Frauke Dannert

Germany 1979


Frauke Dannert
Frauke Dannert
April 8, 2016
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Seeking new meaning in something that already has its use and functionality is a dominant driving force behind the work of Frauke Dannert, a young German artist who’s chosen collage as her central medium. In her crafty hands, everyday materials like newspapers, photocopies, images from the Internet, all of them completely functional images, become something new, as the artist confronts her own order in the pictures to the entropy and chaos of the universe. When exhibiting, she often transforms the walls of the galleries, making them available for experience and questioning the perception of space in viewers. These illusions tear apart the reality, creating a tension between what’s real and what’s simulated.

She uses everyday materials like newspapers, photocopies and images from the Internet

Frauke Dannert - Ribbon - Silo II, paper collage in kunstpalast and galerie pfab rupert in 2011 and 2014
Frauke Dannert – Ribbon, 2015 / Silo II, 2015

A New Meaning

All the materials Dannert uses in her practice, the newspaper cuttings, images from the Internet, photocopies, all have their functionality, but in the process of an almost infinite reproduction lose their value. But, not for long. Through her collages, they gain a new meaning and become valuable once again. The background is also important, as it embellishes her artworks with materiality and color. Similar to the materials used for collages, the backgrounds are often made of pieces of copper, pressboard or simple old wood panels. Dannert disassembles and re-compositions old architecture photos, creating the brand new image forms that seem quite surreal. What makes her art stand out is the fact that she, in the age of digital images and their reproduction, purposely uses simpler materials and chooses a method of production that requires hands and the direct use of the papers and photographs.

The artist puprosely uses simpler materials

Frauke Dannert - Bachelor - Metropolis, rupert pfab galerie had a paper exhibition in 2011 and 2014
Frauke Dannert – Bachelor, 2015 / Metropolis, 2015

Studies, Exhibitions and Awards

Dannert was born in Herdecke and has an extensive art education. She studied Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Munich and Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, Class of Prof. Thomas Grünfeld, before completing her MFA at Goldsmith College in London in 2010. She has exhibited extensively, both as a solo artist and as a part of the group shows. Dannert won the first prize in the Audi Art Award in 2012 and is also a winner of several other awards and grants, including the travel grant the Art Association of the Rhineland and Westphalia, Dusseldorf in 2012 and the residence scholarship Ringberg Castle of NRW. Her artworks are included in several prestigious collections, e.g. Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt, Sammlung Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, and Kunstsammlung der Landesbank Hessen – Thüringen.

The artist creates a tension between what’s real and what’s simulated

Frauke Dannert - Elle - Trommel
Frauke Dannert – Elle, 2015 / Trommel, 2015

The Order and Chaos

By playing with the viewer’s perception of space, the artist creates a tension between what’s real and what’s simulated. Her practice is based on the collages, but her installations in galleries emphasize that tension and the conflict between the order and chaos. What seem like simple everyday materials lose their value in Dannert’s hands, but shortly after gain a new meaning and get transformed into collages that challenge the viewers to think again about the space they live in.

She is represented by Lisabird Contemporary in Vienna.

Frauke Dannert lives and works in Cologne.

Featured image: Frauke Dannert – portrait.

All images courtesy of Lisabird Contemporary.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Frauke DannertCollage Museum Kunstpalast, DüsseldorfSolo
2016Frauke DannertCollage, Kunstmuseum LuzernSolo
2015DisplacedGalerie Rupert Pfab, DüsseldorfSolo
2015the walls twistedGalerie Lisa Bird, ViennaSolo
2015Viermal Neues Auf PapierSprengel Museum Hannover, HanoverGroup
2014Schere, Stein, PapierMärkisches Museum WittenSolo
2014Vertical CityGalerie Bourouina, BerlinSolo
2014gestern die stadt von morgenKunstsammlung Ruhr-University BochumGroup
2014DystotalPori Art Museum, FinlandGroup
2013Der Schnittpunkt zweier GeradenJaLiMa Collection, DüsseldorfSolo
2013TREIBGUT with Sebastian WaltherRingstube, MainzGroup
2013Ruhe-Störung, Streifzüge durch die Welten der CollageMuseum Marta, HerfordGroup
20135 Jahre Sammlung StadtsparkasseMuseum Kunstpalast, DüsseldorfGroup
2012Frauke DannertDeutsche Bundesbank, FrankfurtSolo
2012Magicgruppe Kulturobjektlothringer13_laden, MunichGroup
2012The Reality of The UnbuildRaketenstation, Stiftung Insel Hombroich, NeussGroup
2012AfterimageKunsthalle Exnergasse, WienGroup
2012Neue Tiere 3Kunstverein Koelnberg, KölnGroup
2011New PositionsART COLOGNE with Galerie Rupert PfabSolo
2011MFA Degree ShowGoldsmiths College, LondonGroup
2011Drop after DropGaleria AS, Art Space, Krakow, PolandGroup
2011summertimeGalerie Rupert Pfab, DüsseldorfGroup
2011New SpaceB&N Gallery, LondonGroup
2011SynecdocheBourouina Gallery, BerlinGroup
2011deserto rossoMarkus Ambach Projekte, DüsseldorfGroup
2011sunbeam in the glasshouseformer American Consulate, DüsseldorfGroup
2011silver moonGalerie Lisa Ruyter, ViennaGroup
2011Other Peoples`s ProblemsProject Space LeedsGroup
2010composition / decompositionKonsortium, DüsseldorfSolo
2010Frauke DannertSchmelabar, DüsseldorfSolo
2010Clear of Clouds with Erika Hockbell street project space, ViennaGroup
2010pictorale molto male, Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and EffectsAntwerpen, BelgiumGroup
2010Konstruktiv!Galerie Beck und Eggeling, DüsseldorfGroup
2010HALLIGALLI!presented by OPEN, oktoberbar, DüsseldorfGroup
2010BREAKVilla de Bank, Enschede, NLGroup
2010TO LOOK IS TO LABOURLaden für Nichts, LeipzigGroup
2010The Eighteenth EmergencyCore Gallery, LondonGroup
201064. Bergische KunstausstellungMuseum Baden, SolingenGroup
201064. Bergische KunstausstellungStädtische Galerie RemscheidGroup
2010Speculative ObjectsGoldsmiths Libary, LondonGroup
2010ORD[i]NANCEThe Pigeon Wing, LondonGroup
2010Der Himmel leuchtet. 6 Positionen zur CollageGalerie Rupert Pfab, DüsseldorfGroup
2010Pictorale molto male, part of Sugary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and EffectsDepot Dam, Antwerpen, BelgiumGroup
2009Opus caementitium with Heiko RäppleGalerie Rupert Pfab, DüsseldorfGroup
2009fragmenta with Alex RathWeltraum, MünchenGroup
2009Rundblick 2009Temporary Gallery CologneGroup
2009Trinken als ChanceKunstgruppe, CologneGroup
2008lageBaustelle Schaustelle, EssenSolo
2008Highlights of German AcademiesDina4 Projekte atelierBerlin, BerlinGroup
20081, RINGELgarage, DüsseldorfGroup
2007Die originale InvasionPolypolis, DüsseldorfGroup
2006FamilienglückOrangerie Schloss BenrathGroup
2006klassegrünfeld@kaarstStädtische Galerie KaarstGroup
2005Junge Kunst im RuhrgebietIWG GladbeckGroup
2005Alles in AllemKlasse Udo Scheel, Museum Abtei LiesbornGroup