body art

Jean-Luc Moerman

Belgium 1967

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Pop Art, Body Art

Jean-Luc Moerman
Jean-Luc Moerman
February 3, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Jean-Luc Moerman is a Belgian modern artist who takes the idea of body marking and body art and applies it to contemporary female and male icons. Using pen and ink, he transforms well-known photographs, making it appear that the subject is covered in tattoos. He has also applied the concept to recognizable buildings, creating what looks like graffiti on the subject. Moerman was born 1967 in Brussels, Belgium and has spent his entire life in that country.

His work is typically black ink on paper in easily recognizable spiral patterns. He works in marker pens and acrylics, and the lines never vary. His desire is to create visual epiphytes, which are plants that grow from other plants. His work has been lauded by some critics, while dismissed as elaborate doodles by others. His most famous collection to date is entitled Tattoo on Paper, 2011. The work includes the fake tattoos on everything from early Renaissance and religious icons to modern stars, such as Audrey Hepburn and Madonna. The works unitize the subjects and make the viewer wonder about the picture’s reality. Moerman has said that he is inspired by body art and tattoos in general as a basis for his work. He has also applied his brand of doodling in black-and-white to vehicles. Moerman credits a fascination with religious fanaticism as the motivation behind some of his works. These works include baseball bats drawn to represent the bludgeoning attitude of fanatical believers in Christianity.

Moerman’s works evoke tattoo art, Islamic and Japanese calligraphy, and graffiti that tell the story of an ever-chaotic history of the world. The works are almost obsessive in their pattern, tradition, and contemporary artistry.

