Gael Davrinche /   Gaël Davrinche

France 1971

Contemporary Realism

Gael Davrinche
Gaël Davrinche
November 15, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Gaël Davrinche is a French artist whose interest foremost is with a “uneducated” expression style that is spontaneous, without any tricks, and a borrowed representation style of children.  Born in 1971 in Saint Mandé, Davrinche graduated from the Beaux Arts of Paris in 2000.

Early on, he seeks to revise and reinterpret the works of grand masters, an expression between irreverence and tribute.  Las Meninas by Velasquez, Girl with pearl earring by Vermeer, the artists pushes the boldness in taking the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci through a series of seven canvases which desecrated Mona Lisa to scrawling point with the accompany words such as “SALE” or worse L.C.K.C.I.R., a nod of the hat that claimed to Marcel Duchamp.  The artist explained, “By reworking these famous works, I am able to release myself from the subject, in order to not override the painting, to let itself play and treating it equally as a medium. Question of reincarnating the space andtimes that then post.”

Through the decisive gesture of painting, Gaël Davrinche questions the portrait in its historical and social signification, its reality and imaginary.  Oscillating between being and appearance, the artist combines the surprise accessories of the figures, the boxing gloves or reversed potted peony, and offer as well an interpretation of a incongruous portrait. His works takes a strange turn that destabilizes us with the ubiquity of the object, furthermore, become an interrogation of his individual role on his attitude, his relationship with the world, and others.

The painting of Gaël Davrinche is powerful. By cutting and scribbling, he gives subject.  According to Philippe Piguet, in his mixed universe “the beautiful, the ugly, paint good, paint bad, the stander, the consensus.” It is all “madness in painting” which invited us to an astonishing visual discovery.

From Manet through to the present day, many are the artists who, at a given moment – or moments – in their career, have invoked past masters in this way. It is all about both measuring themselves and engaging a dialogue between one period and another, free of stylistic considerations. This allusive practice, found frequently in Picasso’s work throughout his career, means that artists need no longer worry about new subjects and can instead take apart the constituents of the reference work and recompose them into a new image. It is a way of operating in the mode of “nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.If there was a time when Gaël Davrinche was busy developing a whole set of weird, busy little figures that he dashed down on the canvas or paper in a state of excitement that overrode any more elaborate aesthetic concerns, he did so because he hoped that this approach would afford him a space, a freedom.” Philippe Piguet.

Gaël Davrinche lives and works in Montreuil, France.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Gael Davrinche Chateau et Ville de Maisons-LaffitteSolo
2014INSIGHTGallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), ShanghaiGroup
2014Art and FashionGallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), ShanghaiGroup
2014Gael Davrinche Musée d'art contemporain Saint-Martin - MontélimarSolo
2013Choices Gallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), ShanghaiGroup
2013Gael Davrinche - Centre d'art contemporain / PassagesCentre d'art Le Passage TroyesSolo
2013Gael Davrinche - Fondation EcureuilFondation Ecureuil ToulouseSolo
2013Gael DavrincheFondation ColasSolo
2013Kosta Kulundzic - Gael Davrinche - Vuk Vidor : Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître à BruxellesCentre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître BruxellesGroup
2013Gael Davrinche - MementoEgoGallery - Lugano SwitzerlandSolo
2013Gaël Davrinche , Kosta Kulundzic et Vuk Vidor - Centre d'art de PerpignanCentre d'Art de PerpignanGroup
2013The Nature of Things - Gaël Davrinche / Zhang DaliGallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), ShanghaiGroup
2013Gael Davrinche - FRAC Haute NormandieFrac Haute NormandieSolo
2012Old Story / New TwistsBari / ItalieGroup
2012Quelques instants plus tard.. / Gaël Davrinche - Kosta Kulundzic et Vuk VidorCité internationnale de la BD Angoulème FranceGroup
2012Quelques instants plus tardCouvent des cordeliers ParisGroup
2012GAEL DAVRINCHE Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11Solo
2011Paris Forever 100th exhibition of the galleryMagda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11Group
2010Speed Painting 01Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11Group
2002le temps des rires et des chantsGalerie Nathalie Parienté, ParisGroup
2002Courant d'air courant D'art La galerie des galeries, Galeries Lafayette, ParisGroup
2001Sincères félicitationsEcole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, ParisGroup
2000Gaël Davrinche galerie Sabine Vazieux, ParisSolo
1999Gaël Davrinche Musée de SoissonsSolo
1998Salon de Novembre à VitryMusée de CéretGroup
1997Group exhibitionGroup
1996Group exhibition, Galerie Jean de la Fontaine, La Ferté-MilonGroup