contemporary art

Jay One Ramier /   Jacky Ramier

Guadeloupe 1967

Street Art, Graffiti, Painting

Jay One Ramier
Jacky Ramier
April 1, 2017

Jay One Ramier is self-taught and multidisciplinary visual artist known as one of the pioneer graffiti artists in Paris and Europe. He mixes painting, street art, video installations and music. Ramier was one of the key figures in building the European Urban-Art scene, starting from the early 80’s and transforming the influences from New York. He is also known for dealing with the representation of Negroes in euro-centric cultures, trying to break free from all cultural or racial definitions and restraints.

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Jay One Ramier – Portraits of 21st century Negro, 2015 – Image via thebridgesofgraffiti

Caribbean Tradition and Contemporary Culture

Jay One Ramier is born in Guadeloupe, the West Indies in 1967. His roots from the Caribbean tradition and culture have an important role in his art, as he manages to use their imagery and invigorate pop culture, street art and other contemporary forms with them. One can trace the grotesque and metaphorical aspects in his work that covers the narratives from all Pan-African Diaspora. On one hand, he depicts all the struggles, catastrophes and frustrations of the Negroes, but portrays them with a lot of optimism, humor, and resistance. An upbeat struggle for freedom, boosted with a lot of creativity and color – can be a way of defining his art.

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Jay One Ramier – Black Suprematism, 2015 – Image via thebridgesofgraffiti

One of the Key Figures of the European Urban-Art Scene

In 1982 he formed the infamous Bad Boys Crew as a rising star of the underground graffiti scene. Street art was a best and inexhaustible medium for expressing himself. Coming from a working class background this kind of uttering of freedom was a strong political statement as well. In the 90’s he became an established artist in the eyes of the global audience and even had a chance to paint some parts of the Berlin Wall. He took part in the important exhibition Stripped, L’Exposition in 1995, and from then on started working and exhibiting in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, and Hamburg. But, it was a period as well when he felt the urge to move towards new and diverse ways of expressing himself, and through various mediums.

Dreamy and soft designs, mixed with powerful graffiti tradition

une rue cette une années
Jay One Ramier – Black Suprematism (Installation view), 2015 – Image via thebridgesofgraffiti

Freeing Oneself

Ramier refuses to put frames to his pictures – referencing the importance of freeing oneself from any kind of labeling or limitations. As he likes to say joking about himself, he comes from outer space, pointing out the importance of freedom as an aesthetical and practical way of dealing with oneself and art. His dreamy and soft designs, mixed with powerful graffiti tradition, put his art in a line of serious and strong socially and politically aware creations – preserving a fresh, exotic touch about it.

Jay One Ramier lives and works in Paris and London.

Featured image: Jay One Ramier – Portrait of the artist – Image via
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2014FestigraffGalerie le Manege, Dakar, SenegalGroup
2013PaintingsGalerie L'envers, Bordeaux, FranceSolo
2013Future MemoryDresden, GermanyGroup
2012Black Petty BooshwahGalerie Lavignes Bastille, Paris, FranceSolo
2012In & OutIvry S, Seine, FranceGroup
2012Magda Danysz 10 YrsParis, FranceGroup
2012WantedGalerie Obra Allegria, San Juan, Puerto RicoGroup
2011Jay One Ramier New PaintingsGalerie Lavignes Bastille, Paris, FranceSolo
2011Fernelmont Art Contemporary FAC '11Fernelmont, BelgiumGroup
2011Graffiti - 40 ans de PressionismeGrimaldi Forum, MonacoGroup
2010Versus IntegrationLa Place Forte, Paris, FranceSolo
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2009The Dead Thermo-dynamic Universe Jay & SkkiMilieu Gallery, Bern, SwitzerlandSolo
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2007Game OverMagda Danyzs Paris, FranceGroup
2007Backjumps the live IssueKunst Am Kreuzberg, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2006Paris, NYC, TokyoBerck Maison culture, Issoire, FranceSolo
2006Salon d'AutomneParis, FranceGroup
2006Flip the ScriptMiami Art Basel, Miami USAGroup
2006RueGrand Palais, Paris, FranceGroup
2005Written PiecesKemistry Gallery, London U.K.Solo
2005InfluentialDPMI, London U.K.Solo
2004Jay & Skki Cohesion Nike SpiritroomBerlin, GermanySolo
2004Bad BC MomentsGalerie Magda Danyzs, Paris, FranceGroup
2004La rue aux artistesFIAC 2004, Paris, FranceGroup
2004Nu Sign 02Art Core Galerie, Paris, FranceGroup
2003Badbc Objective SubjectiveBlack Diamond, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2003Backjumps the live IssueKunst Am Kreuzberg, Berlin, GermanyGroup
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2001Bad BCEx-Realm, Tokyo, JapanGroup
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1993Study of styleAtelier Interglotz, Berlin, GermanyGroup
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1991Bad BC Inside GraphitismGallery Gleditsh 45, Berlin, GermanyGroup
1991Bad BC A step beyondLebendiges Museum, Berlin, GermanyGroup
1991HIP HOP DixitMusée Bossuet, Meaux, FranceGroup
1991Graffiti Art Artistes Français et AméricainsMusée National des Monuments Français, Paris, FranceGroup
1991Unbedingt ErforderlichStifftung Starke Kunst Fondation, Berlin, GermanyGroup
1990Aerosol Art Jay 1ABA gallery, Berlin, Germany Solo
1990Group ShowEast side Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
1990Peintres de la VilleGalerie du jour Agnès B, Paris, FranceGroup