Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando Chamarelli


Street Art, Illustration, Graphic Design


Fernando Chamarelli
Fernando Chamarelli
November 2, 2015
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Fernando Chamarelli is a Brazilian graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist, born in Penápolis, São Paulo. He started drawing at the age of 14, when a friend gave him a super hero comic book. He received Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from the UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista) in 2007. His interest in art began with cartoons, charicatures and realistic portrets, and was followed by street art and tattooing. Now, his signature style combines all of his interests and backgrounds.

Art by Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando Chamarelli - SESC Ipirango Theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013
Fernando Chamarelli – SESC Ipirango Theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013

Brazil is a multicultural country, with lots of contrasts, which have been a constant source of inspiration for the artist, along with Brazilian popular culture and pre-Columbian indigenous art. His work is as colorful and dynamic as Brazil itself.

Chamarelli’s art centers around spirituality, mysticism, geometry, symbolism, mythology, history, astrology, philosophy, occultism, anthropology; and combines East and West, ancient and modern times, exterior and interior, the material and spiritual. His paintings display geometric elements, organic forms, harmonic lines and mosaic, vibrant with colors and transmuting one into the other.

Chamarelli’s Paintings

Fernando Chamarelli - Eu Vim de Muito Longe, 2014 (Left) / Igorot, 2013 (Right)
Fernando Chamarelli – Eu Vim de Muito Longe, 2014 (Left) / Igorot, 2013 (Right)

Chamarelli has exhibited his work in solo and group shows, in the countries of Latin America, Europe and the United States. Some of the venues where his works were on display are Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, USA; Vertical Gallery in Chicago, USA; Holala Gallery in Barcelona, Spain and RV Galeria in Salvador, Brasil. The list of his clients includes Nike, Microsoft, Umbro, Wired and Absolute Vodka.

Chamarelli at Vertical Gallery

Fernando Chamarelli - solo show at Vertical Gallery, 2013, installation view
Fernando Chamarelli – solo show at Vertical Gallery, 2013, installation view

He is represented by Vertical Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

Fernando Chamarelli currently lives and works in Bauru, São Paulo.

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YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Secret CodeThinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USASolo
2015Des[ENCONTRO]Luis Maluf Art Gallery, Sao Paulo, BrasilGroup
2015La FamiliaThinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2014Scope Miami BeachMiami, USAGroup
2014LAX-TXLUrban Nation Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2014Pow!Wow!Honolulu Museum Of Art, Hawai, USAGroup
2014LA Art ShowThinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2013Among PhotonsVertical Gallery, Chicago, USASolo
2013AssembleVertical Gallery, Chicago, IL, USAGroup
2012PindoramaHellion Gallery, Portland, OR, USAGroup
2011KaaporaQaz Galleria, Sao Paulo, BrasilSolo
2011Lost CivilizationThinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USASolo
2011Quatorze a umRV Galeria, Salvador, BrasilGroup
2011LAX-PDXTogether Gallery, Portland, OR, USAGroup
2010PangeaAnno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA, USASolo
2010Print’em AllHolala Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
20105 years anniversaryThinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2010Three international artistLondon Miles Gallery, London, UKGroup
2010ContemplacaoQuina Galeria, Belo Horizonte, BrasilGroup
2009ViracochaPop (Rojo Artspace), Sao Paulo, BrasilSolo
2009From Me To YouShow & Tell Gallery, Toronto, CanadaGroup
2009MagioskaPop (Rojo Artspace), Sao Paulo, BrasilGroup
2009Street ArtEspaco Gabriel 470, Sao Paulo, BrasilGroup
20091 Coletiva Anual + SomaEsoaco + Soma, Sao Paulo, BrasilGroup
2009Proyecto MatryoshkaInstituto Sinaloense De Cultura, Culiacan, MexicoGroup
2009ReprodutíveisRv Galeria, Salvador, BrasilGroup
2009World of IllustrationIntoxicated Demons Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2008RaízesTemplo, Bauru, BrasilSolo
2008Frech ProduceAnno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA, USAGroup
2008Groundwork IIFondation One Gallery, Atlanta, USAGroup