Felipe Pantone - portrait by Selina Miles

Felipe Pantone


Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Installation, Kinetic Art, Murals, Design


Felipe Pantone
Felipe Pantone
May 14, 2015
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Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian-born artist, active in the fields of kinetic art, installations, graffiti and design. His style is characterized by the use of bold colors, geometrical patterns and Op Art elements. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultra-modern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes.

new video gallery Felipe Pantone - in progress, Liege, Belgium - photo credits Selina Miles
Felipe Pantone – Liege, Belgium 2015 – photo credits Selina Miles

Ultra Boyz Crew

Although he was born in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Felipe Pantone moved to Spain with his family in early childhood years. There, in a small town in the southeast of Spain, Pantone discovered graffiti and painted his first piece at the age of 12. After this initial contact, the artist was drawn into the “art sphere” and hasn’t stopped making art ever since. Felipe spent a year in England studying art, but soon found the courses pointless and abandoned it, determined to explore art through practice and personal journey. Years later, Pantone settled in the city of Valencia, where he played a role in the foundation of the notorious D.O.C.S team, famous for their interesting experiments with the letters and symbols. At the same time, Felipe kept developing his unique avant-garde graffiti style, which led him to become a member of the legendary European crew Ultra Boyz. Pantone listed artists such as José María Yturralde, Frédéric Platéus, Herb Lubalin, Sozyone Gonzalez, Steven Powers, and Demsky as his great influences.

video mural, street
Felipe Pantone – Kinetic Mundi series – Elche, Spain – 2014

Pantone’s Street Style

Although mostly based in Valencia, Pantone’s street work enabled him to travel the world – his painted walls are now visible in Tokyo, London, Osaka, Paris and other major cities. Merging conventional graffiti, typography and abstract elements, his work fuses basics of graphic design with highly progressed geometrical shapes, thus creating a modern and futuristic aesthetic. Pantone draws his influences on modern-day concerns of the digital age and fast and never-ending development of technology, in which way he is discovering a new visual language in which to communicate. All this elements create a recurrent leitmotif in Felipe’s compositions, forming an immersive viewing experience capturing his unique view of the world today. His body of work, which spans from graffiti to kinetic art, is characterized by strong contrasts, vivid acid colors, unique glossy style and visual effects. The use of mixed medium and varied techniques enables Pantone to make a strong impact on the viewer. Felipe often uses gradients, unstructured graphics and shadows, blending geometric black and white shapes overlaid with neon, with metallic colors that bursts off the painted walls. The neon-colored creations are text based, highlighted with a constant use of shiny white and strong neon paints, challenging both motion and perspective. His graffiti recall the 1980s atmosphere – bright colored typography, Synth pop music, and SMPTE color bars on the TV.

Opticromías at Delimbo Gallery

Felipe Pantone - Opticromias, Delimbo Gallery, 2014-15
Felipe Pantone – Opticromías, Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla, Spain 2014-15

Perpetuum Mobile

Pantone’s debut exhibition in Tokyo, Japan at Studio55, featured his work inspired by the idea of perpetuum mobile – the motion of a hypothetical machine which, once activated, would run forever. This age-old quest for the secret of perpetual motion inspired Pantone’s sculptural installations, works on paper, wall paintings and mixed media works shown at the exhibition. As far as his gallery works, such as painting series entitled Cromadinamica and Opticromia, it is visible that his prominent style has unwavering dynamism and illusion of depth even when set upon the surface of a canvas.

Felipe Pantone at Studio55

youtube print kinetic, sculpture, installation
Felipe Pantone – Perpetual Motion – 2014

Pantone’s Action

Although a general idea behind this body of work reflects on themes of change, movement and the perpetual motion of the world, it also references artist’s personal experiences with his artistic journey – love towards graffiti and the initial pulse of action that has remained inside Pantone since his very first contact with the street art.

Felipe Pantone lives and works in Valencia, Spain.

Featured Image: Felipe Pantone – Portrait by Selina Miles – Photo Credits Selina Miles
All Images Photo Credits Felipe Pantone

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015OpticromíasDelimbo, Sevilla, SpainSolo
2015ResituationConstant, Hong Kong, ChinaSolo
2015HK WallsAgnes B, Hong Kong, ChinaGroup
2015Vltra Boyz Ante BellvmGalerie Central, Liege, BelgiumGroup
2015Until Next TimeThe Tate Gallery, Sydney, AustraliaGroup
2015KaleidoscopeMya Gallery, London, UKGroup
2014Perpetuum MobileStudio55, Tokyo, JapanSolo
2014Vectour#81Kojimachi Gallery, Tokyo, JapanDuo
2014Vectour#81Calmaart, Osaka, JapanDuo
2014VisionOpenspace Gallery, Paris, FranceDuo
2014UltradinámicaMister Pink Gallery, Valencia, SpainDuo
2014Red Bull CuratesRoom 007, Madrid, SpainGroup
2014Tuenty SixThe Tate Gallery, Sydney, AustraliaGroup
2014Honey I Shrunk The Streets1am Gallery, San Francisco, USGroup
2014Fair In Off (Art Fair)Espace Commines, Paris, FranceGroup
2014We Are The New BlackGalería Kukuruchos, Guadalajara, MexicoGroup
2014RewireGamma Transport Division, Edinburgh, ScotlandGroup
2014A Major Minority1am Gallery, San Francisco, USGroup
2014Wall PapersEspace Modern, Paris, FranceGroup
2013Hexahedron ExponentiëleWe Are Void Gallery, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDuo
2013Hexahedron ExponentiëleParadijsvogels Gallery, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsDuo
2013Plus VltraOniwa Gallery, Tokyo, JapanDuo
2013Plus VltraBadmotel Gallery, Bangkok, ThailandDuo
2013VenganzaGalerie Celal, Paris, FranceDuo
2013Art On PaperName Gallery, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsGroup
2013Only PaperLa Rambleta, Valencia, SpainGroup
2013Ad InfinitumIam Gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2013Kosmopolite Art TourRoest, Amsterdam, NetherlandsGroup
2013Bienal Del Sur En PanamáPanama City, PanamaGroup
2013Amazing DayMilano, ItalyGroup
2012MurciélagoVicious Gallery, Hamburg, GermanyDuo
2012Veneno44Iam Gallery, Madrid, SpainDuo
2012Don't Forget To WriteCarhartt Gallery, Weil Am Rhein, GermanyGroup
2012Espanish ConexionHigh Roller Society, London, UKGroup
2012Ideas En ProcesoReales Atarazanas, Valencia, SpainGroup
2012Straight From The UndergroundBlack Lab, Elche, SpainGroup
2012Wall LordsCitimarx, Taipei, TaiwanGroup
2012Homenaje A MouebiusMontana Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2012Esto No Es GraffitiCicus, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2011VltraredA.F. Gallery, Cologne, GermanyDuo
2011Doing Only Crooked ShitMr. Stare Gallery, Valencia, SpainDuo
2011ArtingroupMuseo Del Carmen, Valencia, SpainGroup
2010Open StudioUniversity Of Leeds, Leeds, UKGroup
2010Proud MakersMr. Stare Gallery, Valencia, SpainGroup
2009Todo 100Montana Gallery, Sevilla, SpainGroup
2008Fetén Do Not ForgiveMontana Gallery, Valencia, SpainDuo
200830x40Mr. Pink Gallery, Valencia, SpainGroup
2007CitizensArtifex Gallery, Gent, BelgiumDuo
2007GratisGalería Mister Pink, Valencia, SpainDuo
2006Art? GraffitiAteneu La Caixa Laietana, Mataró, SpainGroup