Painting, Abstract art, Figurative, Art, Installation, Sculpture, Ceramics

John Korner /   John Kørner

Denmark 1967

Installation, Fine Art, Abstract Art, Painting, Figurative Art

John Korner
John Kørner
January 16, 2015
Music, Gestalt, .

John Kørner is a prominent Danish painter, one that is known for his playful explorations of the duality which his paintings carry, their physical manifestation but also their eloquent power of transferring the desired message. The artist is known for his humorous approach to his works as he refers to his paintings as the “Problems”.

John Kørner was born in Århus in Denmark in 1967. His career began when he enlisted the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen in 1992 where six years later he obtained the degree in Fine Arts. In 2000, he got he was awarded with the Carnegie award, a prize he acquired yet again in 2008.

While viewing his paintings one with meticulous eye can see just how many levels are embedded in the artwork. With non-figurative forms, multicolored ovals and dancing arabesques which serve as some kind of preconception, Kørner is presenting us some simple figurative elements and things that are universally recognizable, from a person to a crocodile or a bicycle. All of the signs embedded mixed with the strong coloring invest the eye of the viewer to jump between numerous levels of recognition. John’s work proves to be highly rhythmic pieces, in which some repetitive segments remind us of musical notation. They often depict movement of some sort, whether is it illustrating work related activity or a leisure one. In the presentation of his work Kørner often uses some unconventional approach where he includes social aspect of the viewing experience. Occasionally, the artist displays his pieces outdoor, mostly when creating an installation which is also one of his desired medium including sculpture. Sometimes he also incorporates the theatrical and performance segment just to add to a sense of collective experience.

Besides the painting, as said, he is also involved in creation of three-dimensional art, as he molds and paints ceramics, incorporating some of his motifs, feature in tableaux such as Mr and Mrs Smith at Work, 2006. Some of his latest works, the one created in 2008 are politically charged paintings, one depicting an deaths of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan.

