Gregory Block

United States 1986


Gregory Block
Gregory Block
United States
March 29, 2016
Ok, I know it's so damn corny to quote somebody just to describe yourself, let alone Confucius, but this quote says all about my relationship with Widewalls, so forgive me for doing this: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Am I forgiven?

When a painter admits that the reason he loves painting in the first place is because it gives him an excuse to look very closely at things, we know that we have before us a highly unusual artist. An American painter Gregory Block is true blue when it comes to the way he experiences his art – it always comes second and the things that inspired him are the ones he really gets attached to. However, Block’s near photo-realism and his masterful touch helped him gain the title of the most promising young artists in the representational art world.

Block is best known for his hyper-realistic landscapes and still life

Gregory Block - Blue and Green, courtesy of 1261 Gallery
Gregory Block – Blue and Green, courtesy of 1261 Gallery

Biology and Art in Symbiosis

Gregory was born in in 1986 in Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri. As a young boy, he moved to Colorado with his family where he attended a Waldorf school. Right there, Block discovered his love for art and music. He was also fascinated by the natural world, so he continued to explore all of his passions equally. During his high school, Gregory made a significant progress in the fields of art and music. Later on, he chose the Colorado College to obtain his BA in biology with a minor in Studio Art. All the time he was dealing with the secrets that nature hides, Gregory knew deep down that his future path in life is the one of the artist. As science shares a lot of qualities with art, Block perceived his biology study as a life study, something that will help him later with the skill of observation in his artistic expression. One curiosity dating back then is that he was determined in his decision not to take any type of painting course or to adopt a mentor, as he wished to experiment on his own, learning and growing as a painter unhampered by someone’s authority and advises. The only guidance he accepted was his own close study of the artists he admired – Rembrandt, Monet, Franz Kline, Conrad Marca-Relli, and Colorado painters Michael Lynch and Daniel Sprick. When Block was 26, he attended the Summer Session at New York Studio School, established in 1964 as an answer to the frustration of young artists by the frantic pace and fragmented courses of contemporary art education.

Block experiments with the alternative construction techniques

Gregory Block - American Flag, courtesy of 1261 Gallery
Gregory Block – American Flag, courtesy of 1261 Gallery

Artistic Recycling: The Art of Aluminium Cans

Gregory Block’s favorite medium for his hyper-realistic landscapes and still life is definitely oil on canvas. Even though his work couldn’t be further away from the abstract, Block does not deny himself an abstract way of reflexing: he thinks about the a realistic object’s representative work from an abstract point of view, recently expanding his style into an abstract idiom, with his thick calligraphic lines reminiscent of ideogrammatic languages. Gregory is more than willing to experiment with the alternative construction techniques that help demonstrate this artist’s versatility. Block uses an assortment of objects he finds interesting – like the aluminum cans for his large-scale maps. After cutting up and burning the can on the open flame, Gregory would arrange it into geographically-correct maps or flags.

Block’s first solo exhibition held at Gallery 1261 was an immediate success and has been sold out, indicating a fruitful and prosperous artistic career for this young biologist and artist, who managed to bring out the best out of symbiosis between nature and art, creating his dynamic and engaging works.

This artist is represented by the Gallery 1261.

Gregory Block lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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2011Gregory BlockThe Lift Cafe, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
2010Gregory BlockHarwigs L'Apogee Banquet Room Gallery, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
2010Vertical ArtsSteamboat Springs, COSolo
2010Gregory BlockBistro CV Gallerie, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
2010Gregory BlockRED Contemporary, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
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2010Gregory Blockthe Lift Cafe, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
2010Group showRED Contemporary, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2010Group showHarwigs L'Apogee, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2010Group showThe Imagination Space at the Citadel, Colorado Springs, COGroup
2010Group showThe I.D.E.A Space at Cornerstone Art Center, Colorado Springs, COGroup
2009Gregory BlockSmokebrush Gallery, Colorado Springs, COSolo
2009Gregory BlockThe Colorado College, Colorado Springs, COSolo
2009Group showCenter for Visual Arts, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2008Gregory BlockLeisure Mountain Studio, Yampa, COSolo
2008Gregory BlockOff the Beaten Path Bookstore and Coffeehouse, Steamboat Springs, COSolo
2005Group showThe Colorado College (numerous exhibitions), Colorado Springs, COGroup
2005Group showOff the Beaten Path Bookstore and Coffee House, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2005Group showDepot Art Center Arts Council Members Show, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2004Group showBlack Mountain Tavern, Oak Creek, COGroup
2004Group showPisa's Pizza and Pasta, Oak Creek, COGroup
2004Group showDepot Art Center P.E.A.C.E Project, Steamboat Springs, COGroup
2003Gregory BlockTobiano Restaurant, Steamboat Springs, COSolo