Ignacio Uriarte portrait - Copyright Maxime Ballesteros

Ignacio Uriarte

Spain 1972

Installation, Conceptual Art, Monochrome Painting, Hard-edge Painting, Drawing


Ignacio Uriarte
Ignacio Uriarte
August 26, 2013
Bojan is an author for Widewalls. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Belgrade, majoring in English studies. He is particularly interested in English linguistics and culture. Bojan is also interested in Photography and Digital Art.

Ignacio Uriarte is a Spanish conceptual artist. He limits his materials to those readily available in a common office setting: Post-it notes, typewriters, A4 paper, and ballpoint pens, among other items. Inspired by his experience working full-time as a business administrator, Uriarte creates work whose repetitive gestures extrapolate the banal rhythms of office life into imaginative abstractions. Uriarte lives and works in Berlin.