Hu Qingyan /   Hi Qingyan

China 1982

Installation, Sculpture, Conceptual Art

Hu Qingyan
Hi Qingyan
February 17, 2015
Music, Gestalt, .

Hu Qingyan is a famous Chinese sculptor and performance artist. His ideas on representation and space are based on an expanded definition of the medium of sculpture, and he challenges his viewers with his autonomous concepts.

Hu Qingyan was born in 1982 in Weifang, Shandong Province, China and studied sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in Guangzhou and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

His work to date has explored the possibilities and limitations of different media which include wood, marble and clay and the effects of their transformation from one form to another. It is his concern that contemporary sculpture should develop and be enriched by new approaches and new issues.

Hu Qingyan sculpts objects from his daily surroundings out of a given amount of clay. Once an object is finished, the artist uses the same clay to sculpt another one out of it. As example, the exhibition “Eternal Glory” alludes to a similar idea about repeated reoccurrences, and being reborn in different forms. The series Narrative by a “Pile of Clay” is presented in forty photographs depicting the original object next to the different stages of its clay copy. Although sculptures are usually static objects, this sculptural work manifests the process of sculpting, and borders on performance. Hu Qingyan has a strong interest in intermediality, and combines the medium of sculpture with others, such as photography, performance, video, or painting.

Aside from his works dealing with the idea of copies and the replication of everyday objects, Hu Qingyan is also interested in the opposite approach: representing objects and people in sculpture without shaping their original appearance. “Making an object that is, in some ways, very distant from its original, actual form, while at the same time very closely resembling it, is for me, much more interesting than making a figurative sculpture in the perfect form.”

The artist currently lives and works in Beijing and Jinan.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Eternal Glory Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2015Mármakos Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne, SwitzerlandGroup
2014Center Perspective: Probability about the Way of Practice Shone-Show Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2013借尸还魂 Reincarnation in a New Guise Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne, SwitzerlandSolo
201328 Chinese Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami, USAGroup
2013Datong International Sculpture Biennale, Datong, ChinaGroup
2013中 (Middle) Not Vital Foundation, Ardez, SwitzerlandGroup
2013Building Bridges Zeitgenössische Kunst aus China, Wolfsberg, Ermatingen, SwitzerlandGroup
2013Colour Sculpture Sui Jianguo and a Couple of His Students (2), Fujian Art Museum, Fuzhou, ChinaGroup
2012Blind Spots – Group Exhibition of Young Artists Gallery Yang, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2012Starting Youth Artists Introducing Plan b China Sculpture Institute, Today Art MuseumGroup
2012UntitledChina Sculpture Institute, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Revealing The Ruse Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2011ENDLESS VARIATIONS Redstar Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Art Nova 100 Ditan Park, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011EXTRACT – the 3rd Stall Keeper Show C5Art, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Optional Exercise Li-Space, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Get Moving Li-Space, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Giant Cup Today National Art Students Annual Awards of Nomination 2010 Today Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010The Shape of Sculpture Galerie Michael Schultz, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Little Step Forward: Contemporary Experimental Guest-Exhibition of Young Chinese Artists Metal Warehouse, Creativity Square, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Sculpture – Artworks of Sui Jianguo and his Students A4 Gallery, Chengdu, ChinaGroup
2010Space & Visual Energy Zero Field Art Centre, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Chop: Contemporary Wood Sculpture Exhibition Other Gallery, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2009Not in Reality – 2009 Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition Zero Field Art Center, Beijing, China Group
2008Group Exhibition of Young ArtistsChina Visual Arts Centre, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2008Nomination Exhibition of Beijing BS.1 Contemporary Museum Museum of Asian Contemporary Art, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2008Soliloquy – Asian Young Artists Experimental Exhibition Art House, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2006National Graduates Outstanding Exhibition 2006 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2006Nomination Exhibition of Outstanding National Art Graduates Today Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaGroup