Gregory Watin /   Grégory Watin

France 1976

Urban Art, Arte Povera, Neo-pop, Painting

Gregory Watin
Grégory Watin
May 3, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Gregory Watin is a French contemporary artist known for his very unique urban style. Watin’s paintings offer an almost sculptural quality and question our relationship to the image.

Gregory Watin’s style

Influenced by the working class, Watin uses unconventional materials such as things he finds on building sites, woods, cardboard, or plexiglass that become symbols of our civilization in search of a meaning. Artist begins with a photograph and builds upon it. He uses a bright pallet and each painting takes up to half a year to dry. Even if his work is close to Arte Povera or Pop Art, Gregory Watin has found his own style and is an artist that has roots in his own time.

“What remains of us? Once engulfed in this bulimic urbanity? Some painting on a wall, a doodle we made when we were five, music by Michael. Nothing noble or pure, nothing serious either. I have stopped looking for a tormented and distressed way off expression in painting. I prefer finding some lightness, humor and humanity in each lost object. I have created my contemporary poetry from daily material, from the town, the people. This urbanity made of anything is not sad or doomed, if you look at it closely, it’s also colored and rhythmic.” – Gregory Watin

Street View

Gregory Watin works between 30 and 50 frames simultaneously to escape the reasoned construction of elements and offers his works the opportunity to reach their own identity. His most famous series of works is titled Street view. Watin looks at urban landscapes marked by time and gather all the elements in order to build an atmosphere, a universe around these places.

painting by gregorywatin
Gregory Watin – Frankie Moreno, from the Street View series, photo credits – artist

Gregory Watin left his urban universe and put the masculine body in the focus of his newest Corpus series. Inspired by male selfies, artist shows the fragility of the narcissistic appearance through the prism of plexiglass and bright screen contrasting with the raw materials.

Watin has participated in numerous exhibitions across Europe and the USA for the last 15 years.

Gregory Watin lives and works in Arras, France.

YearName of the exhibitionGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Flash Back Beauvais, FranceSolo
2015Vogelsang Gallery @ LA Art ShowLos AngelesGroup
2015Palm Spring Fine Art Fair Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2015World Art DubaiVogelsang GalleryGroup
2015Gregory WatinLa Loge Parisienne, ParisGroup
2015UnknownSylvie Lepage Gallery, ParisGroup
2014Palm Spring Fine Art Fair Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2014Namur Art Fair Galerie 138Group
2014Art Up FranceNag GalleryGroup
2014Hong Kong Art Fair Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2014New York Art Fair Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2014UnknownPassage A L'Art Cherbourg, France Group
2014SummertimesGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris Group
2014Art Fair New York Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2014Salon D'Automne Paris Group
2014Pop Up New York Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2014Gregory WatinSyvie Lepage Gallery, Paris Solo
2014Scope Miami Vogelsang Gallery Group
2013Rose Me Tender Galerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2013Lille Art Fair Galerie 138Group
2013Arte Nimes Galerie 138Group
2013Aaf New York Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2013Art Hamptons Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2013Art O’Clock Paris Galerie Valerie LefebvreGroup
2013Gregory WatinAdel Gallery, LyonSolo
2013Knokke Heist Art Fair Galerie 138Group
2013Aaf Singapoure Vogelsang GalleryGroup
2013Art'Nimes Galerie 138, FranceGroup
2013Salon D’Automne Champs Elysees ParisGroup
2012Lille Art Fair Galerie Virgile DurandGroup
2012S’Mart Aix En Provence Bear GalerieGroup
2012Arte NimesGalerie 138Group
2012UnknownColorfield Gallery FranceGroup
2012Gregory WatinGalerie Geraldine BanierSolo
2012Gregory WatinGalerie Valerie Lefebvre, LilleSolo
2012Art Terrible Espace Comines ParisGroup
2012A3F Art Contemporain Lyon Galerie 138Group
2012Art En Re Promenart Gallery, Iles De Re, FranceGroup
2012Art GentGalerie NagGroup
2011Lille Art Fair Galerie Virgile DurandGroup
2011S’Mart Aix En Provence Bear GalerieGroup
2011Comparaison Art En Capitale Grand Palais Group
2011St'Art Strasbourg Bear GalerieGroup
2011SiacMarseille, FranceGroup
2011Gregory WatinGalerie Belair, LuxembourgSolo
2011UnknownGolfe De Saint Cloud, ParisGroup
2010Cut Log Paris 2 Galerie Geraldine BanierGroup
2010Salon D'Automne Paris Group
2010Siac Marseille FranceGroup
2010Gregory WatinGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2010UnknownGolf De Saint Cloud, Paris Group
2010UnknownGalerie-S Quimper, FranceGroup
2010Art ShoppingParis Group
2010Gregory WatinGalerie Du Lezard Aix En Provence FranceSolo
2010Gregory WatinGalerie Dedart LyonSolo
2009Affordable Art Fair - Aaf Galerie S, Brussel, Belgium Group
2009Gregory WatinGhislain Coteur 'S Gallery Hasselt BelgiumSolo
2009Fmac DubaiGroup
2009Revel'Art Paris Group
2009Art Metz FranceGroup
2009Art Vo FranceGroup
2009Art Sh'Op Le Touquet Galerie NagGroup
2008UnknownSalon Des Artistes Francais, Paris Group
2008The Heart Galerie Viviene, ParisGroup
2008UnknownGalerie Anais Faucon, Lyon Group
2008Florence Deniau Event ParisGroup
2007Salon Des Artistes Francais Grand Palais ParisGroup
2007Kunst Event Ansverpen, BelgiumGroup
2006Gregory WatinGhislain Coteur 'S Gallery, Hasselt, BelgiumSolo
2006UnknownTwist Art Gallery, ParisGroup
2006Art Metz FranceGroup
2006Salon Des Artistes Francais Paris Group
2006Kunst Event Ansverpen, BelgiumGroup
2005K-Art Planning Tokyo Kyoto, JapanGroup
2005Kunst Event Ansverpen, BelgiumGroup
2005Salon Des Artistes FrancaisParisGroup
2005Fete De L'Humma La Courneuve Paris Group
2004Kunst Event Ansverpen, BelgiumGroup
2004Arami FranceGroup
2004Kunst Event Ansverpen, BelgiumGroup
2004Art Contemporain SenlisGroup
2004Salon Agmt ThibivillersGroup
2003Fete De L'Humma La Courneuve Paris Group
2003Forum Des Arts FranceGroup
2003Art Contemporain SenlisGroup
2003Salon Agmt ThibivillersGroup
2003Contemporany Aquitaine Art Fair Bordeaux, FranceGroup
2003Rainbow Attitude ParisGroup
2002Salon Des Artistes Francais Quai Branly, ParisGroup
2002Salon International De Bourges FranceGroup
2002UnknownTwist Art Gallery, Paris Group
2002Art Contemporain SenlisGroup
2002Salon AgmtThibivillersGroup
2002Forum Des Arts FranceGroup
2002Federation Nationale De La Culture Francaise Versailles, FranceGroup
2002UnknownArteconte Gallery, ParisGroup
2001Salon Des Artistes Independants Paris Group
2001Forum Des ArtsFranceGroup
2001Salon Des Artistes Francais Quai Branly Paris Twist Art Gallery, Paris Group
2001UnknownArt Present Gallery ParisGroup
2000La Faiencerie Creil FranceGroup
2000Forum Des ArtFranceGroup
2000Salon Des Artistes Francais Quai Branly, ParisGroup
2000Maurice Ravel Gallery Cisp, Paris Group