Francesca Gagliardi, Galerie Geraldine Banier, contemporary art

Francesca Gagliardi

Italy 1972

Installation, Sculpture

Francesca Gagliardi
Francesca Gagliardi
June 6, 2015

Francesca Gagliardi is an Italian artist, working predominantly with plastic. As a sculptor, she focuses on themes of feminine power and fragility, expressing the strong ambivalence between these two notions. Gagliardi uses objects which express femininity – such as lipsticks, lace and perfumes – and transforms them into objects of war and battle.

Francesca Gagliardi, Galerie Geraldine Banier, installation
Francesca Gagliardi – Fleches – 2014

Francesca Gagliardi’s Education

Francesca Gagliardi was born in 1972 in Novara, Italy. She graduated in Illustration from the European Institute of Design in the city of Milan and in Plastic Arts from the Fine Arts Academy, Brera. Later, she improved herself in engraving at the University of Ghent in Belgium and at the University of Complutense in Madrid. Afterwards, Francesca worked for three years in the engraving workshop Atelier Quattordici – grafica Upiglio in Milan.

Francesca Gagliardi, Galerie Geraldine Banier, sculpture
Francesca Gagliardi – Bouclier Coquillage – 2014

The Art of War and Seduction

With subtle irony and sometimes provocative, the art of Francesca Gagliardi exposes stereotypes and symbols of femininity in the modern society. Using warlike symbolism, she questions the position of a woman in the contemporary world.

Working with iron, bronze, aluminum and plastic, Francesca Gagliardi’s arsenal of weapons consists of lipsticks that turn into bullets, spears, helmets, and iron shields decorated with lace-like patterns. In the artist’s world, box of bullets becomes a makeup case, text fragments show a double meaning when faced with the mirror, soft and seductive red lipstick becomes a sparkly cartridge. Laces and embroideries created by the previous generations of women are transformed in metallic shields, and now serve as a symbol and flag of an Amazon ready to fight for herself.

Mainly inspired by the book written by Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tzu, Francesca Gagliardi created her best-known series of works, named after the book – The Art of War.

Francesca Gagliardi, Galerie Geraldine Banier, installation
Francesca Gagliardi – Cartuccera, 2010

Francesca Gagliardi at the Galerie Geraldine Banier

Francesca Gagliardi has been exhibiting her art since her first solo show in 1999, held in Galleria d’Arte Derbylius, in Milan. From that time on, her works have been featured in many group and solo exhibitions, in venues such as Galleria 41 in Torino, Gallerie Poonberg in Rotterdam, and other galleries in Valencia, Genoa, Milan and Paris. Gagliardi is currently represented by the Galerie Geraldine Banier, based in Paris.

Francesca Gagliardi lives and works in Ameno, Italy.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014L’effet papillonGalerie Géraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2013Il linguaggio delle metamorfosiMuseo d’Arte Moderna – Casa Serodine, AsconaGroup
2013Il linguaggio delle metamorfosiMuseo Tornielli, AmenoGroup
2012Fino alla fine del mondo41 Artecontemporanea, TorinoGroup
2012Beauty CaseGalleria Il Vicolo, GenovaGroup
2012IncubarteGalleria Punto, ValenciaGroup
2011ArtistaInvitaArtistaVilla Eugenia, Godella, ValenciaGroup
2011Ai confini del regnoPalazzo di citta’, CagliariGroup
2011Gallery Artist & GuestsMichele Balmelli Gallery, LuganoGroup
2010Ospite InattesoStudio privato, TorinoGroup
2010Gallery collection vol 141 Artecontemporanea, TorinoGroup
2010Please me FashionPalazzo Ducale, SabbionetaGroup
2009LapizlabioliPalazzina Ciani, LuganoSolo
2009CollettivaGalleria Zaion, BiellaGroup
2009Castello di Rivara opens its cellarsCastello di RivaraGroup
2008Flower PowerGallerie Poonberg, RotterdamGroup
2008Open studioKaus Australis, RotterdamGroup
2007Blues de mon rouge à lèvresGalleria Alexandre Mottier, GinevraSolo
2007Je m’oublie oublie-moiGalleria 41 artecontemporanea, TorinoSolo
2007EngravingGalleria 41 artecontemporanea, TorinoGroup
2007Gemine museBroletto, NovaraGroup
2007Otto donne ed un misteroGalleria Zaion, BiellaGroup
2006PersonaleLibreria Les Argonautes, ParigiSolo
2006Le dessin sept expressionGalleria Alexandre Mottier, GinevraGroup
2006Fresco & Salty 2Mylos art space, ThessalonikiGroup
2006Fresco & Salty 2Margaris Gallery, AmfilochiaGroup
2006The Brooken ImagePolifemo, MilanoGroup
2005Abito su misuraArte ed Altro, GattinaraSolo
2005Nuovi ArriviAccademia Belle Arti di TorinoGroup
2005UrbanaGalleria Leonardo da Vinci, BiellaGroup
2005Versus XIImbiancheria del Vajro, ChieriGroup
2005EncyclopédieRefettorio delle Stelline, MilanoGroup
2004Dove abiti?Fondazione Achille Marazza, BorgomaneroGroup
2004Aspettare l’inattesoGalleria Venti Correnti, MilanoGroup
2004Aspettare l’inattesoMuseo Villa dei Cedri, BellinzonaGroup
2003Ordine disOrdineVilla Soranzo, Varallo PombiaSolo
1999Dentro l’ArmadioGalleria d’Arte Derbylius, MilanoSolo