Hyo Myoung Kim

Hyo Myoung Kim

Korea, Republic Of 1972

Installation, Photography, Video Art


Hyo Myoung Kim
Hyo Myoung Kim
Korea, Republic Of
March 9, 2016
Behind the pseudonym of Lor Dethal lies Nemanja Torlak, a writer for Widewalls intrigued and moved by diversity in art and in the lives of those who create it. It is often the unexpected that come forth and surprise us, and art is a world that allows it and makes it possible. David beats the Goliath daily, and writing about it is a pleasure.

It is undeniable that there is an overflow of information occurring in contemporary life, and regardless of its format, it just keeps flooding in. Be it visual or audio data, the capabilities of modern technology provided by its exponential evolution allow for an enormous width of the transmitting channels, creating an unparalleled base of source data. Taking advantage of this fact is the Korean artist Hyo Myoung Kim, whose practice involves using the digital media to create a large variety of artistic expressions. His knowledge and skill in photography are largely shown in his artistic oeuvre which also includes sound pieces, installations, videos, as well as digitally constructed and animated images.

 Hyo Myoung Kim’s practice involves using the digital media to create a large variety of artistic expressions

Hyo Myoung Kim
Hyo Myoung Kim – Germ of teh Future Web as Teleportable User-Generated City, 2006 – 2009

Visually Saturated Culture

Born in 1972 in Seoul, Korea, Hyo Myoung Kim grew up to see the rise of technology and its rapid progress that has occurred in the recent past, leaving an influence not just on him but on the whole contemporary culture. Marked with a tie of technological network, the current society only moves forward towards an iterative future in Hyo Myoung Kim’s eyes, one built upon the internet and the basic elements of image, video, text and sound. Through his practice he seeks to explore the visually saturated culture, deconstructing its components in order to produce an audio-visual experience that represents a map of the original source material. Inspired by some of the early chrono-photographers Eadweard MuyBridge and Étienne-Jules Marey, Hyo Myoung Kim achieves his desired effect by using his photographic skills, capturing portions of time and movement in stackings of digital slit-scans.

Hyo Myoung Kim
Hyo Myoung Kim – Korean National Assembly BBK 2, 2012

Between Virtual and Physical Reality

Receiving his MFA from Slade School of Art, Hyo Myoung Kim has been greatly motivated and focused on carrying out his artistic ideas. Inspired by the evolution of technology, and specifically the visual aspect and capabilities of video games and resolution in the past couple of decades, the artist uses both audio and video input from these sources as his primary material, changing it and building upon it. More than just the video games, his mesmerizingly detailed pieces that seem to be on the border of virtual and physical reality have a variety of origins, including Google image searches, films, and music.

Mesmerizingly detailed pieces seem to be on the border of virtual and physical reality

Hyo Myoung Kim
Hyo Myoung Kim – p1rd, 2006

Exhibiting Innovation

The work of Hyo Myoung Kim has been exhibited internationally on multiple occasions and rightfully so. The level of detail in his works is perhaps best portrayed in his project 1001 Nights (2012), which is formed out of 1001 digital photographs stitched together. Regardless of the piece, his innovative approach is undoubtedly gripping, portraying in itself the encompassing technological environment. As does the future of such culture develop relentlessly, so does Hyo Myoung Kim’s artistic practice grow internationally.
The artist is represented by Gazelli Art House.

Hyo Myoung Kim lives and works in London.

Featured image: Hyo Myoung Kim – Untitled – Shore (detail), 2006 – 2009. All photo credits hyomyoungkim.com.
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2015 The Approach Gazelli Art House, LondonGroup
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2015 Ways of Something Vivid Projects, BirminghamGroup
2015 Ways of Something Kino Morava, Vesení nad MoravouGroup
2015 Ways of Something Western Front, VancouverGroup
2015 Ways of Something SAW VIDEO Media Art Centre, OttawaGroup
2015 Ways of Something Moving Image Istanbul, IstanbulGroup
2015 Ways of Something The Photographers' Gallery, LondonGroup
2015 Ways of Something Transmediale, BerlinGroup
2015 Ways of Something The Photographers’ Galley, LondonGroup
2014 Ways of Something Transfer Gallery, New YorkGroup
2014 Ways of Something Gray Area, San FranciscoGroup
2014 Ways of Something Galerie De, OlomoucGroup
2014 Clusterfuck Zoo The Great Hall, TorontoGroup
2014 Red Tape Gazelli Art House, LondonGroup
2014 Alone Together 15 folds, London Group
2013 BYOB Bring Your Own Beamer The Laundry, LondonGroup
2013 Eternal Internet Otherhood, The Wrong New Digital Art BienaleGroup
2013 Anatomize ::: Closing Reception go ‘Trunks, Stems & Heads’ for Rollin Leonard Transfer Gallery, NY, USGroup
2013 David Bowie is, Opening Party Art Gallery of Ontario, TorontoGroup
2013 Clusterfuck Zoo ::: Closing Reception for 'The Axis of Something' for Lorna Mills Transfer Gallery, NY, USGroup
2013 Remembering Ina Coretchi: Hyo Myoung Kim and Vincenzo Albano two person show EBRD, London, UKGroup
2013 Intervals Gazelli Art House, London, UK Group
2013 When Analog was Periodical Z-bar, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2012 Screening at THE TIMEKNOWLEDGE CONTINUUM Hoxton Art Gallery, London, UKGroup
2012 This is London Shizaru Gallery, London, UKGroup
2012 On the Move Gazelli Art House, London, UKGroup
2012 Hyo Myoung Kim solo show Gallery White Birch, Seoul, South KoreaSolo
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2011 Saturation Lewisham Art House, London, UK Group
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2011 BYOB London The Woodmill, London, UKGroup
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2005 (Im)material Spaces Blue Elephant Theatre, London, UKGroup
2004 Xhibit ’04 The Arts Gallery, London, UKGroup