Gerard Fournier - Basalte, cristal, 2017

Gerard Fournier /   Gérard Fournier

France 1948


Gerard Fournier
Gérard Fournier
June 25, 2013
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Gérard Fournier is a French artist born in 1948.

Artist statement:

First of all, the pleasure of discovery when the stone challenges me by its natural form, its structure, its movement, its lines. Then you have to sit down, find a balance that will reveal it and give it all its presence. Humanize it by introducing into this matter an idea, a trace, which will be translated by an architecture of light: glass, playing with the mineral, opacity and transparency. Create the mystery, the unusual in balance and harmony. My approach reflects, above all, the deep need that I have to be in harmony with nature.

Featured image: Basalte, cristal, 2017. Basalt. 13 4/5 × 10 3/5 × 4 3/10 in; 35 × 27 × 11 cm. Photo courtesy Galerie 22