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Florian Heinke

Germany 1981


Florian Heinke
Florian Heinke
February 16, 2015
Music, Gestalt, .

Florian Heinke is a well-known German painter. He uses black paint exclusively as a “radical medium” to lay the focus on emotion and the tension of everyday media and art production.

Henke was born in Frankfurt in 1981. He studied from 2004 to 2005 at the Art Academy in Mainz with Friedemann Hahn. From 2005 to 2009 he continued his studies at the Städel School in Frankfurt under Christa Näher.

His subjects are derived from traditional and digital media sources and often combine text to create an aesthetic that suggests a polemic poster or advertisement. Heinke’s paintings are aggressive, political and nihilistic, and this unrestrained approach is intended to provoke the audience into an emotive reaction. Heinke’s confrontational strategy reveals a deep lying cynicism of the modern age and a nostalgic longing for an impossible world.

He rearranges iconographic symbols of pop culture and transforms their meanings towards apocalyptic, cynical or even morbid strength. The blank canvas in contrast to the black paint emphasizes a kind of insistence, which captivates the viewer’s attention according to the idea of black pop art.

Beyond that Heinke puts the spotlight on a general examination of the art market and its mechanisms. With a high degree of irony he stretches his role as an artist. What first seems to be as a big gesture of a marketing strategy is rather to be read in the context of intensive artistic discussions about valuation, autonomy and socio-political issues.

