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Eugenio Merino

Spain 1975

Installation, Sculpture, Painting

Eugenio Merino
Eugenio Merino
November 9, 2015

Eugenio Merino is a Spanish artist, whose sculptures, paintings and installations deal with themes like politics, religion and society. The artist was born in Spain in 1975, and he is a graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Egomaniacs – Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il

Eugenio Merino - Egomaniacs - Kim Jong Un, 2014
Eugenio Merino – Egomaniacs – Kim Jong Un, 2014

Doubt, irony, metaphors and humor are essential in Merino’s work. Through his controversial body of work, Eugenio Merino investigates the effects of branding on capitalism and explores its contribution to increasing inequality. In order to present and shape his ideas, Merino uses various materials – like bronze, resin or silicone, suitable for the given artwork.

Punching Putin, 2014

Eugenio Merino - Punching Putin, 2014
Eugenio Merino – Punching Putin, 2014

Some of his most famous sculptures, such as For the Love of Go(l)d – depicting fellow artist Damien Hirst shooting himself in the head, or Stairway to Heaven – in which a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest, and a Muslim worshiper are stacked one on top of the other, all praying in a positions of their individual customs: standing, kneeling, and face down – raised a stir of controversy when they were displayed in art fairs.

Always series

Eugenio Merino - Always Fidel, Always Mao, Always Kim, Always Bush - 2014
Eugenio Merino – Always Fidel, Always Mao, Always Kim, Always Bush – 2014

Another example of Merino’s endeavors is his Always series. The project began in 2011 with Always Franco, a life sized sculpture, preserved in a Coca Cola refrigerator, of uniformed Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, who rose to power by defeating Spain’s Second Republic in the 1930s civil war and ruled until his death in 1975. The series has later been expanded to other political figures, such as George Bush, Kim Jong-il and Fidel Castro.

Merino has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and has participated in a variety of art fairs. He is represented by UNIX Gallery.

Eugenio Merino lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Images courtesy of UNIX Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Will Work For Fast FoodUNIX Gallery, Houston, TXSolo
2015Group ShowStation Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, TXGroup
2015Art 15UNIX Gallery, London, UKGroup
2014Always ShamelessUNIX Gallery, Houston, TXSolo
2014ZONA MacoUNIX Gallery, Mexico CityGroup
2013Art MiamiUNIX Gallery, Miami, FLGroup
2013V de VerdugosThe Window, Louis 21, MadridSolo
2013Celebrating DestructionJerome Zodo Galería, MilanSolo
201210 Años ANDADN Galería, BarcelonaGroup
2012Group ShowLa Marca España, BerlinGroup
2012Art SouthamptonUnix Gallery, MiamiGroup
2012Vanitas 3La Térmica, MálagaGroup
2012Jornadas Contra FrancoVallecas, MadridGroup
2012Arco12ADN Galería, MadridGroup
201211 Bienal Martínez GuerricabeitiaUniversidad de Valencia, ValenciaGroup
2012Art and ToysSelim Varol Collection, Me Collectors Room, BerlinGroup
2012Art WynwoodUnix Gallery, Miami.Group
2012Von SinnenKunsthalle zu Kiel, Kiel, GermanyGroup
2012Cuadrienal de Escultura de RigaRiga, LithuaniaGroup
2012Caribbean: Crossroads of the WorldEl Museo del Barrio, New YorkGroup
2012Art MiamiUnix Gallery, MiamiGroup
2011We Don´t Need Another HeroFinnish Museum of Photography, HelsinkiSolo
2011Arco11ADN Galería, MadridGroup
2011Swab 2011ADN Galería, BarcelonaGroup
2011Art BarterMuseo del Traje, MadridGroup
2011Art Platfom 2011ADN galería, Los AngelesGroup
2011ArtboADN Galería, BogotáGroup
2011The Noise of BubblesRed Bull Academy, Matadero, MadridGroup
2010We Don´t Need Another HeroADN Galería, BarcelonaSolo
2010Arco10ADN galería, MadridGroup
2010Master of PuppetsADN Galería, New YorkGroup
2010Swab 2010ADN Galería, BarcelonaGroup
2010Volta 6 - Swab 2010ADN Galería, BaselGroup
2009Arco9ADN Galería, MadridGroup
2009La Comunidad InconfesableCiudadela, PamplonaGroup
2009Volta NYADN Galería, New YorkGroup
2009Volta 5ADN Galería, BaselGroup
2009Le Mythe & La Marque Che GuevaraGallery Suty, UtopiaGroup
2009Arte y Derechos HumanosCasal Son Tugores, MallorcaGroup
2009SlickAND Galería, ParisGroup
2008Global WarmingADN Gallery, BarcelonaSolo
2008Wa(h)re KunstConcentart, BerlinGroup
2008SlickAND Galería, ParisGroup
20085 is Only a NumberADN Galería, BarcelonaGroup
2008Arco8Galería T20, MadridGroup
2008Pop.7Galería Suty, BurdeosGroup
2008EsculturismoSala Alcalá 31, MadridGroup
2008Art brusselsADN Galería, BrusselsGroup
2008NextGalería T20, ChicagoGroup
2007Arco 2007Galería T20, MadridGroup
2007DfotoGalería T20, San SebastiánGroup
2007Foro SurGalería T20, CáceresGroup
2007BalelatinaGalería T20, BaselGroup
2007SlickADN Galería, ParisGroup
2007Berlin PreviewADN Galería, BerlinGroup
2007Alter-ArteFestival de Arte Emergente, MurciaGroup
2006MondolirondoGalería T20, MurciaSolo
2006MondolirondoGalería Valle Ortí, ValenciaSolo
2006Arco 2006Galería T20, MadridGroup
2006MacoGalería T20, MexicoGroup
2006Foro SurGalería T20, CáceresGroup
2006BalelatinaGalería T20, BaselGroup
2005Arco 2005Galería T20, MadridGroup
2005CincoGalería T20, MurciaGroup
2005ColectivaGalería Cavecanem, SevilleGroup
2005Foro SurGalería T20, CáceresGroup
2005Valencia ArtGalería T20, ValenciaGroup
2005ArtsalamancaGalería T20, SalamancaGroup
2005FreakylandiaGalería T20, MurciaGroup
2004PlaytimeGalería T20, MurciaSolo
2004PlaytimeGalería La Fábrica, MadridSolo
2004That´s Art FolksGalería, Cavecanem, SevillaSolo
2004NeverlandSala Carlos III, PamplonaSolo
2004Arco 2004Galería T20, MadridGroup
2004Arco 2004Galería La Fábrica, MadridGroup
2004Fiera di GenovaGalería Lipanjepuntin, GenovaGroup
2004FiacGalería La Fábrica, ParisGroup
2004The Armory ShowGalería Nina Menocal, New YorkGroup
2004Foro SurGalería T20, CáceresGroup
2004InstintoGalería Fúcares, AlmagroGroup
2004Arte y CineGalería Espacio Líquido, GijónGroup
2003Arco 2003Galería T20, MadridGroup
2003Foro SurGalería T20, CáceresGroup
2003HeterogénesisGalería Espacio Líquido, GijónGroup
2003ArtissimaGalería T20, TurínGroup
2003El Tamaño No ImportaGalería T20, MurciaGroup
2002ArtoonGalería T20, MurciaSolo
2001FreakshowGalería Bores y Mallo, CáceresSolo
2001ToontoonHotel y Arte, Galería T20, MurciaSolo
2000Obra Muy RecienteGalería T20, MurciaSolo