Jean Helion - Ile de France (detail), 1935

Jean Helion

France 1904 - 1987


Jean Helion
Jean Helion
June 2, 2013
Behind the pseudonym of Lor Dethal lies Nemanja Torlak, a writer for Widewalls intrigued and moved by diversity in art and in the lives of those who create it. It is often the unexpected that come forth and surprise us, and art is a world that allows it and makes it possible. David beats the Goliath daily, and writing about it is a pleasure.

Author of several books and a lot of critical writing, Jean Helion was a French painter who rejected abstraction half way through his career and embraced figurative painting, creating artwork that had him proclaimed as one of the leading modernist painters.

Featured image: Jean Helion – Ile de France (detail), 1935. Photo via