Jaroslaw Modzelewski

Poland 1955


Jaroslaw Modzelewski
Jaroslaw Modzelewski
February 2, 2015
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Jaroslaw Modzelewski is a famous Polish painter, illustrator and teacher and he has been called the painter of icons of everyday life. He had a significant impact on the Polish painting in the past two decades. His interest in the everyday poetics which are referred to as the “painted judgments” inspired generations of young upcoming painters. He tackles political, literary, historical and existential themes. The main subject of his works is a human being, but he is also interested in still life and landscapes

Jaroslaw was born in 1955 in Warsaw. He studied at the Faculty of Painting Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under the guidance of Professor Stefan Gierowski. In the 80’s, together with other artists who were also members of GRUPPA, Modzelewski made a dramatic and unprecedented attempt to seek artistic tradition at the crossroads of East and West.Its members used art to show the dilemmas of the Martial Law period. At the beginning of his work Modzelewski used the abstracted signs and ideograms (series of paintings “Thesis” in 1980), and then simplified, reproduced motifs from a template (“Storming Dolphins” in 1981). He currently runs a painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Fans of his paintings find in them a universal theme of loneliness of modern man lost between history and transcendence.

During the initial stage of his career, the artist favored abstraction using simple signs and emblems and figures copied with stencils. In 1985 he made a series of paintings based on illustrations for the Russian language textbooks, depicting simple steps that determine the verb as titles of works ( Umywajetsia, Utirajetsia, odiewajetsia , Stoit, sidit, idiot, bieżit , etc.). In 1986-1989 created figurative paintings whose form (color, modeling and perspective) corresponds to the principles of realism, but the characteristics of the characters, especially the situation in which they were presented, was characterized as extraordinary irritant.

The artist exhibited extensively throughout the Europe both as individual and in group capacity. He is a winner of the “Passport policy” for 1998 and John Cybis prize in 2004. In the cooperation with the bumpers he held exhibition “Dad, it handles fellows! Dad, handle this cannon! “in 1989.

Jaroslaw currently lives and works in Warsaw.

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2013Small is Big Gallery Appendix2, WarsawGroup
2013Microutopias of the everyday, exhibition of the collection of CoCA Torun Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - CoCA, TorunGroup
2013Oh, It’s All Right Now Gallery Appendix2, WarsawGroup
2012Jarosław Modzelewski Galeria BWA, Gorzów WielkopolskiSolo
2012Wonderful – Humboldt Krokodil & Polke Die Olbricht Collection me Collectors Room Berlin, BerlinGroup
2011Finissage Kunstverein Oerlinghausen, OerlinghausenGroup
2011ThymÓs. The Art Of Anger 1900 – 2011 Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - CoCA, TorunGroup
2011Malarze mówią - wystawa i promocja książki - Galeria Art NEW media, WarsawGroup
2010The APOGEUM New Expression 1987 Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - CoCA, TorunGroup
2010I Could Live in Africa Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, WarsawGroup
2010Mambo Spinoza Galeria Zderzak, KrakowGroup
2010Things evoke feelings Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, WarsawGroup
2010Będzie Lepiej I Coraz Lepiej BWA Gallery of Contemporary Art Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej BWA, OlsztynGroup
2009Interesting material from past DOMINIK ART PROJECTS, KrakowSolo
2009Banana Republic Polish expressive art of the 80ies MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, DebrecenGroup
2009Gender Check - Rollenbilder in der Kunst Osteuropas Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig - MUMOK , ViennaGroup
2009Collection 2. Works from the collection of CoCA in Torun - Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - CoCA, TorunGroup
200920 FLASHES OF FREEDOM Wyspa Institute of Art, GdanskGroup
2009MESSIAHS MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, DebrecenGroup
2009Positionen der polnischen Gegenwartskunst Museum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2009Science&fiction Galeria Zderzak, KrakowGroup
2009100% Malarstwa Aktualny Obraz - Mazowieckie Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej „ELEKTROWNIA”, RadomGroup
2008Jarosław Modzelewski Carrying a cut down tree -DOMINIK ART PROJECTS, KrakowSolo
2008Banana Republic: the expression of the eighties - LAZNIACentre for Contemporary Art, GdanskGroup places no frontiers... DOMINIK ART PROJECTS, KrakowGroup
2008Translate: The Impossible Collection Wyspa Institute of Art, GdanskGroup
2008Akt I: Duch Edwarda Hoppera Galeria Zderzak, KrakowGroup
2008Trzy pejzaże i cztery meta Galeria Zderzak, KrakowGroup
2007Montaż atrakcji Galeria Zderzak, KrakowGroup
2007Signal Box GALÉRIA Z, BratislavaGroup
2006Polish Painting of the 21st Century Zacheta - National Gallery of Art, WarsawGroup
2006In Poland, That Is Where? Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, WarsawGroup
2006Gut und Billig Museum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2005Jarosław Modzelewski - Malarstwo EGO Gallery , PoznanSolo
2005Egocentric, Immoral, Outmoded Zacheta - National Gallery of Art, WarsawGroup
2005Pamieć i uczestnictwo National Gallery Gdansk, GdanskGroup
2004Signal box,Nastawnia BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, KatowiceGroup
2004Distances? FRAC - Ile-de-France - Le Plateau, ParisGroup
2003a Year in Program Program Gallery, WarsawGroup
2003Decade: The Polityka Passports Prizewinners Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, WarsawGroup
2002IX. Rohkunstbau Rohkunstbau, BerlinGroup
2002Gruppa Program Gallery, WarsawGroup
2001Jaroslaw Modzelewski Festmények 1981 - 2000 -Platan Gallery - Polish Institute in Budapest, BudapestSolo
2001Irreligion Atelier 340 Muzeum, BrusselsGroup
2001Sztuka Polska po 1989 roku Królikarnia, WarsawGroup
2001In Between - : Art. From Poland, 1945 - 2000 Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, ILGroup
2001Jarosław Modzelewski & Marek Sobczyk - co? czym? LAZNIA - Centre for Contemporary Art, GdanskGroup
2000Jarosław Modzelewski Malarstwo - Galeria BWA Zielona Gora, Zielona GóraSolo
2000In FreiheitEndlich - Polnische Kunst nach 1989 Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-BadenGroup
2000Aspect - Positions - 50 Years of Art in Central Europe 1949-99 Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art - Budapest, BudapestGroup
2000Negocjatorzy sztuki. Wobec rzeczywistości. LAZNIA - Centre for Contemporary Art, GdanskGroup
1998Jaroslaw Modzelewski Marek Sobczyk - Collaborative Paintings Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, WarsawGroup
1997Borders of Painting Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, WarsawGroup
1992Rauma Biennale Balticum 1992 Rauma Biennale Balticum, RaumaGroup