Franziska Maderthaner - Artist portrait (detail), foto by Sabine Hauswirth

Franziska Maderthaner

Austria 1962


Franziska Maderthaner
Franziska Maderthaner
March 29, 2016

Relating the past and the present, photo-realism and abstraction, Franziska Maderthaner’s work sometimes evokes the style of the old masters, merging the historical models with modern motifs. This Austrian artist uses photographs to make eclectic collages which she projects onto the canvas creating the oil paintings. Mixing the everyday scenes and objects with the still life motifs, abstraction and figuration became complementary and mutually supportive in many different ways. Spirit of Caravaggio, Tiepolo or Dutch baroque painting is implemented in contemporary images and grows from the shapeless color schemes.

Franziska Maderthaner - Masterpiece, 2015
Franziska Maderthaner – Masterpiece, 2015

Fugirative Abstraction

Franziska Maderthaner graduated at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In addition to her teaching, writing and curating work, her exhibition schedule has been very busy in the past decades, in Austria and abroad. Thinking from the production point of view, Maderthaner is capable of making abstractions appear like figurative representations. Thanks to her impeccable techniques and lot of experience, her practice becomes the pleasure, as for the artist herself, so for the audience as well. Her virtuosity is represented in the way she handles the moment of improvisation. Enjoying the technical complications that other artists are trying to avoid, Maderthaner expresses her essence talent which is leading her beyond the world of the old masters.

Her work evokes the style of the old masters

Franziska Maderthaner - MIR - Мир, 2015
Franziska Maderthaner – MIR – Мир, 2015

Whole Context in Only One Fragment

Maderthaner’s paintings return the pictorial representation which was often presupposed some sort of cognitive compression. The painting became again a form of organization, the sensation of associated color and form. Challenging the viewer’s perception, her work is like the invitation to expand one’s thoughts, by the accumulation of the details and multiplication of different motifs and themes. Using the existing pictures composed into the collages, she is trying not to fragmentizing them, but to keep the context from which they are taken and to save them as a quotation and only reality. The core of her style was formed in the 80’s. But, she strives to be up-to-date, always offering something new and surprising to her audience.

Franziska Maderthaner - DADA, 2014
Franziska Maderthaner – DADA, 2014

Balance Between Story and the Surface

Never ending the discussion about relation between abstraction and figuration seems to be reconciled in Franziska Maderthaner’s work. By giving the primate to the figuration, expressive colors and the brushstrokes create the other part – abstraction, which only enjoined together represent the whole art piece. Sometimes her paintings try to play with content, but always leaving the story open to the viewer. She wishes that the people project their own thoughts onto the painting, creating something that maybe don’t even exist as the main idea of work. And, after all, isn’t the only truth that the painting represents the eternal tension between reality and illusion?

The artist is represented by Galerie Neuheisel.

Franziska Maderthaner lives and works in Vienna.

Featured image: portrait of the artist, photo by Sabine Hauswirth
All images copyright of Franziska Maderthaner

YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
20151591–2015 Museum Angerlehner-Wels Talheim solo
2015Franziska MaderthanerGalerie Artemons Contemporary, Hellmonsödtsolo
2015Sehstücke Galerie Brennecke, Berlin group
2015Group Therapy Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken group
2015cutting-edge Galerie Brennecke, Berlin group
2015Don’t look back Galerie Brennecke, Berlin group
2015Ganz nah und weit weg Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien group
2014Crazy Horse Galerie Brennecke, Berlin solo
2014Malerei – Franziska Maderthaner Gesellschaft für junge Kunst Baden-Baden solo
2014Figuration zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit Museum Angerlehner solo
2014Bilderwildern Galerie Exner solo
2014Teilnahme an art Austria, Kunst ZürichArt Karlsruhe, positions Berlingroup
2013Art Karlsruhe One Artist Show, Galerie Brenneckesolo
2013bunt Apartment Draschan group
2013Wertpapiere Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken, Katalog solo
2013Safe as Milk Museum Angerlehner, Diskussion und Einzelpräsentationsolo
2012In Bed With Abstraction Galerie Brennecke Berlin solo
2012Eine Türklingel, die macht mir nichts, dir nichts ding-dong Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg solo
2012Üben im Drüben Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt solo NÖ Art, Themenausstellung 2012, Niederösterreichsolo
2011transgression Galerie Brennecke , Berlin solo
2011sailing Morgan & Lewis, Frankfurt solo
2011Mein böser Lieblingsonkel - Hommage an Horst Janssen Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2011One artist show art Karlsruhe, Galerie Brennecke, Berlinsolo
2010saint and sinners Galerie Wolfgang Exner solo
2009unmade Beds Galerie Brennecke, Berlin solo
2009sternhagelschön, Zeichnungen Galerie Studio 18, Wiengroup
2009Neue Bilder Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2009New Talents Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurtsolo
2009Viennafair Viennafair, (Galerie Exner)solo
2009Real 06 Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2009Kategorienfehler live, neue Aquarelle Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2009ONE ARTIST SHOW. Franziska Maderthaner art Karlsruhe (Galerie Brennecke)solo
2009Durchzug! Galerie Brennecke, Berlinsolo
2008andererseits offen Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2008mothers finest kunstverein mistelbachsolo
2007geschüttet, ungerührt Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2007Ausziehen NN-Fabrik, Oslipsolo
2007Wasser und Öl Agitas, Wien solo
2007Pop 07 Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2006Wasser und Öl Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2006Zu Picasso Galerie Exner, Wien Art. Fair Kölnsolo
2005Bis Jetzt Galerie Exner, Wien solo
2005Spiel(t)räume Galerie Exner, Wiensolo
2005Wi(e)derstand NN Fabrik, Oslipsolo
2005Disclose Galerie Wolfrum, Wiensolo
2005aus 9 Halle Steinek, Wiensolo
2004Reserve der Form Künstlerhaus, Wiensolo
2004Handlungsanweisungen Kunstpfad am Karlsplatz – Kunsthalle Wiensolo
2004Vista Point Halle der Familie Bernsteiner solo
2004Open Art Summerstage, Wiensolo
2004Austrian Contemporary Art Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi solo
2003Go Johnny, go! Kunsthalle Wiensolo
2003Reality Check! Frauenbad Baden bei Wiensolo
2003Tendenzen Galerie Exner, Wiensolo
2003Powerplay Galerie Wolfrum, Wiensolo
2003Taxi 01 Schloss an der Eisenstrasse, Waidhofensolo
2003Reality Check! Rathausgalerie, Waidhofensolo
200288 euro ict – Franz Morgenbesser solo
2002Whats new? IG Bildende Kunst, Wiensolo
2002Supermarkt Popmuseum Wiensolo
2002Ad Personam Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Wiensolo
2002Break Filmprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wiensolo
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2000Recycling Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Wiensolo
2000Lou Rosenblatt (1889-1970) Salon Sinnvoll, Wiensolo
1999Real Virtuality Heizhaus Stammersdorf solo
1999Kreation im Prozess Heizhaus Stammersdorf solo
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1999Es ist was es ist Rauminstallation Stiegenhaus Kaufhaus Steffl, Wien solo
1997Eröffnungsausstellung Arthotel Vienna Passagengalerie Künstlerhaus, Wiensolo
1996Franziska MaderthanerMoulin Rouge, Wien solo
1995Kunstraum Wien Museumsquartier Wiensolo
1995Kunst und Politik Parlament Wien solo
1995Die Zahnspange Präsentation eines Wandbilds, Wiensolo
1994 Franziska Maderthaner Managementclub Wien solo
1994Franziska Maderthaner Eröffnungsausstellung Fifty, Wien solo
1992 Franziska Maderthaner Galerie A3, Eferding solo
1991 Franziska Maderthaner Academia Romana, Wien solo
1990UnknownInternationale Kunstmesse RAI-Amsterdamgroup
1990Metalog Kunstforum Hartbergsolo
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1989Franziska Maderthaner Galerie Torch, Amsterdamsolo
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1988DIE COLLAGE Galerie Walter Pabst, Münchensolo
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1986Das offene Auge Kohlmarkt Wien solo
1984What is now is not tomorrow Galerie Mana, Wienduo