Fan Yang /   FAN Yang

China 1962

Fan Yang
FAN Yang
November 5, 2014
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Fan is accomplished in both fine and freehand ink and wash painting. His representative figure painting Supporting the Battlefront is collected by National Art Museum of China. His fine brushwork painting series Tang Dynasty Poems Inspirations show the artist’s fine sense of color, as well as temperate and refined quality.

Fan Yang was born in Hong Kong in January 1955, being of Nantong, Jiangsu descent. He enrolled in Nantong Arts and Crafts Research Institute in 1972, and graduated in 1982 from Arts Department at Nanjing Normal University. He used to be the president, professor and doctoral advisor of Fine Arts Academy of Nanjing Normal University. Now he is deputy president of Ink and Wash Painting Academy of National Art Academy, president of Nanjing Calligraphy and Painting Academy, researcher at Chinese National Academy of Arts, expert consultant for Cultural Ministry, and State Council Special Allowance grantee.

Fan’s mountain and water paintings feature strong brushstrokes and thick ink rendering. In recent years Fan mostly makes on-spot landscape paintings, in which he combines the inner inspiration and natural form of landscape, and achieves further progress in the artistic conception. From time to time Fan would also make flower and bird paintings. Learning from such masters of Xu Wei and Chen Chun, he developed a fresh and elegance, coming up to the excellence of the predecessors.

Fan is in charge of training and academic research of students in Fan Yang Studio at National Art Academy. He has traveled to most of the famous mountains in China; his unceasing effort to appreciate the natural beauty and translate it onto the paper has rewarded him with a plenty of great works.

Fan has published Contemporary Chinese Master Album: Fan Yang, and Album of Fan Yang’s Paintings. He also designed the stamp Taihu Lake and Beautiful Scenery of Mount Putuo, which have been published by the State Post Bureau