Friedrich Eigner - Artist portrait (detail), Image copyright the artist

Friedrich Eigner

Austria 1948


Friedrich Eigner
Friedrich Eigner
June 15, 2016

Spending the childhood in deprivation of the post-war years, Friedrich Eigner transforms this experience into his creative expression. His “structural shadow paintings” made of oil and pigment represent the opposite of the new technique of oil on glass, named “layer line paintings” that give the impression of three-dimensionality. Achieving the harmony of clear colors, Eigner strives to encourage the viewer to liberate his mind and soul transporting them into the minimalist world of his paintings whose two-dimensional solutions serve to emphasize the pure pigment.

Friedrich Eigner - Metamer, 2011
Friedrich Eigner – Metamer, 2011

The Shadow, Line and Glass

Eigner was born in 1948, in Salzburg. Substituting his philosophy studies for painting, he was discovered by Hans Weigel who brought him to Vienna. During the 80’s he founded the “Stamparia del Tintoretto” along with his professor Robert Mazzeto. In 1990, he moved to New York where he began to change his style, replacing representational painting with abstract reduction, creating shadow images, later moving one step further with the use of glass as a surface. He plays with the phenomenon of vagueness and blur, using the doubling of lines through shadows on the underlying motive. If the vagueness is the sign of forgetfulness and a part of memory too, therefore the focus of images is not on what we see, but what we perceive, remember and think.

Eigner plays with the phenomenon of vagueness and blur

Friedrich Eigner - New York, 2001
Friedrich Eigner – New York, 2001

Individual Memory as the Key of Understanding

During his career, Friedrich Eigner had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Austria and abroad. His works make a part of several national and international public and private collections. His education in philosophy gave him a solid background for his artistic creations, explaining his art with individual memory that affects people’s understanding of everything. “We are what we are, because of things we learn and remember”. New experiences overlap the old ones, changing the essence of our intellection. This is the major theme of Eigner’s work that often leaves the motifs blurred, leaving the viewer to finish its meaning. He always expects the feedback emotion, avoiding the single responsibility for the artwork, claiming that every piece of art depends on a quality of its communication with the audience.

The artist is represented by Galerie Hegeman, Munich.

Friedrich Eigner lives and works between Salzburg, Venice and New York.

Featured image: Friedrich Eigner – Artist portrait (detail), Image copyright the artist
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YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Finistère Aaart Foundation, Kirchberg in TyrolGroup
2014Dialogue about art on the occasion of the exhibition ALPIN JUWEL, Saalbach-Hinterglemm Group
2014Retrospective, Schiketanz Capital AdvisorsVolker Mack, Braunau am Inn Group
2013 Oil on glass and canvas, pigment Hegemann Gallery, MunichSolo
2013 ART.FAIR CologneGroup
2013Conception of art General public Hospital, Zell am SeeGroup
2012 Election Ute Claussen Galery, HamburgGroup
2012 Pigments Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno, SwissGroup
2012Oil on glass and canvas Aaart Foundation, Kirchberg in TyrolSolo
2012Retrospektive 6° Senso Art Gallery, Rome Solo
2011Unknown Anna-Maria Burger Gallery, MunichGroup
2011Election Ute Claussen Galery, HamburgSolo
2010Presentation of art cocoon, polymer, pigment on glass Anna-Maria Burger Gallery, MunichSolo
2010Oil on glass Anna Breda Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Padua Solo
2010 The Leopold Collection Leopold Museum, ViennaGroup
2009Conception and construction of an art cocoon Zell am SeeGroup
2009Morningfrost Ute Claussen Galery, Hamburg Solo
2008PatternAnna-Maria Burger Gallery, Munich Solo
2008Fellini Gandler Risk Management, MittersillSolo
2007Friedrich Eigner KubinKabinett, Leogang, AustriaSolo
2007Be quiet Gerlich Gallery, Salzburg Solo
2007Kunst am Bau, Öl auf Glas Ferry Porsche Congress Center, Zell am SeeSolo
2007North-North-West, light sculpture Sculpture Park Thumersbach, Zell am SeeGroup
2007 Art fairs Genoa, Bologna, Parma, Padua, Locarno and ViennaGroup
2006 Acrivities: Humanum museum, Fratres, Gleichnisse (allegories), in the context of Kulturbrücke Fratres Museum of Fine Arts in PragueGroup
2006Layer-line and Structural Shadow Pictures Padua Art Gallery, PaduaSolo
2006Ferry Porsche Congress Center Zell am SeeGroup
2005 Friedrich Eigner Niagara GallerySolo
2005Salzburg inline results from a request of the Salzburg governmentSolo
2004 Friedrich Eigner HMZ foundation, Fohnsdorf, StyriaSolo
2003 Friedrich Eigner Padua Art Gallery Solo
2002 Friedrich Eigner Thomas Hettlage Gallery, MunichSolo