Eric Liot

France 1964

Sculpture, Painting, Collage, Assemblage Art

Eric Liot
Eric Liot
May 5, 2017
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The sculptor, painter, assembler, or collagist, Eric Liot is all of that. The use of different techniques and disciplines mark the creative potential of this multitalented artist. His works include narrative figures caught in the moment that he and other people see in everyday life. He combines found objects, which are then assembled, thus twisting their original purposes and giving them new meanings and shapes. The main material in his art is wood, with all its versions, as it allows his humorous painting-sculptures to take the best elements from different styles. His style refers to popular culture, and the artist doesn’t hide the influence of his peers in his artwork.

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Eric Liot – Port du Casque Obligatorie (Left) / Eric Liot – Petit Batman (Right) – Photo via

Eric Liot’s Beginnings

The artist was born in 1964 in Caen, France. Although Eric studied architecture first in Normandy, and later in Paris at the Université de la Villette, he realized in the third year of the studies that this is not the career he wants to pursue. Instead, Liot went abroad to countries in Latin America, Asia, East and Central Africa, where his idea and decision to become an artist became more and more clear. So he began to work as a freelance furniture and poster designer. In the last twenty years he recovers visual images, characters, and other consumption figures, by adding themes from the art history, but also contemporary icons like Che, Superman, Bibendum, or Warhol’s Campell Soup can.

Liot went abroad to countries in Latin America, Asia, East and Central Africa

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Left: Eric Liot – No Man’s Land / Right: Eric Liot – On a marche sur la lune LSD – Photo courtesy of Galerie Martine Ehmer

The Style

Eric is someone who knows how to mix simple images of people’s favorite heroes, plastic toys, cartoon characters, alongside video fragments, thus creating complex mazes of space games that seem as a perfectly controlled disorder. His pieces are defined by logos, consumer products, and wooden elements, but also by bright colors, like the ones which remind of Fauvism artist Henri Matisse. In his art viewers can see the mastery of craftsmanship, a duet with perfection and attention to details. The accent on wooden assemblages, collages, puzzles, and mosaics tells the story of the artist’s journeys around the world and creates new tales about life that surrounds us. The technique that includes slow cuts and pastes of images tends to look as bas-relief, which many call painting-sculptures. This approach reveals his love for carpentry, cabinetmaking, and marquetry.

The accent on wooden assemblages, collages, puzzles, and mosaics tells the story of the artist’s journeys around the world

Left: Eric Liot - L'irlandaise / Right: Eric Liot - ange Rouge know ceci
Left: Eric Liot – L’irlandaise / Right: Eric Liot – L’ange Rouge – photo courtesy of Galerie Martine Ehmer

Inspiration and Exhibitions

Liot also adds juxtapositions of diverse wood, screws, bolts, and patinas to images, so reminding on the pop art and consumer society. The author can be considered a builder, as he produces different sorts of metaphors and representatives of today, by taking pictures from the magazines, internet, and other objects that he finds, similarly as Bernard Pras. He has exhibited his art in galleries and museum in Brussels, Lyon, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto and many others cities.
He is represented by the Galerie Martin Ehmer.

The artist lives and creates in France.

Featured image: Eric Liot with his artwork – Photo copyright of David Pluskwa Galerie
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Eric LiotGalerie Martine Ehmer, Bruxelles, BelgiumSolo
2017Eric LiotVieux Phare de Penmarc’h, Penmarc'h, FranceSolo
2017H2MEspace d’Art contemporain, Bourg en Bresse, FranceSolo
2016DERNIER COMBATAD Galerie, Montpellier, FranceSolo
2016Eric LiotGalerie AMRP – Lyon, FranceSolo
2015Eric LiotGALERIE HUBERTY BREYNE, Bruxelles, BelgiumSolo
2015Too Much, Eric Liot and Bernard PrasChateau du val Fleury, Gif sur Yvette, FranceGroup
2014Eric LiotABSOLUTE ART GALLERY, Knokke, BelgiumSolo
2014Eric LiotGALERIE NATHALIE CLOUARD, Rennes, FranceSolo
2014One more TimeRasson Art Galerie, Tournai, BelgiumGroup
2013Eric LiotGALERIE PLUSKWA, Marseille, FranceSolo
2013BRAFAGALERIE PETITS PAPIERS, Bruxelles, BelgiumGroup
2012St’artAD Galerie, Strasbourg, FranceGroup
2011LA LUNE EN PARACHUTEEpinal, FranceSolo
2010Eric LiotGALERIE AMRP, Lyon, FranceSolo
2010Art ParisGALERIE LAURENT STROUK, Paris, FranceGroup
2010HeartGALERIE LAURENT STROUK, Paris, FranceGroup
2009Eric LiotGALERIE LAURENT STROUK, Paris, FranceSolo
2009CheGALERIE SUTY, Coye la Foret, FranceGroup
2008Eric LiotGALERIE AMRP, Lyon, FranceSolo
2007Eric LiotGALERIE IUFM CONFLUENCE(S), Lyon, FranceSolo
2007ART PARISGrand Palais, GALERIE DU CENTRE, Paris, FranceGroup
2006Eric LiotGALERIE RAPHAEL 12 – Frankfurt, GermanySolo
2000Eric LIotGALERIE DU CENTRE, Paris, FranceSolo
1999Eric LiotGALERIE DU CENTRE, Paris, FranceSolo
1999ART PARISCarrousel du Louvre, GALERIE DU CENTRE, Paris, FranceGroup
1995Eric LiotBOBO ART GALLERY, Los Angeles, USASolo
1992Eric LiotGALERIE SABINE HERBERT, Paris, FranceSolo