Helle Jetzig

Germany 1956

Photography, Painting

Helle Jetzig
Helle Jetzig
May 8, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Helle Jetzig is a German contemporary artist who combines two different techniques in his artwork, painting on one side and photography on the other. Born in Emden in 1956, Jetzig graduated from the Osnabruck University in 1984, but despite having completed a degree in art, he still considers himself as self-taught.

Helle Jetzig’s Process of Work

Helle Jetzig’s art includes both painting and photography. His painting is non-representational true to color and form, while his photography is in black and white and is loyal to form. The artist ensures that these two oppositional techniques come together. This process is very time consuming. The first step in his artistic work is to select suitable subjects. Using exclusively analog cameras with black-and-white film, Helle Jetzig takes photographs on his trips to Europe, the USA and Asia. These are then viewed, combined, enlarged and printed on a wooden base. The next step is process of painting which can take up to 3 months. Sanded, lacquered and sealed with a finishing varnish, his final artwork is a special synthesis formed of photography, painting and material.

Helle Jetzig - Full House F 2-1 fotografie, 2006, from the Full House series
Helle Jetzig – Full House F 2-1, 2006, photo courtesy of Galerie Schmalfuss


Unlike his earlier oeuvres, Helle’s current photographs are rarely illustrations of people, who only appear coincidentally. Instead, they usually portray man-made things. A frequently recurring theme is the streets of New York and San Francisco, as well as photographs of Berlin, London, Istanbul or industrial plants.

Artwork by Helle Jetzig in Galerie von Stechow, 2014, Biography
Helle Jetzig – London B3, 2014, photo courtesy of Galerie von Stechow

Jetzig not only embraces the famous architecture and landmarks of the cities they’re taken in, but also makes creative use of billboard advertising and signage that often divine these cities like New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Madrid. The contrast of buildings of yesteryear juxtaposed with contemporary billboards and advertising make Jetzig’s art completely unique whilst the addition of bright colours through silk-screening brings added dimensionality.

True Enough!

Jetzig is not interested in making a concrete statement, but rather in pure painting, despite the obvious closeness to reality conveyed by the photographs. He manipulates images of visible reality using colours, and thus transforms the objects to structures. Some of the artist’s colourful pieces are almost surreal. Inspired by Venice, Italy, one of Jetzig’s recent series of works titled True Enough! is an ironic allusion to the sculptural concept, a play on perception and reality. Multilayer photo realities, paintings, silk-screen printing, color, and varnish, are producing a new reality within the picture.

Fotografie Artwork by Helle Jetzig in Galerie Braunbehrens,2014
Helle Jetzig – Venice Cloudy Sky C2, 2011, photo courtesy of Galerie Braunbehrens

Helle Jetzig has been exhibiting since 1984 whilst his first solo exhibition took place in 1990. Jetzig’s artwork is popular with both public and private collectors all over the world.

