painting, abstract art

Ira Svobodova /   Ira Svobodová

Czech Republic 1986

Sculpture, Photography, Abstract Art, Painting

Ira Svobodova
Ira Svobodová
Czech Republic
May 27, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Ira Svobodova is an emerging Czech visual artist born in 1986 in Prague. Svobodova studied fine art at the Rio de Janeiro State University and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where she graduated in Michael Rittstein’s painting studio in 2012.

Ira Svododova’s Abstract Paintings

Inspired by avant-garde architecture which has been close to her heart since an early age Ira Svododova plays with the possibilities and impossibilities of blurring the line between two- and three-dimensional spaces in her paintings and occasional sculptures and photographs.
Svododova prefers an impressive abstract conception in which she deals with principles of geometry, constructivism and spatial and light effects. She never mixes individual colours and achieves her pure colour tones through a special laborious technique of layering acrylic gels. Ira then outlines the space with colorful lines that act like luminous lasers sectioning off different parts of the room.

Ira Svobodova - The Secret of White Space, 2012, photo courtesy of CES Gallery, abstract art, abstract painting
Ira Svobodova – The Secret of White Space, 2012, photo courtesy of CES Gallery

Noir and Papercut

In some of Ira’s latest body of work, she makes a shift in her painting exploring the themes such as blended spatial dimensions and hidden anticipation of only partially uncovered places. Her series of work made in 2015, Noir and Papercut, show the new direction which is balanced yet unsettling – implementing optical deceptions that teeter on the edge of abstract and recognizable, between 2D and 3D spaces. Ira’s modernist compositions bring together geometry and abstraction as she plays with the properties of space and light.

Ira Svobodova - Papercut #8, 2015, photo courtesy of CES Gallery, abstract art, abstract painting
Ira Svobodova – Papercut #8, 2015, photo courtesy of CES Gallery

White Space

Ira Svododova has already made her mark at both domestic and international art fairs and exhibitions. She has been showing her work alongside celebrated artists such as Richard Prince, Mary Heilmann and Ryan McGinley. Svododova has held her first US show, entitled White Space, at Laguna Beach’s CES Contemporary in California in 2013.
Her work has been displayed in the Czech National Gallery of Modern Art and in the Ministry of Culture in Prague.
While representing CES Contemporary at VOLTA NY 2015, her presentation was listed as a top ten “must see” booth at the fair by Artnet, and was recently placed on top 7 artists to buy now by Saatchi chief curator Rebecca Wilson. Her pieces are included in many private collections.

Ira Svobodova lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Papercut & Noir VOLTA NY, New York, NY, USASolo
2015Papercut Ingredients, Prague, Czech RepublicSolo
201410th Annual Thanksgiving Collective – Attitudes Tripoli Gallery, Southampton, NY, USAGroup
2014Burst CES Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, USAGroup
2014Art Prague 2014 Franz Kafka House, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2013White Space CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, CA, USASolo
2013Heaven & Hell Microna, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2013Future Tense CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, CA, USAGroup
2013Blurred Interface Gallery Kvalitar, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2013Salon d’Art The River Gallery, Bratislava, SlovakiaGroup
2013Pink And Dangerous ArtPadSF 2013, San Francisco, CA, USAGroup
2013Scope Art Fair NYC 2013 New York, NYGroup
2012Urban The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicSolo
2012Clique CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, CA, USAGroup
2012Continue To Continue CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, CA, USAGroup
2012AVU Diploma Show 2012 National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2012Ein Dutzend Jahre Malerei III Velvyslanectni Czech Republic, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2012Concentrate V. - A4Gallery Crux, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGroup
2012Designblok 12 Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2012Small Formats 5s Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2012Sculpture Now Ministry of Culture, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2012Flat Mad Collector AMoYA, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2012Way Around Cooltour, Ostrava, Czech RepublicGroup
2011Levels of Contemporary Abstraction Prague City Gallery, House at Golden Ring, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2011Paraphrase of Modernity Uffo Gallery, Trutnov, Czech RepublicGroup
2011Artbanka Kick Off Dvorak Sec Contemporary, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2010Artycok. TV Art FairMeetfactory Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2010Juicy Link Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2010Instant Dinner Avoid Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2008Beira. Jet Set, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2008KGBxVB Hall C, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2008Artbeat Festival Arts Depot, London, EnglandGroup
2008New Media II Czech National Bank, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2008LinhArt Festival Dolni Pocernice Castle, Czech RepublicGroup
2006Six Prague House of Photography, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2006Trafo Gallery Opening Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2002Den in Garden Dobeska, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup