Jean-Marie Calmettes - Carafe et Pot a Tache Rouge, 1964 (detail), painting

Jean-Marie Calmettes/ Jean-Marie Calmettes

France 1918 - 2007

Painting, Modern Art

Jean-Marie Calmettes
Jean-Marie Calmettes
August 14, 2013

Jean-Marie Calmettes was a French painter, born in 1918, whose paintings played a significant part in the French post-WWII art scene. Calmettes was a member of Groupe de l’Echelle and the Alternative Figurative group, together with other artist such as Paul Aïzpiri, André Brasilier, Bernard Buffet, Raymond Guerrier, and Claude Weisbuch.
In the 1940s and 1950s, the artist started painting still life, inspired by the Cubism movement.

Jean-Marie Calmettes died in 2007.