Helle Jetzig lives and works in Osnabrück, Germany.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Dreams Of NowhereGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt M.Solo
2015Osnabruck hangt aufGalerie Kunst Genuss, Osnabruck Group
2014Top ViewMatthias Kuper Galleries, StuttgartSolo
2014Helle Jetzig, mit Carlo BorerGalerie Schmalfuss Berlin, BerlinGroup
2013Top ViewGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt M.Solo
2013Romantic 2.0Galerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2013Ruckblick 2013Galerie Barbara von StechowGroup
2013...geschenkt - gestiftet - geliehen Kunstverein Bad SalzdetfurthGroup
2012Recent WorksMatthias Kuper Galleries, StuttgartSolo
2012Romantic 2.0, mit Stefan Kaluza, Die Natur des Dahinter Galerie schwarz I weis, OsnabruckGroup
2012Overview 12Galerie schwarz I weiss, OsnabruckGroup
2012Ruckblick 2012Galerie Barbara von StechowGroup
2012FacesKulturgeschichtliches Museum OsnabruckGroup
2012New Media ReloadedGalerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenGroup
2012Blickwinkel 2012 Matthias Kueper Galleries, Stuttgart Group
2011True enoughGalerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenSolo
2011UnrealGaleria Alonso Vidal, Barcelona, EnSolo
2011True enoughGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt M.Solo
2011Arte EsencialCasino de La Exposicion, Sevilla, EGroup
2011Ruckblick 2011Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankurt a.M.Group
2011Motiv ArchitekturKunstlerverein Walkmuhle e.V., Wiesbaden Group
2010BaroccoGalerie Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2010Ruckblick 2010Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankurt a.M.Group
201020 Jahre Salon Salder 2010 - Neues aus Niedersachsischen AteliersStadtische Kunstsammlungen Schlos Salder, SalzgitterGroup
2009Wahrnehmung und WirklichkeitGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankurt a.M.Solo
2009Helle JetzigGalerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenSolo
2009Ruckschau 09Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankurt a.M.Group
2009BandeGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgGroup
2008RealitiesLausberg Contemporary, Toronto, CASolo
20084. Triennale der PhotographieGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2008Helle JetzigGaleria Alonso Vidal, Barcelona, ESSolo
2008Artistas y Fotografos - Imagenes para una collecionMuseo Arte Contemporaneo de Madrid, ESGroup
20081978-2008: 30 Jahre Galerie von BraunbehrensGalerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenGroup
2008In Memoriam Reinhold Miselbeck zum 60. GeburtstagGalerie Skala, KolnnGroup
2007RealitiesKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckSolo
2007Helle Jetzig 2004 – 2007Dirigo Contemporary Gallery, Kapstadt, ZASolo
2007RealitiesGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2007Level DancingGalerie Barbara von Stechow, FrankfurtSolo
2007RealitiesKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckSolo
2006RealitiesKashya Hildebrand Gallery, New York, USSolo
2006RealitiesGalerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, CHSolo
2006Works 2004-2006Galerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenSolo
2006Esencias 11Sala Municipal de Exposiciones del Museo de Pasion, Valladolid, EGroup
2006Figure & SpaceVonderbank Artgalleries BerlinGroup
2006AcchrochageGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgGroup
2005Helle JetzigKunsthalle Arnstadt, ArnstadtSolo
2005Both Sides NowGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2005Winter ShowGalerie Kashya Hildebrand, Gstaad, CHGroup
2005ReflectionsGalerie Kashya Hildebrand, Genf, CHGroup
2005SolarisGalerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, CHGroup
2004Works 1999-2004Galerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenSolo
2004RealitiesGalerie Wild, FrankfurtSolo
2004IdentityStadtgalerie OsnabruckSolo
2004Essencies 8, Collecio Olor Visual Ernesto VentosSala Estudi General, Universitat de Valencia, ESGroup
2004Kunst nach 1945Kunsthalle St.Annen, LubeckGroup
2003MarksGalerie von Braunbehrens, MunchenSolo
2003EarthboundGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2003Helle JetzigEuropean Art Expo, DusseldorfSolo
2003Paris meets Berlin ...Galerie Michael W. Schmalfuss, MarburgSolo
2003Urban StructuresKunstverein BayreuthSolo
2003Querschnitt IIStadtgalerie Enschede, NLGroup
2003Wie ein Fisch im WasserKunstverein Bad SalzdetfurthGroup
2003Was ist geblieben?Emsdettener KunstvereinGroup
2003Arte regionale IIIKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckGroup
2002Helle JetzigStockholm Art Fair, SESolo
2002Urban StructuresGalerie Blickensdorff, BerlinSolo
2002Helle JetzigNds. Lottostiftung, Galerie Vom Zufall und vom Gluck, HannoverSolo
2002I Love NYGaleria Berini, Barcelona, ESSolo
2002BildraumeKunstverein Villa Streccius, Landau - PfalzGroup
2002Spektrum kunstlandschaftKunsthalle der Europaischen KunstakademieTrierGroup
2002Salon SalderStadt. Museum Schloss Salder, SalzgitterGroup
2002Die Blaue StundeNeuer Sachsischer Kunstverein, DresdenGroup
2001Uncertain Places IIIGaleria Berini, Barcelona, ESSolo
2001Helle JetzigKunstKolnnSolo
2001You Are Here NowGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
2001Helle JetzigGalerie Wild, FrankfurtSolo
2001Madrid Contemporaneo, Adquisiciones 1999-2001Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, ESGroup
20012 X 2 IntersectionsKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckGroup
2001Spektrum kunstlandschaftKunsthalle DarmstadtGroup
2001Strange RealityGalerie Blickensdorff, BerlinGroup
2000FalschweltGalerie Tammen & Busch, BerlinSolo
2000Helle JetzigKunstKolnnSolo
2000Visible WorldKunstverein Rotenburg W.Solo
20002 X 2 IntersectionsPlan B Evolving Arts, Santa Fe, NM, USGroup
1999Helle JetzigGalerie Wild, FrankfurtSolo
1999Helle JetzigDusseldorf KunstmarktSolo
1999Uncertain Places IIGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
1999Salon SalderStadt. Museum Schlos Salder, SalzgitterGroup
1999Arte Regionale IIKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckGroup
1998A Question Of TimeGalerie Peter Borchardt, HamburgSolo
1998Helle JetzigGalerie Wild, FrankfurtSolo
1998Uncertain PlacesFoto Forum St.Gallen, CHSolo
1998Looking at AmericaAmerika Haus Frankfurt M.Group
1997Helle JetzigEmsdettener KunstvereinSolo
1997Industrie!AnsichtenKulturbahnhof Eller, DusseldorfGroup
1996Five Rooms - Funf RaumeStadtgalerie AltenaSolo
1996Neue ArbeitenGalerie Ahlers, GottingennSolo
1996Helle JetzigArt FrankfurtSolo
1996Seven Seconds New YorkMeppener KunstkreisSolo
1996Seven Seconds New York, Part IIKunstverein SiegenSolo
1996RoomsKunstverein HeidenheimSolo
1996Arte regionaleKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckGroup
1995Helle JetzigGalerie Wild, Frankfurt Solo
1995New PaintingsStadtgalerie OsnabruckSolo
1995Photographie-MalereiKreissparkasse EsslingenGroup
1994Helle JetzigGalerie Ahlers, GottingennSolo
1993Helle JetzigGalerie David, BielefeldSolo
1993Helle JetzigStadt. Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp, Munster Solo
1993Helle JetzigGalerie Wild, FrankfurtSolo
1993OntmoetingKunstcentrum Marktzeventien, Enschede, NLGroup
1992ZeichenZentrales Haus der Kunstler, Moskau, RUGroup
1991Helle JetzigKunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckSolo
1991Helle JetzigKunstlerhaus Sunderweg, DortmundSolo
1991Grose Kunstausstellung NRW 1991Kunstpalast, DusseldorfGroup
1990Helle JetzigGrose GildewART Galerie, OsnabruckSolo
1987Kriemhilds RacheBoterhal, Hoorn, NLGroup
19864e Salon de la Jeune PeintureSalles des Jeunes, Angers, FRGroup
1985Hochkultur im TiefenrauschSchlos Charlottenburg, BerlinGroup
198412Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, OsnabruckGroup