His first solo show was in Germany at Galerie B.A. Mickan in 1995. Moerman has gone on to exhibit internationally in a wide spectrum of capacities. His works have been featured in numerous galleries, museums, and private collections, namely the Olbricht Collection in Berlin, La Maison Rouge in Paris, Musee D’Art Modern in Luxemburg, Musee d’Ixelles in Brussels, Musee des Beaux-Arts in Calais, MOCA in Shanghai, The Flag Art Foundation in New York City, and Vanhaerents Collection in Brussels, among others.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Jean - Luc MoermanNosbaum Reding, Luxembourgsolo
2013transgenerationconnectionnca |nichido contempoprary art, Tokyo, Japansolo
2013Jean - Luc MoermanGalerie Suzanne Tarasiève, Paris, Francesolo
2013TransgenerationconnectionsGalerie Leu, Munich, Germanysolo
2013Ten is more than a numberGalerie ADN, Barcelona, Spain group
2013Sex, Money and PowerMaison Particulière, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2013WunderkammerCabinet de curiosités contemporain, Venice, Italygroup
2013Cent briques pour MadagascarParis, Francegroup
2013Epidermiques 2art et touage, Francegroup
2013Femmes nerveusesCourtrai, Belgiumgroup
2012TransgenerationNosbaum & Reding, Luxembourgsolo
2012Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Summer Project, Villa Knokke, Knokke Heist, Belgiumsolo
2012Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Isabelle Van Den Eynde, Dubaï, United Arab Emiratessolo
2012Epidermiquesart et tatouage, Béthune, Francegroup
2012UnknownFernelmont Contemporary Art, Belgiumgroup
2012InkedprojectBrussels, Belgiumgroup
2012Glissement de terrainMusée Ianchelevici, La Louvière, Belgiumgroup
2012Deux siècles d'histoire entre femmes et leurs psychiatresMuseum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgiumgroup
2012FCA ’12Fernelmont Contemoporary Art 2012, Fernelmont, Belgiumgroup
2012Pop-Up. Liens artistiquesMusée d’Ixelles, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2011Jean - Luc Moerman Eastmen Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium solo
2011Jean - Luc Moerman Transconnecting Tatoos, Venice Projects Gallery, Venice, Italysolo
2011Paris ForeverGalerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France group
2011WunderkammerCabinet de curiosités contemporain, Le Botanique, Brussels, Belgium group
2011Mémoires du FuturOlbricht Collection, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France group
2011UnknownArt Basel, Switzerland group
2011Explosionl'art du Graffiti à Bruxelles, Musée d'Ixelles, Belgium group
2011Sympathy for the DevilVanhaerentsArtCollection, Brussels, Belgium group
2011SafariLe Lieu Unique, Nantes, Francegroup
2010Jean - Luc Moerman Reding et Nosbaum, Luxembourgsolo
2010Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Leu, Munich, Germanysolo
2010Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie A D N , Barcelona, Spainsolo
2010Works on PaperGalerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2010Pierre-Papier-LithoCentre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium group
2010Close upMusée d’Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium group
2010De Dürer à Jan FabreMusée d’Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium group
2010UnknownBusan Biennale, Korea group
2010Lust for Life and Dance of DeathOlbricht Collection, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria group
2010IntersectionMusée du Cinquantenaire, Brussels, Belgium group
2010En quelques traitsIselp, Brussels, Belgium group
2009Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Magda Danysz, Bund 18, Shanghai, Chinasolo
2009Animamix BiennaleMoCA, Shanghai, Chinagroup
2009ChinoiseriesCentre Albert Marinus, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2009Identity 5ÒNichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japangroup
2009Dark SummerGalerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2009Plus belle la vieEspace à vendre, Nice, France group
2008Connecting EverythingBPS22, Charleroi, Belgiumsolo
2008Connectingthings 3nca | nichido contempoprary art, Tokyo, Japansolo
2008Connectingthings 4Gallery Nosbaum and Reding, Luxembourgsolo
2008DialogGalerie Leu, Munich, Germanygroup
2008Wall Rocketsthe Flag Fondation, NYgroup
2008Honorons Honoré, De garageCentre culturel de Mechelen, Belgiumgroup
2008Out of Storage IMusée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Mudam Luxembourg, Luxembourggroup
2008Work on paperNichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japangroup
2007Connectingthings 1Gallery Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2007Connectingthings 2Gallery Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, Francesolo
2007Les Plaisirs d'EdoMusée des Beaux-Arts, Calais, Francegroup
2007Urban ConnectionsDomaine départemental, Chamarande, Francegroup
2007Tomorrow Now – when design meets science-fictionMUDAM, Luxembourg, Luxembourggroup
2007Les formes de la couleurCentre d’art contemporain Bouvet Ladubay, Saint–Hilaire Saint–Florent, Saumur, Francegroup
2007My Sweet Sixteen PartyGalerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2007UnknownLaura Reynolds Gallery, Austin, USAgroup
2007UnknownGalerie Sprüth-Magers, Cologne, Germanygroup
2007Plaisirs d’EdoMusée des beaux-arts et de la dentelle, Calais, Francegroup
2006Atomic Hybrid SpaceL'Atomium, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2006Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2006Public ImageFundament Fondation, Tilburg, Pays-Basgroup
2006IdentityNichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japangroup
2006Echigotsumari Triennale JaponFukutake House, Japan group
2005Optimus Hut, Art UnlimitedArt Basel, Bâle, Switzerlandsolo
2005Magie blancheSuzanne Tarasieve, Paris, Francesolo
2005Jean - Luc Moerman Nichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japansolo
2005BonanzaArtspace Witzenhausen, Amsterdam, Pays-Bassolo
2005La Beauté de l’EnferGalerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2005Brussels South Airport, Krinzinger projectVienne, Austriagroup
2005UnknownAtelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris, Francegroup
2005Printemps de SeptembreLes Abattoirs, Toulouse, Francegroup
2004La Criee centre d'art contemporainRennes, Francesolo
2004Jean - Luc Moerman Alimentation Generale, Luxembourgsolo
2004Storage. L'entrepôt du MuséeB.P.S.22, Charleroi, Belgiumgroup
2003Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2003UnknownDexia, Luxembourggroup
2002Realisation d'une peinture murale de 400 m2 au BPS 22 a CharleroiGalerie Alimentation geale, Luxembourgsolo
2002The Flying Cow ProjectBrussels, Belgiumgroup
2002Ici et maintenant.Tours & Taxis, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
2002Usage ExterneBrussels, Belgiumgroup
2000Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Tache-Levy, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
2000UnknownEspace BBL, Liegegroup
2000Espace JacquemotteBrussels, Belgiumgroup
1999Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Detour, Jambessolo
1999The Flying Cow ProjectBrussels, Belgiumgroup
1998Jean - Luc Moerman Galerie Bernard Cats, Brussels, Belgiumsolo
1997PortfolioLa Lettre Volee, Brussels, Belgiumgroup
1995Je tatoueGalerie Damasquine, Brussels, Belgiumgroup