Ivan Castiblanco /   Iván Castiblanco

Colombia 1986

Installation, Sculpture, Painting

Ivan Castiblanco
Iván Castiblanco
April 22, 2016
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Since forever, a relationship between the past and the present has been a focal point for many artists and their work. One of them is a Colombian artist Iván Castiblanco, who found his source of inspiration in exploring abandoned historical locations. He adds his own memories to this process of uncovering what is long forgotten, connecting the collective memory with his individual remembrance.

Ivan Castiblanco - Untitled #1 - Untitled #2
Ivan Castiblanco – Untitled #1 / Untitled #2

The Memories

Castiblanco was born in 1986, in Bogota, Colombia. He earned his Master of fine arts and visual art in 2012 from the Academy of Arts of Bogotá. The base for his artistic language is set on the investigation of the forgotten memories, but at the same time, he combines those lost memories with his personal childhood memories, which are very dear to him. While creating a connection between the present and any found object he collects on his archeological treasure hunts, he gives these objects an inherent anamnesis located in the collective memory of the community. In this process, Castiblanco sends the viewers on a journey through the lost consciousness of a cultural society, bridging the gap that exists between the individual remembrance and a collective memory. Through painting, sculpture, and installation, the artist creates self-referential artworks. He attempts to immortalize the age of his childhood, but some other times, the memories of whom have been long lost.

The artist creates self-referential artworks in an attempt to immortalize his childhood

Ivan Castiblanco - Untitled #3 - Pissando Fuerte
Ivan Castiblanco – Untitled #3 / Pissando Fuerte

Seeking Perfection

In 2016, Castiblanco and his fellow artist Anibal Vallejo held a show at the newly opened Fabien Castanier Gallery in Bogota. The exhibition was titled Memoria entre líneas – Memory between the lines, and it combined paintings, sculptures, drawings and installations. Even though Anibal and Ivan are coming from different backgrounds, they joined forces on this project, focusing on what they have in common. And that is a constant quest for perfection, evident in the repetition that exists in their works, full of patterns within a single piece. Iván Castiblanco is an artist yet to be heard of. He brings closer many vanished and vanishing worlds that linger on the edge of existence thanks to his investigation of the past and his meticulous and innovative approach to art. By bringing to light old object, he doesn’t give it just a new looks – Castiblanco gives it a new life as well.

He is represented by Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles.

Iván Castiblanco lives and works in Bogotá.

Featured image: Iván Castiblanco – Untitled, photo credits the artist

All images courtesy of Fabien Castanier Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Memoria Entre Lineas with Anibal VallejoFabien Castanier Gallery, Bogota, ColombiaGroup
2015Acto De FeMuseo De Arte Contemporaneo De Bogotá MACSolo
2015Art chicoBogotá, ColombiaGroup
2015Justmad / Axix ColombiaArt For Heart, Madrid, EspañaGroup
2014BarcuGalería Chistopher Paschall, Bogotá, ColombiaGroup
2014Art Cartagena feria internacional de arteespacio SKLN, Cartagena, ColombiaGroup
2012Transformaciones, Espacios y percepciones desde la cerámicaMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá MAC, ColombiaGroup
2012El Mac Celebra 45 años, muestra de la colecciónMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá MAC, ColombiaGroup
2011Concavo ConvexoBiblioparque Marquez de San Jorge, Funza ColombiaSolo
2011Fait en ColombieGalerie R, L’universiteì du Queìbec aÌ Trois - RivieÌres, Queìbec CanadaGroup
2011Un árbol, un bosque, muchas vidasclub El Nogal, ColombiaGroup
2011EcoartCasa ensamble, carla rey arte contemporáneo, Bogotá ColombiaGroup
2011AcumulacionesCasa ensamble, carla rey arte contemporáneo, Bogotá ColombiaGroup
2011Transformaciones de la Tierra al FuegoMuseo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá MAC, Bogotá, ColombiaGroup
2010puntes cotidianosUniversidad Autónoma del Estado De México, Estado De MéxicoGroup
2010pisando baldosaWWF – World Wide Fund for Nature (Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza), Corferias, Bogotá ColombiaGroup
2009Las cosas sobre el tapeteEmbajada de Paz Mundial, Gobierno de Corea, Bogotá ColombiaSolo
2009Los Santos Mueren Antes, VII Encuentro Internacional Ciudadanías en escena: Entradas y salidas de los derechos culturalesHemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Bogotá ColombiaGroup