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Galo Canote

United States 1970

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Galo Canote
Galo Canote
United States
December 6, 2014
Ok, I know it's so damn corny to quote somebody just to describe yourself, let alone Confucius, but this quote says all about my relationship with Widewalls, so forgive me for doing this: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Am I forgiven?

Galo “MakeOne” Canote, the legendary Los Angeles graffiti pioneer and a founding member of LA’s Second to None Crew.

He was born in Los Angeles and since of early age, was heavily involved with art. During the early 1980’s, his interest in art took a different direction. Influenced by the great Hip-Hop movement, he dropped his commercial art classes and became interested in graffiti art. By 1984-85, he rose to popularity under graffiti pseudo names MAKE and TIME. His name was seen throughout LA from the infamous Belmont Tunnel to the historical Pan Pacific Theatre to the internationally known book Spray Can Art. He played a significant role in the Save The Radio-Tron movement that inspired the movie Electric Boogaloo, the sequel to 1984’s BREAKIN’. He was also instrumental in catapulting the Hip-hop scene in LA along side the Radio-Tron. He co-founded, with long time friends SINE and DOC43, LA’s very own and legendary graffiti crew, Second To None (STN). Galo became a major influence during the great graffiti movement from New York to Los Angeles, as featured in the book, VIBE The History of Hip-Hop. Self proclaimed as LA’s Graffiti Pioneer, he helped launch and establish the current graffiti/urban-art scene, becoming one of LA’s legendary-old-school-graffiti/street-artists.

In 1986, Galo left to Guadalajara, Mexico for two years and worked as a quality controller for Industrias Graficas Occidente, a business that manufactured inks for sacks and burlaps. During his stay in Mexico, he allied with the club owner of one of Guadalajara’s hot spots called Recorcholis, to help promote and re-introduce Hip-Hop to the Mexican club scene after its short-lived breakin’ trend. He also introduced graffiti art to some local kids in the neighbohood he worked in called, Colonia del Fresno. Taking those kids under his wing, he taught them the ins-and-outs of graff and encouraged them to pratice and master the art form of lettering. Soon Galo had a small group of writers and eventually pioneered the graffiti art movement in Guadalajara. Today it is said the graffiti art form in Guadalajara emerged from a small neighborhood called Colonia del Fresno, by a writer, who came from the states years ago.

A few years after his return to Los Angeles, in 1993, he partnered with a friend to open Superb Image, a copy service catering to the legal industry. The shop closed in 1996, due to lack of full-time dedication to the business. Shortly thereafter, as Galo’s faith matured, he became heavily involved in community developments and outreaches. He also became very involved with youth programs, working with troubled youths and other youth groups from various churches. He also traveled throughout LA as a motivational speaker and toured a small musical skit that he wrote, starred in and directed.

After neglecting his art for years his love and passion for art was re-kindled and Galo decided to take his art and projects more seriously. Since then, Galo has successfully authored, curated and promoted art shows, written and directed plays, organized art projects such as murals, organized community outreaches, fundraisers and church projects through grass-root methods and guerilla street team tactics. He collaborated to promote and organize The Extreme Tour, an annual nationwide tour that consists of over 30, both local and established, bands.

To this day, Galo stays busy exhibiting and freelancing his artwork, organizing and curating art shows. Galo has also ventured into the clothing and fashion industry by establishing his own line and label called Sanctus Clothing, a silk-screened clothing line that caters to the Christian underground and skateboarding scene. Galo and Sanctus Clothing currently sponsors events and established bands such as Dogwood, BIND, Shop 11 Phoenix, and occasionally Garaje and Roca Firme.

More recently Galo has been painting live at events and concerts – a performance he’s titled “live performance painting” – which he paints live to the beats and rhythms of atmospheric music to entertain the audience while he executes his paintings.

Galo is also a food blogger and has become highly recognized and reputable food blogger, especially in or for Koreatown in Los Angeles, California.

He has been a panelist at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), galleries and universities such as The Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UAM) and CalArts.

He lives in Los Angeles.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Karan KoronMelt Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2014Con Safos (With Respect): The Art and Culture of Urban ChirographyLos Angeles, CAGroup
2014Battle for LA Graff ShowHuntington Park, CaliforniaGroup
2011ROCKIN 2011 - Art ExhibitionKGB Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2011Conceptual V 4: The Ultimate Global Showcase of Spray Can Art!Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2010Graffiti Workshop: Galo MAKE CanoteCraft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CASolo
2004Undocumented Ground: Los Angeles Photographic VisionariesCrewest Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup