Ghostparol /   David

Australia 1981

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti

November 30, 2014

Ghostparol is an Australian artist, also known as David, born in 1981 in Hobart, Tasmania. He has built an international reputation as a street artist with ephemeral techniques such as stencilling and paste ups. More recently he has focused on illustration, painting and installation. For Ghostpatrol the choice of material is not always important. He values the opportunity to experiment when perhaps more familiar materials are unavailable. About his work Ghostparol says: “Experimentation has always been part of my work. My work spaces often turn into small shrines, indulging and entering the world I’m painting. The combination of paintings alongside the objects that inspire them gives a more rounded view into the world I’m building. Working with objects helps me learn, memorize and explore the line style and feeling I’m trying to capture in my paintings. My practice has always contained a split between creating highly archival works on paper and linen and creating more temporary sculptural works as well as street based works that are encouraged to rot rapidly.” Originally a username for early online forums, the name Ghostpatrol stuck. Today it has become synonymous with an ever developing artistic oeuvre that first emerged from early doodles as a child waiting for the school day to end. In the early stages of his career street art laid the foundations for his creative endeavors seeing him collaborate with fellow artists, including his partner Miso, and making a name for himself on the walls of Melbourne’s laneways. Despite not feeling fully comfortable with the title of ‘artist’, his dedication to his work has achieved considerable recognition. For his inspiration, he cites, David Byrne, Yucihi Yokohama, Simon Hanselman and Misaki Kawai. In his studio in the central business district in Melbourne, where, as he says, is nice and quiet for working, he creates without any need for rules or specific working habits. “I love sitting down for long stretches just drawing or painting, so every other habit or action serves to provide me with more drawing time. I organize my food supplies so it doesn’t break my concentration. I listen to lots of talks and lectures and I don’t have an Internet connection in my studio!” About his collaboration with other artists in Australia art scene he states: “Every project is different. It’s a great way to double or triple your brain processing power and learn new skills. I like throwing out an idea and having someone else complete the thought, or build upon other people’s ideas. Most of all, it’s just fun. When you can find a way to work with your friends in the sun making large paintings for days or weeks on end and get paid it feels pretty good.”

Now somewhat in demand, his works are included in museum exhibitions and he travels overseas because of commissions for large scale outdoor works. He how lives and works in Melbourne, for which he says is a great base for traveling.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Yamonie0rf Gallery, TokyoSolo
2013Scale MeditatorHugo Michel Gallery, AdelaideSolo
2013The Painting of GaleHepburn WindfarmSolo
2012HorizonHugo Michel Gallery, AdelaideSolo
2012Super Future and Cosmic ScaleBackwoods Gallery, MelbourneSolo
2011If We’re Going, Let’s GoBackwoods Gallery, MelbourneSolo
2011Shoulder of GiantsHugo Michel Gallery, AdelaideSolo
2010True AdventuresHugo Michel Gallery, AdelaideSolo
2010Warp Points and Seed Vault Save PointsNo-Vacancy Gallery, MelbourneSolo
2012Honey in the RockChalk Horse Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Present TenseNational Portrait Gallery, CanberraGroup
2006Hiding with AnimalsChina Heights Gallery, SydneyGroup
2014Made to LastCharles Darin University, DarwinGroup
2012Made To LastLatrobe Regional GalleryGroup
2010Space InvadersNational Gallery of Australia, CanberraGroup
2010Zen to KawaiiQUT Art Museum, BrisbaneGroup
2010ConstellationsRMIT gallery, MelbourneGroup
2009Soft AnimatorsCraft ACT Gallery, CanberraGroup