He has had solo exhibitions at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark (2003, 2013); The Workers’ Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011); ARoS Århus Kunstmuseum, Denmark (2006) and Moderna Museet, Sweden (2005). His work was recently included in group exhibitions at institutions including the Scandinavian Institute, New York, (2014); Palais De Tokyo, Paris (2012) and many more.
John Kørner lives and works in Copenhagen.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2013 Family Gallery Bo Bjerggaard, DenmarkSolo
2013 Caught HEART, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, DenmarkSolo
2013 Fallen Frit From Frisland Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UKSolo
2012 Production IMO projects, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2012 Involver Socle du Monde, HEART, Herning Museum of Conetemporary ArtGroup
2011 Women for SaleThe Workers’ Museum, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2011Under Pressure – master prints Atelje Larsen, Helsingborg, SverigeGroup
2011 Project Skagen 2011 Gl. Skagen, DenmarkGroup
2011 The Forgotten Years 2007-2011 Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010 In the Company of Alice Victoria Miro Gallery, UKGroup
2010 1st Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale for Contemporary Art Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010 The Green Valley Disaster Tate, London, UKGroup
2010 Mit Museum (My Museum) KUNSTEN, Aalborg, DenmarkGroup
2010 Best of Wonderland WAS, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2010 Things That Matter a Lot Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2010 The Forgotten Bar Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2009 The New Museums Gallery Chrsitian Larsen, Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2009 Work Out Patricia Low Gallery, SchweizSolo
2009 Jacob Sebastian, Benjamin, Jacob and Dan, Andersen’s contemporary, Berlin, GermanySolo
2009 Circus Hein Atelier Calder, FranceGroup
2009 Hammer & Nail, The White Tube, Oslo, NorwayGroup
2008 War problems Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UKSolo
2008 ROOMING IN! Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad, SwitzerlandGroup
2008 Frelst Fiktion, Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig, DenmarkGroup
2008 Emergency Room Galerie Taïss, Paris, FranceGroup
2008 The Forgotten Bar Project Galerie Im Regierungsviertel, BerlinGroup
2008 U-TURN Quadriennial for Contemporary Art Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2008 Auto Stop Malmö Konsthall, SwedenGroup
2008 FROM THOUGHT TO ACTION Open air exhibition Roskilde Festival V1Gallery,DenmarkGroup
2008 Socle du Monde Herning Kunstmuseum, DenmarkGroup
2008 Andersens Wohnung Revisited (1996-1999) Andersen’s Contemporary Berlin, GermanyGroup
2008 Danskjåvlar – a Swedish Declaration of Love Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CopenhagenGroup
2008 Carnegie Art Award 2008 Scandinavia EUGroup
2007 Lys over Lolland (Light over Lolland) Oreby Castle, DenmarkGroup
2007Star of Africa Diamond Patricia Low Gallery, Gstaad, SwitzerlandGroup
2007[natúrligvís] Nordens Hus, Faroe Islands, DenmarkGroup
2007MAD LOVE –ung kunst i danske privatsamlinger (Young Danish Art in Private Collections) Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, DenmarkGroup
2007 5 years anniversary show Galleri Christina WilsonGroup
2007 Oprør i skoven Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2007 Werkleitz Biennale Happy Believers, Halle, GermanyGroup
2006 Woman with 24 problems – Exhibition of graphical London UKSolo
2006 AROS Bank ARos, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, DenmarkSolo
2006 CPH KUNSTHAL_Centenniale – 700 % PLUS, Kbh Kunsthal Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2006 MALERHJERNE! Ungt dansk maleri (“PAINTER’S BRAIN!” Young Danish Painting) Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, DenmarkGroup
2006 Bjerge i dansk kunst –fra Willumsen til Parfyme, (Mountains in Danish Art –from Willumsen to Parfyme) Herning Kunstmuseum, DenmarkGroup
2006 Golddiggers Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad, SwitzerlandGroup
2006 Painting as Presence Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin & Taidehalli, Helsinki, FinlandGroup
2005den 1:a på Moderna Moderna Museet, Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2005 5 Problems Galleri Stefan Andersson, Umeå, SwedenSolo
2005 Kunsthal KBH Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2005 Den Femte Førstetilvenstre, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2005 Statements Art Basel, SwitzerlandSolo
2004 The Problem of Performing Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2004 SUPERDANISH Toronto, CanadaSolo
2004 The Design of Productions Gallery Maze, Torino, ItalySolo
2004 Painting 2004 Gallery Victoria Miro, London, GBGroup
2004 Momentum Moss 2004, NorwayGroup
2003CONSTRUCTION SETS – works on paper Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2003 Galleri Stefan Andersson Umeå, SwedenSolo
2003 The Greenland Problem Herning Museum of Art, DenmarkSolo
2002 Be On Show Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2002POST Galleri Franz Pedersen Horsens, DenmarkSolo
2002Den Fantastiske Udvej (The Fantastic Way Out) Albertslund Rådhus, Albertslund, DenmarkSolo
2002 Stop for a moment – Painting as Presence Wäinö Altonen Artmuseum, Finland, and Arken Museum of Modern Art, DenmarkGroup
2002 Carnegie Art Award 2002 Scandinavia EUGroup
2001 Teater Århus Museum of Art – Project-room-installation, Århus, DenmarkSolo
2001Scandorama Galleri Art Box Århus, DenmarkGroup
2001Wonderful Copenhagen Stadtgalerie Kiel, GermanyGroup
2000 Dig Og John’s Engagement Galleri Søren Houmann, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2000Den Fantastiske Udvej, (The Fantastic Way Out) Albertslund Rådhus, Albertslund, DenmarkGroup
2000Carnegie Art Award 2000 Scandinavia EUGroup
1999 Jeg Taler Til Jer (I am Talking to You) Museumsbygningen Kunstauktioner, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1999 Street Sharks Kørners Kontor (Kørners Office), Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1998Slappe dig Og Andre Intentioner (Relaxed You and Other Intentions) Blegdamsvej 18, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1998 Problem Galleri Phøniks, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1997 Slap A (Relax) Kørners Kontor (Kørners Office), Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
1995 Glæde og Harmoni (Joy and Harmony) Rådskælderen, Charlottenborg, CopenhagenSolo