Jaybo Monk

France 1963


Jaybo Monk
Jaybo Monk
August 11, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Jaybo Monk is French artist born 1968 who lives in Berlin on a constant journey. With his store of memories he explores the world and draws an emotional topography of his life, consisting of half hidden visual fragments of memory that are revealing and timeless at the same time.

He is an artist at art’s end, where everything has already been painted, where all words have already been spoken, where the viral conduits of the internet merely fulfil the purpose of mediocrity, in which the imitator copies the replicator who copies the imitator and where, at each stage, some of the quality is sacrificed. In “Running with the Hunted” Jaybo leaves the world of rules behind; he revolts against every form of this intoxication of imitation, rebels against all forms of institution and existing order. The artist follows paradoxical ideas, born of the legacy of Romanticism, ideas on the edge of insanity, orientated on childhood, nature, places of not-thinking. The result is a dance between the rational and irrational.

Jaybo is a dis-organiser who acts as a craftsman of serendipity with the aim of freeing art from the artists’ enclave. He fights passionately against symmetry, in order to avoid the ugliness of perfection. Every example of his work can be taken as a sum total in itself, but opening itself up to the viewer’s own associations in its details. Jaybo deconstructs our memories of the body and ideals of beauty. He deconstructs the story in a catalogue of half-memories that can be read, but not explained. Jaybo demands independent visual decisions of the viewer instead of allowing the option of an open ending: he is not interested in creating images that illustrate and define, wanting instead to show vantage points that stimulate us to question and force us to make decisions. The life of forms in itself suffices, so as to avoid the circumlocution of the narration, because fine art is, of necessity, a fiction of its own reality. Jaybo’s images are visual haiku, visual acupuncture. Needles for the soul, filled simultaneously with nonsense and realism in the vacuum of ambiguity. In “Running with the Hunted” the ambiguity of the hunted is revealed, somewhere between desire and hate. The artist is fleeing from any form of expectation: he wants to work disengaged from the gravitational pull of society.

Jaybo is co-founder of the culture and fashion magazine “Style and the Family Tunes” and the fashion label “Iriedaily”. Since 2005 he has been showing his work regularly in international galleries. The artist has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Perth and Melbourne. He is a member of the London-based artist collective “Agents of Change” and is considered to be at the vanguard of the Graffuturism movement. Jaybo’s work has its roots in street art, but nowadays is attributed more to the world of fine art.

Jaybo Monk lives and works in Berlin.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014UselessCircle Culture Gallery, HamburgSolo
2014Traces of NothingThe Boston Button Factory, BostonSolo
2013EphemeralCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinSolo
2013The Space BetweenKallenbach Gallery, AmsterdamSolo
2013Paper TearsSoze Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
2013While We Were Away941geary Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2013UnfoldingDavid Bloch Gallery, MarrakeshGroup
2013Graffuturism ParisOpen Space Gallery, Paris Group
2013EphemeralCircle Culture Gallery, Berlin Group
2013ConversationSoze Gallery, Los AngelesDuo
2013Graffuturism L.ASoze Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2012Running with the HuntedCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinGroup
2012The For The Against And The TruthL&K Contemporary, Perth, AustraliaGroup
2012Surfaces19 KAREN Contemporary Space, GoldcoastGroup
2012EntopicsTache Gallery, New York CityGroup
2012Silent ListenSoze Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
2012LA Free WallsLala Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2012Happy MediumNancy Victor Gallery, LondonGroup
2011Paper WorksCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinSolo
2011The Urban ArtistCircle Culture Gallery, HamburgGroup
2011Hotspot Berlin, Charity AuctionGeorg Kolbe Museum, Berlin Group
2010L'art Urbain...du mur à l'atelier...,Addict Gallery, ParisGroup
2010Hazardous BrushstrokesCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinSolo
2010Moniker, International Art FairLondonGroup
2010Escape, International Exhibition of Urban ArtViennaGroup
2010DecadentismeAvantgarde Gallery, MilanGroup
2010No Start No End with Remi RoughNuble Gallery, Santander Group
2010Paper Thoughts And Other Life FormsGalerie.Z, ViennaSolo
2010In The Back Of RealStolen Space Gallery, London Solo
2010Art Karlsruhe - Klassische Moderne und GegenwartskunstArt Fair, KarlsruheGroup
2010Never A Dull MomentWhite Walls SF, San FranciscoGroup
2009Summer Group ShowStolen Space Gallery, LondonGroup
2009Headscape: Tales From The DrifterSignal Gallery, LondonSolo
2009Une EstivaleGalerie L.J., ParisGroup
2009Self-PortraitsCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinGroup
2009Line SteppersJibbering Art, Birmingham Group
2009The Pockst ShowNanca Victor Gallery, London Solo
2008As Far As U Can CCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinSolo
2008Berliner StraßeBerlin, GermanyGroup
2008Art Against Aids, Charity AuctionPhillips de Pury & Company, CologneGroup
2008Highway Child, Curated by Emilie TriceBrauerei Friedrichshöhe, BerlinGroup
2008Urban AffairsStreet Art Festival, BerlinGroup
2008The Alternative PhilosophyThe Leonard Street Gallery, LondonGroup
2007Paint My House ProjectSkudi Optix, BerlinGroup
2007Knock On WoodInsight Gallery, StrasbourgSolo
2007Design MaiTokyo & SeoulGroup
2006Clash of the Titans: Unai vs MonkProject Gallery, BerlinDuo
2006White ShadowsCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinSolo
2005Smoking ExplosionStyle Gallery, BerlinSolo
2004Who’s NextAkademie der Künste, BerlinGroup
2004Sonar FestivalMuseu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, BarcelonaGroup
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