John Minton - Composition - The Death of James Dean, 1957 (Detail) - Tate Collection

John Minton /   Francis John Minton

United Kingdom 1917 - 1957

Illustration, Painting, Design

John Minton
Francis John Minton
United Kingdom
September 7, 2013
Bojan is an author for Widewalls. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Belgrade, majoring in English studies. He is particularly interested in English linguistics and culture. Bojan is also interested in Photography and Digital Art.

Francis John Minton was an English painter, illustrator, stage designer and teacher. After studying in France, he became a teacher in London, and at the same time maintained a consistently large output of works. In addition to landscapes, portraits and other paintings, some of them on an unusually large scale, he built up a reputation as an illustrator of books. In the mid-1950s, Minton found himself out of sympathy with the abstract trend that was then becoming fashionable, and felt increasingly sidelined. He suffered psychological problems,self-medicated with alcohol, and in 1957 committed suicide.