Irina Korina

Russian Federation 1977

Installation, Sculpture

Irina Korina
Irina Korina
Russian Federation
March 19, 2017
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

As one of the Russia’s leading young artist, Irina Korina has become world famous because of her unique and outstanding installations that play with viewers emotions and imagination. Naturally talented, she creates room-size pieces that combine sculptures and everyday objects with such ease, leaving the visual abstraction composed by certain identification. She constructs artworks that sometimes reflect mutually exclusive feelings like positive and depressive moods. The author is known for using waste, and disposable materials commonly found in Russia, and for applying camouflage and bricolage as artistic strategies, with which she tackles the nature as such. Her installations are directly connected with society and inspired by the news, media and cultural events. Alongside with the process of making site-specific and audio-visual pieces of art, which boldly transform galleries into immersive environments, she works as a theater and film designer.

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Irina Korina – Destined to be Happy #1, installation view, 2016

Irina Korina’s Education and Approach

The designer was born in 1977 in Moscow, where she graduated stage design in 2000 at the Russian Academy of Theatre Art (GITIS). The artist completed ‘New Artistic Strategies’ contemporary art course at the Moscow Institute for Contemporary art. She also studied art at the Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, and at the Vienna Academy of Arts (Kunstakademie), Austria. Considered a master of the monumental and spatial format, the author uses juxtapositions such as global and local, physical and virtual, epic and colloquial, to explore human nature. Her works, although relatively new, already have the recognizable method and artistic style. Unlike Moscow conceptual artists whose concepts develop from specific forms to generalization, Irina uses a more subtle approach, with less narrative, creating striking impression based on the balance between reality and its interpretation.

Considered a master of the monumental and spatial format, the author uses juxtapositions such as global and local, physical and virtual, epic and colloquial, to explore human nature

Anton yelchin - old city home work, during life time years, 2016
Irina Korina – Destined to be Happy #2, installation view, 2016

Creator’s Inspiration and Style

Irina’s artworks include narratives that are intertwined with different textures, scale, and materials. Her pieces recall the interior look of ordinary Russian homes, as well as the transition of the Post-Soviet society. Artist’s sculptures have a touch of Marxism, in terms of the critique of capitalism as an economic system, and the process of redistribution of the excess. Installations signify ambiguity and confusion of the modern Russia, seen from the author’s perspective. The goal is to create uncertainty and doubt, leaving the audience in vacuum space, without any orienting points, nor support to feel safe. Author’s sometimes dramatic imagery confirms that there are attractive and fake appearances that oppose the truth, marking the mismatch between the expectations and reality. In her exhibition Destined to be Happy she uses black and white color filters, in regard to the influence of social medias such as Facebook and Instagram, which people use for twisting photos to look more beautiful, and making reality more real. The accent is on the communication through emojis, a new language based on hieroglyphs. The designer doesn’t refrain from using industrial surface materials like oilcloth, mosaics, PVC, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, or flower-print strips.

The goal is to create uncertainty and doubt, leaving the audience in vacuum space, without any orienting points, nor support to feel safe

Anton yelchin - soviet old city home work, time in 2017 years
Irina Korina – Destined to be Happy #3, installation view, 2016

Honors and Exhibitions around the World

For her amazing works, she was awarded Russia’s Soratnik Annual Award in 2006, 2009, and 2012. The project :)) from 2007 shows the complexity of the modern communication, by transforming household objects to look as smiling emoticons. In 2008 she won the Innovation State Prize for contemporary art. In the next year, she had the honor to present her installations in the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Apart from this, her sculptures and installations were also displayed in solo shows like Topical Moscow at the Museum of Contemporary art, or Futurology at the esteemed Garage venue in 2010, curated by the French Herve Mikhailov. The artist’s pieces are regularly exhibited at the prestigious XL Gallery. Her art can also be seen in galleries and museums around the world, in cities such as Singapore, London, Vienna, Antwerp, and Paris.

She lives and creates in Moscow, Russia.