He lives and works in Frankfurt.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015 When time sleepsGalerie Heike Strelow,FRANKFURT Group
2015 Acid on teaGalerie Römerapotheke,ZURICH Group
2015 Alptraum, Salon de LirioSALCETE, Goa Group
2014 The opinion makersLondonnewcastle Project Space LONDON Group
2014 The Future can wait, Saatchi´s New Sensations & The Future can waitVictoria House LONDON Group
2014 Cultus DeorumSaatchi Gallery LONDON Group
2014 Abstraktion FigurationGalerie Dr. Jochim CELLE Group
2014 Picture of matchstick men SALON HANSA BERLIN Group
2014 BENEFIZ:AUKTIONFRANKFURT Atelier Frankfurt, Auktionshaus Christie´sGroup
2014 AnthologyCharlie Smith Gallery LONDON Group
2014 Im DschungelKunstverein Familie Montez FRANKFURT Group
2014 DeltabebenWilhelm Hack Museum LUDWIGSHAFEN Group
2014 Obsessiv, Villa RenataGalerie Römerapotheke BASEL Group
2014 Mal wieder Freitag der 13Idling Gallery BERLIN Group
2014 Volta NYGalerie Heike Strelow NEW YORK Group
2014 The Great War Charlie Smith Gallery LONDON Group
2014 Alptraum Maribor Art Gallery Slovenia MARIBOR Group
2014 Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widme Kunstwerk Koeln e.V. COLOGNE Group
2013 Das morph. Feld muß neu beackert werdenRumbalotte Labor Politikon BERLIN Group
2013 Nevermind the bollocksBERLIN, JR Gallery curated by Alexander HattwigGroup
2013 Pophits und AlptraumArtspace Rhein-Main OFFENBACH Group
2013 Der faule BissGalerie Heike Strelow FRANKFURT Group
2013 Obscura, Villa RenataGalerie Roemerapotheke BASEL Group
2013 Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmenPolarraum Hamburg HAMBURG Group
2013 Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmenBauhaus Univ. WEIMAR Group
2013 Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmenMuseum Lytke LEIPZIG Group
2013 Painting of today!Artspace Rhein-Main OFFENBACH Group
2013 Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen Shift e.V. BERLIN Group
2013UntitledGalerie P13 HEIDELBERG Group
2013 System of diplomatic Chaos Nassauischer Kunstverein WIESBADEN Group
2012 Vom WaldeSkimuseum HINTERZARTEN Group
2012 Kunst 12 ZurichGalerie Roemerapotheke ZURICH Group
2012 Alptraum The nightmare never endsX Project Space BERLIN Group
2012 Bang! Bang! Tatort Kunst, Haus fuer Kunst Uri ALTDORF, CH Group
2012 GesichtsverlustKunstverein Viernheim VIERNHEIM Group
2012 Bookrelease Walther Koenig BuchhandlungFRANKFURT Group
2012 AlptraumGreen Papaya Art Projects MANILA (Metro Manila Quezon City) Group
2012 Six Flags – Trouble in ParadiseBeta Pictoris Gallery BIRMINGHAM, AL Group
2012 Kein Gott und seine Kinder, Nassauischer Kunstverein WIESBADEN Group
2012 Alptraum, Goethe Institute Johannesburg JOHANNESBURG South Africa Group
2012 Kampfkunst oder die Schule des Sehens, Galerie Roemerapotheke ZURICH Group
2012 Troops would love to die., Kunstverein Heppenheim HEPPENHEIM Group
2011 Alptraum, Cell Project Space LONDON Group
2011 Fragile Helden, Kunstverein Familie Montez FRANKFURT Group
2011 Young Art Auction, Novomatic Forum VIENNA Group
2011 A Beer to spill them into dust., Waikato Museum, Intraspace Project HAMILTON NZ. Group
2011 Pulse Miami, Galerie Anita Beckers MIAMI Group
2011 Alptraum,Projektraum Deutscher Kuenstlerbund E.V. BERLIN Group
2011 Kunst 11 Zurich, Galerie Roemerapotheke ZURICH Group
2011 Schwarzer September., CWO Atelierfrankfurt Ii FRANKFURTGroup
2011 Volta, Black Diamonds, Galerie Anita Beckers NEW YORK Group
2011 Alptraum, The CompanyLOS ANGELES Group
2011 (E)merge Art Fair, Galerie Anita Beckers WASHINGTON D.C. Group
2011 Is this (a) painting?, Beta Pictoris Gallery, Raum 2 BIRMINGHAM, AL Group
2011 Saluting the end, Jaus Project Space LOS ANGELES Group
2011 100 Million Angels singing, Jens Fehring Gallery FRANKFURT Group
2011 Limits and desperate, Gail Schoentag Gallery SAG HARBOR NY Group
2011 Volta, Galerie Anita Beckers BASEL Group
2011 Alptraum, Blank Projects KAPSTADT Group
2011 3 Zaehne, Apartement Draschan VIENNA Group
2011 Verbrechen und Bild, Walkmuehle Wiesbaden WIESBADEN Group
2011 When poets die., Galerie Anita Beckers FRANKFURT Group
2011 Pophits, Tanzschuleprojects MUNICH Group
2010 Love KillsCommerzbankplaza FRANKFURT Group
2010 Love Kills Love., CommerzbankRaum fuer Kultur Videospace FRANKFURT Group
2010 The last curs fight the bricks. Galerie Perpetuel FRANKFURT Group
2010 Pulse, Galerie Anita Beckers MIAMI Group
2010 Setzen, 5!Galerie Wolfstaedter FRANKFURT Group
2010 Volta Galerie Anita Beckers BASEL Group
2010 Art Chicago Galerie Anita Beckers CHICAGO Group
2010 Benefizauktion fuer den Portikus Auction UBSFRANKFURT Group
2010 Art CologneGalerie Anita Beckers COLOGNE Group
2010 Love KillsBetting on the muse FRANKFURT Group
2010Untitled Haeusliche Gewalt BERLIN Group
2010 Objects in the mirror are closer than they appearRingstube MAINZ Group
2010 Alptraum The Transformer WASHINGTON D.C. Group
2009 Sandip Shahs Citywatch Office, Bki DARMSTADTGroup
2009 Apart from heavenGalerie la Brique FRANKFURT Group
2009 Living famous dreams Vip Club FRANKFURT Group
2009 Burn your past Loftraum Goldman FRANKFURT Group
2009 Die Dinge des Lebens Galerie P13HEIDELBERG Group
2009 Still my own IdolPSM Gallery BERLIN Group
2009 Dude, Where is my carreerAbsolventenausstellung, MMK, Portikus FRANKFURT Group
2009 Lob der KritikFruehsorge Contemporary Drawings BERLIN Group
2008 Black Power Vs. White Power Coney Island NEW YORK Group
2008 A fast way downstairsCollection LenikusVIENNA Group
2008 Stumbling block for the loveRoemerberg FRANKFURT Group
2008 Paradise Overdosed.Campagne PremiereBERLIN Group
2008 Pervers durchs ParadiesKunstverein Familie Montez FRANKFURT Group
2008 Simple exploding manArtnews Projects BERLIN Group
2007 Signing the shit., Lovesuite, Casablanca on the oceanMIAMI Group
2007 Alle guten Dinge sind sexy., Orban und StreuFRANKFURT Group
2007 Youdas, TrilogyFRANKFURT Group
2007 Lock OnBERLIN Group
2007 Lachende ZeugenRaum Acapulco DUESSELDORF Group
2007 It takes something to make somethingPortikus FRANKFURT Group
2007 Big Bopp, Malereiatelier Mainz MAINZ Group
2006 The Beautyfull End. Scheissbilder.Orban und Streu FRANKFURT Group
2006 You cant smile without changing the LandscapeGeorg Scholz Haus WALDKIRCH Group
2006 Leidenschaft Mich 2 Maincafe FRANKFURT Group
2005 Leidenschaft MichLandungsbruecken FRANKFURT Group
2005 Sturm vor der RuheKultureller Foerderkreis Buchschlag FRANKFURT Group
2004Untitled Malen wie Boxen FRANKFURT Group
2004Untitled Wuetende Bilder FRANKFURT Group