Jacques Henri Lartigue /   Jacques-Henri Lartigue

France 1894 - 1986

Photography, Painting


Jacques Henri Lartigue
Jacques-Henri Lartigue
July 27, 2013
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When someone masters a skill at a young age, that person is considered to be a prodigy. Now imagine that skill is photography and the time is the beginning of the 20th century. Jacques Henri Lartigue was not only a master of photography, he also immortalized the end of the France’s belle époque and figured out how to make amazing pictures of objects and people in motion, which allowed him to capture the flying machines and early racing shows. The truly remarkable thing about his work is the fact that even now, in the era of digital photography and powerful cameras, his pictures are interesting to observe, not only because of the subjects in them but also for the artist’s raw talent and innovations he applied to the process.

The artist immortalized the end of the France’s belle époque

Jacques Henri Lartigue - Mr. Folletête (Plitt) et Tupy, Paris, 1912 - Lucienne, Pariset, Paris, 1927, a photographer made a photo and a film about family
Jacques Henri Lartigue – Mr. Folletête (Plitt) et Tupy, Paris, 1912 / Lucienne, Pariset, Paris, 1927

An Amateur

Lartigue didn’t hide the fact that he was an amateur photographically speaking. And that is evident, as he continuously photographed the world around him. He didn’t choose a subject and made an entire series out of it, he just captured his life, what he saw with his own eyes. While being an amateur educationally, he actually did so much more than simple snapping. By carefully measuring the depth of field and distance, he composed the photographs so that they appear more candid than they really were. In doing so, he truly made his photographs rather than taking pictures. Innocent looking and exciting, his artworks portray the world that maybe never existed, but the one we would return to. Who wouldn’t enjoy the day at the French Riviera, or the races in Italy?

He truly made his photographs rather than taking pictures

Jacques Henri Lartigue - Voyage de noces a l'Hotel des Alpes, 1920 - Bibi, Marseille, 1928, home contact and a family photo
Jacques Henri Lartigue – Voyage de noces a l’Hotel des Alpes, 1920 / Bibi, Marseille, 1928

Three Eras

His portfolio could be divided into three very distinctive periods. The majority of his most famous photographs were made during the first period, which lasted, incredibly, from the age of 8 through his adolescent years. His young adulthood was covered in the second period, when he photographed his four wives, the first one – Bibi, being the most important. The final period became after the wide acclaim, which followed his solo exhibition at MoMA in 1963. He was 69 at the moment, and still claiming he was a painter by profession. After the exhibition, he became famous for his early works but continued making new photographs, including the icons such as Twiggy and, at the time, newly elected French President, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.

The artist received acclaim after the solo exhibition at MoMA

Jacques Henri Lartigue - Renée, Paris, 1931 - Florette, Paris, 1944
Jacques Henri Lartigue – Renée, Paris, 1931 / Florette, Paris, 1944

Firstly, a Painter

Lartigue’s interest in photography dates all the way when he was just six years old. His father gave him his own camera, before getting him a new one in 1902, when Jacques was 8. He studied painting at the Académie Julian in Paris and had always placed painting before photography. He began working in black and white, but later started taking color pictures, satisfying his inner painter’s needs for the presence of colors. The snapshot camera, which was just invented, was used as a way of making his images more candid. This yet unexploited technique produced the results that were nothing short of amazing. All of this will one day cement his status as a widely recognized photographer.

He used snapshot camera, which was just introduced

Jacques Henri Lartigue - Ascoli Piceno, 1958 - Appia Antica, Rome, 1960
Jacques Henri Lartigue – Ascoli Piceno, 1958 / Appia Antica, Rome, 1960

The Popularity

It is no wonder Lartigue’s photographs are so popular and exhibited throughout the world even today. He undoubtedly possessed an instinct regarding photography and was right to follow it. The recognition came late in his life, but it came. His work is simply magical and innovative in both the techniques used and the subjects captured. He showed us some other time, distant but closer than we imagine, all of seen it through his eyes. “I have never taken a picture for any other reason than that at that moment it made me happy to do so.” Even today, after a century, the people all around the world are able to gaze upon the happy past time and wonder about their own.

Jacques Henri Lartigue lived and worked in Nice.

Featured image: Jacques Henri Lartigue – Self-portrait, 1981 (detail).

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