Emanuele D'Angelo - Hoop Dreams - Image via livincool

Emanuele D'Angelo

Italy 1983



Emanuele D'Angelo
Emanuele D'Angelo
December 20, 2013
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Emanuele D’Angelo is a young Italian fashion photographer whose varied work possesses many styles and themes and founder of the site livincool.com. Originally from Rome, he lived in Paris and currently lives in London. He has worked for clients such as Highsnobiety, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Muse Magazine, Purple Magazine, Buscemi, etc. D`Angelo shared his vision of Tokyo in a personal publication called October in Tokyo through which he presented his own Vision on this city by focusing on its inhabitants. This latest publication presents the community of Low Riders of Los Angeles. Their cars bounce on their hydraulic brakes and have become a true symbol of the West Coast. Emanuele D’Angelo presents portraits of these “great” enthusiasts by customizing their car, but also presents them close to their family as photographs unveil their children and companions in this metallic and bling bling environment.

Featured Image: Emanuele D’Angelo – Hoop Dreams – Image via livincool.com