Featured image: Irina Korina – Nighttime Rate (detail), 2009, installation view, photo via
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Destined to be HappyGRAD, London, UKSolo
2016Humiliated and Elated XL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2016 XL Projects Cosmoscow, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2015Magical MountineXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2015ArtExperimentGarage Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2015BalaganKuehlhaus, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2015HOPESpecial project of 6-th Moscow Biennale, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2015HerCCA ZARYA, VladivostokGroup
2015POST POP:EAST MEETS WESTSaatchi gallery, London, UKGroup
2014RefrainStella Art Foundation, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2013Chapel installation, commissioned by Transcultural Express: American and Russian Arts Today, in conjunction with BAMartBAM-Brooklyn Academy of Music, New YorkSolo
2013Armed with a dream installation Central Exhibition Hall Manege, MoscowSolo
2013Special project for the Biennial Celebration of Modern ArtThe State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
2013Lost in TranslationVenice Biennale with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Venice, Italy Group
2013Moscow MythologyMuseum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia Group
2013Spaces of ExceptionARTPLAY Design Center, 5th Moscow Biennale, Moscow, Russia Group
2013GOSZAKAZCenter for contemporary art Winzavod and Pechersky Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
2013ARCHSTOYANIE Out of the Forest festival for landscape objectsNikola-Lenivet park, Nikola-lenivets village, Russia Group
2012Demonstrative BehaviorScaramouche, New YorkSolo
2012Gaiety Is The Most Outstanding Feature Of the Soviet UnionSaatchi Gallery, London Group
2012In an Absolute Disorder: Contemporary Russian ArtThe Kandinsky Prize (2007-2012), Barcelona, Spain Group
2012FuturologiaEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture, Nantes, France Group
2012Angry BirdsMuseum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland Group
2012The False Calculations PresidiumV-A-C Foundation, Moscow, Russia Group
20122-dUrals Industrial Biennale, Ekaterinburg, Russia Group
2012Generation P, RussenKo FestivalKremlin-Bicêtre, Paris, France Group
2011SvobodaSpazio Carbonese, Bologna, Italy Group
2011Necessary ArtGarage Center for Contemporary Culture at Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia Group
2011ORTungSalzburg Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria Group
2011Russian LandscapesGuelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
2011Afghan-KuzminkiHuman Oratorio, Theatre.Doc at the 4th Moscow Biennale, Moscow, Russia Group
2011Kandinsky Prize 2011Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia Group
2011InfusionLaboratoria Art & Science Space, Moscow, Russia Group
2010Show ProcessXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2010Futurologia-Russia UtopiasGarage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Russia Group
2010NevermoreMac-Val Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitry sur Seine, France Group
2010GogolfestExpoCenter of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine Group
2009Comma13Bloomberg Space, London, UKSolo
2009InstallationenMuseum Folkwang, Essen, GermanySolo
2009InstallationsMoscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2009Russian Pavilion53rd Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy Group
2009Sketches of installationsXL Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
2009New old cold warRed October Factory, Moscow, Russia Group
2009Urban Stories, X Baltic TriennialContemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania Group
2009Invasion: EvasionBaibakov Art Projects, Moscow, Russia Group
2008Invisible DistinctionArt-Strelka Projects Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2008Night ChargeXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2008Invasion: EvasionBaibakov Art Projects, Moscow, Russia Group
2008Russian PoorRiver Terminal, Perm, Russia Group
2008NewsGallery Municipal Exhibition Center, Izhevsk, Russia Group
2008Fast Art 24Winzavod Moscow Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia Group
2008U-Turn, Quadrennial for Contemporary ArtCarlsberg Brewery, Kopenhagen, Denmark Group
2007:))XL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2007Arch-TownArch Shargorod Festival, Shargorod, Ukraine Group
2007Sots Art, Political Art in RussiaState Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
2007Urban formalismMoscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia Group
2007I Believe, 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary ArtWinzavod Moscow Contemporary Art Group
2007Witnesses of the ImpossibleMoscow Art Center, Moscow, Russia Group
2007Progressive NostalgiaCentro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy Group
2006Positive VibrationsXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2006Top ModelContemporary City Foundation, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2006Modus R. Russian Formalism todayNewton Building, Miami, FL Group
2005Station KeeperXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2005AccelerationDom Culture Center, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2005External UnitABC Gallery, Art-Strelka, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2005Angels of HistoryMuseum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium Group
2005Europalia FestivalBrussels, Belgium Group
2005Moscow BiennaleLenin Museum, Moscow, Russia Group
2004Back to the futureXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2003UrangstXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2003Artists Portrait in YouthGoethe-Institut, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2003Horizons of RealityMUHKA museum, Antwerp, Belgium Group
2002PhotobiennaleManege, Moscow, Russia Group
2001CamouflageXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2001Dream teamXL Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
200029 TransformationsXL Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2000PhotobiennaleCentral House of Artists, Moscow, Russia Group
2000Valand Spring ExhibitionValand Academy of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden Group
1999Vinyl BonesXL Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group
1999Theme: MoscowICA, Moscow, Russia Group
1999The Last GenerationSpider & Mouse Gallery, Moscow, Russia Group