Frederic Prat, painter, photo credits - Le Carre Noir

Frederic Prat /   Frédéric Prat

France 1966

Abstract Art, Painting

Frederic Prat
Frédéric Prat
July 16, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Frédéric Prat is a French contemporary artist known for his abstract paintings with monochrome backgrounds and luminous acrylic forms. Born in 1966 in France, Prat studied with the artists Joel Kermarrec, Toni Grand, and Claude Viallat at Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris where he graduated in 1991.

Prat’s Non-Figurative Work

Without connection or allusion to the external world, Frédéric Prat’s oeuvre is strictly non-figurative. His work is shaped by the Supports-Surfaces movement established in Nice, France, in the early 1970s which has developed a new artistic approaches based on the belief that art should refer to itself rather than history or real-life events.
Frédéric Prat uses the canvas, the colour, and the design, as the themes of his work rather than just the means of representation. He is influenced by the work of abstract expressionists Barnett Newman, Willem de Kooning and Ad Reinhardt, whose paintings function as cohesive whole objects and represents what Frédéric calls “truth” in art.

Frederic Prat - Noir, 2007, photo credits - artist, abstract painting
Frederic Prat – Noir, 2007

Acrylic Paintings

After he had made numerous oil paintings, Frédéric Prat evolved to acrylic, using it exclusively since 2005. His large-scale, abstract works on canvas or paper emphasizing the relationships between color, surface, and line without representation of any expression. In his latest works, he covers canvases with larges convolutions of colors showing unity and plurality of the object.

Left: Frederic Prat - Blanc #1, 2015 / Right: Frederic Prat - Blanc #2, 2015, photo courtesy of IdeelArt
Left – Frederic Prat – Blanc #1, 2015, Right – Frederic Prat – Blanc #2, 2015


Frédéric Prat’s artworks have been included in numerous exhibitions in his native France, at Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris (1998); Centre Regional d’ Art Contemporain, Montbeliard (1999); Galerie Frederic Giroux, Paris (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009); Le Carré Noir, espace d’art contemporain, Bonneval (2012), and Galerie Djeziri-Bonn, Paris (2014), among others.

Frederic Prat - solo show at Le Carré Noir, Bonneval, France, 2012, installation view, photo credits - artist
Frederic Prat – solo show at Le Carré Noir, Bonneval, France, 2012, installation view

He has also exhibited at Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg (2001, 2002, 2003); MUDAM – Musee d’Art Contemporain Grand Duc Jean, Luxembourg (2008, 2012, 2014); Uhn Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany (2013); and SMMoA – Santa Monica Museum of Art, California, USA (2012, 2013).
Prat is represented by IdeelArt since March 2015.

Frédéric Prat lives and works in Paris, France.

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Karlsruhe ArtfairLa Fabrique de la CendronneGroup
2014Art&MeMUDAM - Musee d’Art Contemporain Grand Duc Jean, LuxembourgGroup
2014Autour du DessinGalerie Djeziri-Bonn , ParisGroup
2013Frederic PratUhn Gallery, FrankfurtSolo
2013IncognitoSMMoA - Santa Monica Museum of Art, CaliforniaGroup
2012Le Carre NoirCentre d’art contemporain, Bonneval, FranceSolo
2012La Ligne PasseeGalerie Ceysson, LuxembourgGroup
2012Les Detours de L’AbstractionMUDAM - Musee d’Art Contemporain Grand Duc Jean, LuxembourgGroup
2012IncognitoSMMoA - Santa Monica Museum of Art, CaliforniaGroup
2009Frederic PratGalerie Frederic Giroux, ParisSolo
2008Frederic PratMUDAM - Musee d’Art Contemporain Grand Duc Jean, LuxembourgSolo
2008Fiac 2008Galerie Frederic Giroux, ParisGroup
2008Artbrussels 08Galerie Frederic Giroux, ParisGroup
2006Frederic PratGalerie Frederic Giroux, ParisSolo
2006Fiac 06Galerie Frederic Giroux, ParisGroup
2005FiacGalerie Frederic Giroux, ParisGroup
2004Ou, Lieu D’Exposition Pour L’Art ActuelMarseille, FranceGroup
2003FiacGalerie Nosbaum & Reding, LuxembourgGroup
2003ArtbrusselsGalerie Nosbaum & Reding, LuxembourgGroup
2002UnknownGalerie Nosbaum & Reding, LuxembourgGroup
2001UnknownGalerie Nosbaum & Reding, LuxembourgGroup
1999L’Abstraction Et Ses Territoires, Le 19Centre Regional d’ Art Contemporain, Montbeliard, FranceGroup
1999EventairesHeartless, ParisGroup
1998Carte BlancheDusseldorfGroup
1998Les SaisonsGalerie Eric Dupont, ParisGroup
1997UnknownAtelier, Montreuil, FranceGroup
1996UnknownAtelier, Montreuil, FranceGroup
1995Rose Pour Les GarconsEcole Nationale Superieur des BEAUX-ARTS de ParisGroup
1994Etat De TransfertGalerie J. Alyskewick, ParisGroup
1994Ouverture De L’EspaceParisGroup
1992Sur Une Proposition De Pierre BuraglioCentre d’art contemporain d’OrleansGroup