nature art

Jacek Tylicki

Poland 1951

Installation, Conceptual Art, Land Art, Nature Art

Jacek Tylicki
Jacek Tylicki
February 1, 2015

Jacek Tylicki is a Polish-born artist, specialized in the field of land and nature art. His conceptual projects often raise social and environmental issues. Video and photography plays an important role in his work as a record of its elusiveness and transience.

Tylicki was born in 1951 in Sopot, Poland. He attended Art Academy of Gdansk as a free listener, and afterwards got his education at the University of Lund in Sweden, studying art history and philosophy. In 1982, Tylicki settled in New York.

Through his art, Tylicki lays a stress upon personal experience bearing witness to artistic truth. He searches on his own account for an authenticity and a fullness of existence in its relation to nature, to other human beings, as well as to himself, and maintains a critical suspiciousness towards the ethical and political models of Western society. The essential element is an autoreflection, which leads Tylicki to a certain critique of social egocentricity and adds some new resonance to the term esthetic disinterestedness, a term introduced to esthetics by Kant, and to which many artists have appealed during the 20th century.

Art happens all the time, everywhere. All we have to do is to keep our minds open’, as the artist states. The entire activity of Jacek in the field of art is an attempt to find a normal human answer in a world which tends to be more and more inhuman. His most famous project, Natural Art is originating directly from traditional painting experiments, carried out during his painting studies, which brought Tylicki, in the first half of the seventies, to a certain conception of the painter’s abstraction. Avoiding all control, he spreads out sheets of white paper or canvas in the nature. For some time they stay in the grass, in the rushes of river, in the meadows or in the mountains. Nature registers its presence, covering the surface of the paper with colors, forms and tracks. The process itself is controlled by nature’s intensity, by time and space, substance and causality, and doesn’t depend on man’s interference. The artist’s obligation is not to shape or handicraft, but to understanding the riddles of reality. As nature leaves its tracks on both sides of the canvas or paper, each piece can be viewed from all angles.

Tylicki’s project Free Art, executed in 1987 in Now Gallery, consisted of the free distribution of the works of well-established New York artists. It put in doubt not only the capital parity character of an object of art, but also the commercial principle of profit in an exchange of articles. It’s essence lies not only in the gift as a work of art given by such and such an artist, but a paving of the way for Art’s different, utopian circulation in society.

His nature project led him all around the world, where he exhibited his works of art.

Jacek Tylicki lives and creates in New York and Sopot, Poland

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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2014Philips AuctionPhilips Auction House, LondonGroupt
2014Bonhams AuctionBonhams Auction House, LondonGroupt
2013Group ShowMOCAK - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, PolandGroupt
2012Dublin BiennialDublin, IrelandGroupt
2012Group ShowZacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PolandGroupt
2012Natural art BookBrooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, New YorkGroupt
2011Welcome to my park in your parkLand Art Festival, Torun, PolandGroupt
2002Group ShowSFINKS, Sopot, PolandGroupt
1995Jacek TylickiU Gallery, New York, USASolot
1994Group ShowAkademie Der Kunste, Berlin, GermanyGroupt
1993Group ShowFoundation SFINKS, Sopot, PolandGroupt
1988Group ShowLimelight, New York, USAGroupt
1987Free ArtNow Gallery, New York, USASolot
1987Group ShowBinghamton University Gallery, NY State, USAGroup
1986AttackFashion Moda Gallery, New York, USASolo
1986Group ShowFusion Gallery, New York, USAGroup
1986Group ShowArtifacts Gallery, Miami, USAGroup
1986Group ShowNo-Se-No Gallery, New York, USAGroup
1986Group ShowSculpture Garden, New York, USAGroupt
1985Chicken Art Now Gallery, New York, USASolo
1985Group Show8BC Gallery, New York, USAGroup
1985Group ShowNite Gallery, New York, USAGroupt
1984Group ShowNow Gallery, New York, USAGroup
1984Group ShowAvenue B Gallery, New York, USAGroupt
1982Jacek TylickiClub 57, New York, USASolo
1982Arteder InternationalBilbao, SpainGroupt
1981New AvantgardeBWA, Sopot, PolandGroupt
1980Jacek TylickiGalerie Kanal 2, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1980Jacek TylickiGaleria BWA, Sopot, PolandSolo
1980Experimental Environment IILiving Art Museum, IcelandGroup
1980Jacek TylickiGalerie Sudurgata 7, Reykjavik, IcelandSolot
1979Jacek TylickiGallery 38, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1979Jacek TylickiGaleria Sien Gdanska, Gdansk, PolandSolo
1979Jacek TylickiGalerie S:t Petri, Lund, SwedenSolo
1979Jacek TylickiGaleria Akumulatory 2, Poznan, PolandSolo
1979Jacek TylickiGalerie Sudurgata 7, Reykjavik, IcelandSolo
1979Group ShowEXEN, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
1979Nordic Experimental Art FestivalIcelandGroup
1977Group ShowGalerie Brass, Malmo, SwedenGroup
1976Jacek TylickiGallerie Porten, Lund, SwedenSolo
1976Jacek TylickiBTJ Gallery, Lund, SwedenSolo
1976Group ShowGaleriet, Lund, SwedenGroup