Emess /   Unknown

Germany 1971

Street Art, Stencil, Installation, Sculpture

September 28, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Emess is a German artist, whom many consider one of the superstars of urban art. His work is most often driven by political questions. His work tries to confront the burning issues that people would rather ignore and sweep under the rug – issues that perhaps have no clear and obvious solutions, but that need to be tackled nonetheless. The use of humor and his sense of aesthetics catch the viewer off guard for a moment allowing attention to be drawn to the subject.


Born in 1971 in West-Germany, Emess earned his degree at Fine Arts (Universität der Künste) Berlin.  Emess sees no difference between the street or the gallery space, his work is designed to reach an audience and adapts itself to the situation. His range of media goes from sculptural objects or large scale murals to woodcuts and delicate prints.

Emess - Floß der Medusa (The Raft of the Medusa) - Image Copyright ATM Gallery
Emess – Floß der Medusa (The Raft of the Medusa)

Political Giants: Rebels and Dictators

In his latest print series, Emess borrows portraits of known personalities of customary bank notes and puts them in a new context to each other and to itself by a very poppy over-layering of silkscreen and stencil. Thus are confronted Che Guevara and JFK as well as Nelson Mandela and Muhammar Gaddhafi. One starts to realize how easily the line between rebel and dictator, between statesman and terrorist can be shifted, and above all how much this perception is depending on the respective cultural point of view and the actual political situation. In this serigrafie which encloses a total of 14 portraits and 108 unique prints the inscription “German workers!” takes relation on the xenophobic propaganda of the Nazis. This happens in accordance to the political posters by Klaus Staek and as a central theme picks out the change of national identity by a stronger and stronger globalizing job market.

