HuskMitNavn /   Unknown

Denmark 1975

Graffiti, Illustration

March 19, 2014
Jean is researcher and author for Widewalls.

HuskMitNavn was born in 1975 and raised in Taastrup. He graduated art school teacher and started with graffiti in the 1990s but only became known in 2001 under the name HuskMitNavn.

The multidisciplinary artist draws his figures in a sketch style and casts them often into comic-absurd situations, which might remind the beholder of the humor of our daily routine, the political business as well as the advertisement industry.

HuskMitNavn’s artistic practice varies from graffiti in public spaces and illustrations for print media to paintings and drawings, which are presented by international galleries and collected by public art institutions.

Being Danish visual artist, HuskMitNavn has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including at The Hole and at the V1 Gallery. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘A couple with the woman yawning’ sold at Bruun Rasmussen Bredgade ‘Modern Paintings & Sculptures’ in 2013. There have been Several articles about HuskMitNavn, including ‘New Book Release: Huskmitnavn “Offline”‘ written for JUXTAPOZ in 2013.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2013One of these daysV1 Gallery, CopenhagenSolo
2013Print showV1 Gallery basement space, CopenhagenSolo
2013The HangingRutkowskii 68 Gallery, KölnSolo
2013SmækStorm P Museum, FerederiksbergGroup
2013NudesGuerrero Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2013Beef or ChickenThe Hole Gallery, New YorkGroup
201210 year anniversary show KØS MuseumSolo
2012Group show Guerrero Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2012Group show The Hole gallery, New York.Group
2012SkateboardKunsten museum, AalborgGroup
2012Domesticated SoulsAlice Gallery, Brussels.Group
2012New Nordic architecture exhibition Louisiana museum.Group
2012Secret GardenGl Holtegaard, Group show.Group
2012Bouh!Nosbaum & Reding gallery, LuxembourgGroup
2012September gruppe show,Guerrero Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2012Koma fest, Street Art FestivalVardø, NorgeGroup
2012Visit TingbjergKøbenhavnGroup
2012An Eye To The HoleThe Hole Gallery, New YorkGroup
2012Grand openingCharlotte Fogh Gallery, AarhusGroup
2011Alone togetherCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusSolo
2011Fake IdsGallery Steinsland Berliner, StockholmGroup
2011HuskMitNavn soloAllegra Laviola Gallery, New YorkSolo
2011Con AmoreAROS MuseumGroup
2011SweatboxingMama, Rotterdam.Group
2011Hang the printsGallery Steinsland Berliner, StockholmGroup
2011Hang the printsGallery Steinsland Berliner, StockholmGroup
2011I was satisfied, young wizardMir, OsloGroup
2010Mens vi venter på opsvingetV1 Gallery, København 2010Solo
2010Sort Arbejde,Schäfer Grafik, KøbenhavnSolo
2010The last nightAlice Gallery, BrusselSolo
2010Absolute winterCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
2010AlbumV1 Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2010AlbumCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
2010A Salute to Geertsen  Danish serious graphics house  , Copenhagen  .Group
2010The World as StageN.B.K BerlinGroup
2010To the road less traveledV1 Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2009Fra vugge til gravCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusSolo
2009It takes twoLaViolaBank Gallery, New YorkSolo
2009The quick brow fox jumps over the lazy dogLazy dog gallery, ParisGroup
2009Opening exhibition Danish Poster Museum, ArhusGroup
2009Around the cornerDanish Architecture Centre, København, DenmarkGroup
2009BrickismWood Wood  store, CopenhagenGroup
2009BrickismColette, ParisGroup
2009BrickismGood Hood, LondonGroup
2009Human NatureCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
2009Move inOvergaden  ,  Copenhagen  , DenmarkGroup
2009Street InspirationVejle Art Museum  ,  Vejle  ,  DenmarkGroup
2008Wok StoreMilano, ItalienSolo
2008København SøgesV1 Gallery, KøbenhavnSolo
2008Wood PushersHecklewood, Portland, USAGroup
2008News of the dayGalleri Slugen, Esbjerg, DenmarkGroup
2008The destruction of AtlantisUnion Gallery, LondonGroup
2008Year 1LaViolaBank, New YorkGroup
2008U-turn  , (on Walls) Boulevard / City Hall Square , Copenhagen, DKGroup
2008Images of resistanceÅrhus Kunstbygning, ÅrhusGroup
2008Icons for nowCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
2008From thought to actionRoskilde Festivalen, RoskildeGroup
2008CatalogCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
200856° N, 10°EMuseo De San Carlos, Mexico CityGroup
2007Printsand beyondVicious Gallery, Hamburg, TysklandSolo
2007A day in the life of a foolA.L.I.C.E. Gallery, Brussel, BelgienSolo
2007TåstrupCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusSolo
2007CouplingCharlotte Fogh Contemporary, ÅrhusGroup
2007ComixBrandts kunsthal, OdenseGroup
2007Going to bedHeaven Gallery, Chicago, USAGroup
2007Take away summer 07Charlotte Fogh Contemporay, ÅrhusGroup
2007Backjumps. the live issue part 3Kunstraum Kreutzberg, Bethanien, BerlinGroup
2007Paper trailsV1 Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2006Your cartoon neighboursAllamanna Galleriet, StockholmSolo
2006muhameDANSKGalleri V1, KøbenhavnSolo
2006Secret fire escapeMy hero gallery, Montréal CanadaGroup
2006The Dog ShowThe Wurst Gallery, Portland USAGroup
2006There is a U in USV1 Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2006In the twilight   LARM, Gallery , Copenhagen, DKGroup
2006Said and doneRejseudstilling, USAGroup
2006Opening Exhibition Charlotte Fogh Contemporary  , Aarhus  ,DenmarkGroup
2006Hit and runCharlotte Fogh ,Det lille antikvariat, ÅrhusGroup
200610AX12 Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2005The future is a thing of the pastGalerie Knoth n Krüger, BerlinSolo
2005Generation VacationOslo, Stockholm, Lund, Helsinki Between, Råhuset, KøbenhavnGroup
2004Sneaker storiesNorse Gallery, KøbenhavnGroup
2003Illustreret lidenskabGalleri V1, KøbenhavnSolo
2003Bjarne Lillers klæbeåndRust, KøbenhavnSolo
2003Bøger skal ses i biografen Nørrebro bibliotek,KøbenhavnSolo
2003Mad stiller sultenDen grafiske højskole, KøbenhavnSolo
2003Bjarne Lillers klæbeåndTjilli pop, KøbenhavnSolo
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