been at the centre of Eckehard Fuchs’ interest – initially in the form of an artistic coming to terms with his own individual perception of reality. Works dating from this time show pictorial narratives communicated by way of figurative representations, whose spatial construction and lively colourfulness initially displayed comic-like visual traits.

Text by Susanne Altmann

Featured image: Eckehard Fuchs – 8ecken, 2017. 73 x 73 cm. Oil on canvas. Photo courtesy of the artist and 5 Pieces Gallery