EMESS - Toys, 2015 - Image Copyright Kunsthaus Artes
Emess – Toys, 2015

Emess currently lives in Berlin, and works all over Germany.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Vendart - the art vending machineGroup
2014 Conturbanaries Art Fair Berlin Group
2014Shan Rahimkhan True Berlin IIBerlinGroup
2014“dirty Works volume V 30works Gallery CologneGroup
2014 Berlin-Festival Art VillageBerlinGroup
2014“Exploited” Party Arty Collab V&GGroup
2014 Solo Show ATM Gallery BerlinSolo
2013 “Bloom Artfair” CologneGroup
2013 44309 Streetart Gallery DortmundGroup
2013 “Awesome Shit” ATM Gallery BerlinGroup
2013 “Looking for Freedom Chimera Project Gallery Budapest HungaryGroup
2013 "Dissidents" Open Walls Gallery Stattbad BerlinGroup
2013 "dirty works volume IV @ 30works" 30works Galerie CologneGroup
2012 "The last art show on earth" ATM Gallery BerlinGroup
2012 "Stattmarket" Stattbad BerlinGroup
2012 "Renaissance der Gesichter"Phillip Johnson House BerlinGroup
2012 "Rock the Block" BerlinGroup
2012 "48H Galeria Autonomica" BerlinGroup
2012 "Berlin Festival" Tempelhof Airport BerlinGroup
2012 "Urban Art Circus" Kunstraum Bethanien BerlinGroup
2012 "Stroke Artfair 07" Postbahnhof BerlinGroup
2012Inside-Outside Go Gallery AmsterdamGroup
2012Re-Kollekt Bethanien BerlinGroup
2012Stroke Artfair 06 Prater Insel MunichGroup
2012Salon SchwarzenbergNeurotitan Gallery BerlinGroup
2012dirty works volume III@ 30works 30works Galerie KölnGroup
2011Berlin AllStars MünchenGroup
2011Giftshop Serenade Berliner Kunstkontakter Milchhof Pavillion BerlinGroup
2011DissidentsWest Berlin GallerGroup
2011Stroke.05-Art Fair. BerlinGroup
2011 Bloom Artfair Citroen KölnGroup
20118 Kunstsalon Berlin Art Ambassador BoothGroup
2011City Leaks @ 30works 30works Galerie KölnGroup
2011ATM is Back ATM Gallery BerlinGroup
2011 "City Leaks Festival" CologneGroup
2011Permaculture - Groupshow Neurotitan Gallery BerlinGroup
2011 "Plan B" - Urban Art GroupShow TWP Gallery BerlinGroup
2011Formaganda - Art & Design Fair Superplan Gallery BerlinGroup
2011Stroke.04-Art Fair ATM Gallery MünchenGroup
2011 Emess Solo Show Candyland Gallery StockholmSolo
2011 "Oversized&Underpriced3"Superplan Gallery BerlinGroup
2011 "24 H" Galerie Autonomica MünchenGroup
2011 "Who cares?"44309 street/art gallery DortmundSolo
2011 "Shadows Of The Bright" Berlin Art Projects Projectspace Group
2011dirty works volume II@ 30works Urban Art Groupshow 30works Galerie KölnGroup
2011Andachtsraum für KunstverrückteJarmuschek & Partner Projectspace. BerlinGroup
2010Le Grand Finale Urban Art Groupshow ATM Gallery BerlinGroup
2010Schöne BescherungSuperplan Galerie Berlin Group
2010 "Infusion #3 Urban Art Herner Bahnhof HerneGroup
2010 "Burner Stencil"Stencil Art Eckstück Berlin X-BergGroup
2010Art is the solutionATM Gallery Berlin Solo
2010Stroke.3Urban Art Fair Kunstherbst BerlinGroup
201015 Jahre Haus SchwarzenbergNeurotitan Gallery BerlinGroup
2010Reclaim your CityNeurotitan Gallery BerlinGroup
2010 "Tuchintarsien" Museum für Volkskunde WienGroup
2010 "LE SALON DU CERCLE DE LA CULTURE A BERLIN"Circleculture Gallery BerlinGroup
2010 "Papergirl5"Neurotitan Gallery BerlinGroup
2010 "Stroke2" 1 European Urban Art Fair former Landeszentralbank München Group
2010Dissidence Groupshow Stattbad Wedding BerlinGroup
2010Unabhängigkeit ATM Groupshow blisse14 Galerie BerlinGroup
2010Bhopal Medical Appeal Benefit Show Pure Evil Gallery LondonGroup
2010Ständige Ausstellung der Galerie Zimmermann&Heitmann, DüsseldorfGroup
2010 Arty Party WMF Club Berlin Group
2010 "Tuchintarsien" Museum für Volkskunde WienGroup
2010Rock me ATM ATM Groupshow INOPERAbLE Gallery WienGroup
2010 "Backstreet Beuys" @ 30works30works Gallery KölnGroup
2010 "Aerosol fumes" Stencil Groupshow Neurotitan BerlinGroup
2009„Oversized&Underpriced II“ Charity Groupshow Hatch Kingdom Stickermuseum BerlinGroup
2009 "Papergirl4" Groupshow Alte Post Neukölln BerlinGroup
2009 "dirty works @ 30works"30works gallery KölnGroup
2009 "Stroke01" 1 European Urban Art Fair BMW Haus MünchenGroup
2009 "One Man Show" Solo Show Mono Gallery HamburgSolo
2009„Tuchintarsien“ Österr Museum für Volkskunde WienGroup
2009 "What´s the colour of money!?" Solo Show ATM Gallery BerlinSolo
2009 „Urban Affairs Extended“ Urban Art Group Show Stattbad Wedding BerlinGroup
2009 „Tuchintarsien“ Museum Europäischer Kulturen Staatliche Museen BerlinGroup
2009 „Kunst im Tresor“ Urban Art Groupshow MünchenGroup
2009„No sugar for the monkey“ Groupshow Stattbad Wedding BerlinGroup
2009 „Dirty Dancing“ Sneaker Auction Superplan Gallery BerlinGroup
2009 „Elementenchaos“Galerie Urytire Liberec Tschec RepublikGroup
2009 „8xTyskland“Edsvik Konsthall Sollentuna/Stockholm SwedenGroup
2008„12 days of x-mas“BristolGroup
2008 „Diamonds&Pearls“ Urban Art AuctionAltes Postfuhramt Mitte BerlinGroup
2008„Elledorado“ Charity Auction Berlinische Galerie BerlinGroup
2008„Oversized&Underpriced“ Charity Groupshow Hatch Kingdom Stickermuseum BerlinGroup
2008 „Juicerun“ Lovelite Club BerlinGroup
2008 „Berliner Strasse“ Groupexhibition Circleculture Gallery BHC BerlinGroup
2008 "Emyssee" Soloshow ATM Gallery BerlinGroup
2008 Artproject Dathe Pavillion Lichtenberg Berlin (Cooperation Karin Rosenberg)Group
2008 Urban Affairs Urban Art Groupshow Friedrichshöhe BerlinGroup
2008 Be Happy Shop BerlinGroup
20085 Berlin Biennale Groupshow Neue Nationalgalerie BerlinGroup
2007 "Emessias"ATM Gallery BerlinSolo
20074 Kunstsalon BerlinBerlinGroup
2007 Backjumps Live Issue Bethanien Berlin (Picture of work)Group
2005 Bread&Butter Berlin Berlin Group
2005 Getränke Studio Gallery BerlinGroup
2001 AAA Autoshow ICC BerlinGroup
2000 TOR Phillip Johnson House BerlinGroup
2000 Meisterschüler Exhibition UdK BerlinBerlinSolo
1999 Corps Fabrica Knaak Studios BerlinGroup
1995 UPART Gallery MunichGroup

East West
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Chavs Emess43 x 32 cm Mixed Media
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