Joshua Yeldham, Artist (detail), 2010, copyrigts

Joshua Yeldham

Australia 1970

Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Drawing

Joshua Yeldham
Joshua Yeldham
March 14, 2016

In the world of pure nature, Joshua Yeldham is an artist ready to become the part of it, searching for a deep spirituality in the landscapes and mythology. In his quest for inspiration, he will camp along the river or under the tree, just to feel and understand the forces of nature. His work is full of detail and his creativity has no limits. His canvases are carved. Borrowing elements from cultures of Africa and Papua New Guinea to Chinese watercolors and calligraphy, Yeldham creates new kind of romantic Aboriginal painting. His landscapes are a lyrical mixture of Australian land and his own imagination.

Joshua Yeldham -Navigation Owl, Yeomans Bay
Joshua Yeldham -Navigation Owl, Yeomans Bay

Hard Time Creates an Artist

Born in Sidney, Yeldham studied in the United States, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited mostly in Australia and China and his work is a part of international private, public and corporate collections including the Australian Stock Exchange and The University of Wollongong. For one period of his life, Yeldham was a very successful filmmaker. For his film Frailejón (1993), he has won a Student Emmy Award, been nominated for a Student Oscar and been a finalist in the Wynne, Sulman and Archibald prizes. His early childhood influenced and directed the rest of his life. When he was eight, Yeldham was sent to the boarding school, far away from home, where he was confronted with everyday bullying. A small and sensitive boy was not popular among friends and teachers. But vestiges of his childhood helped him to create his own world of art. He started to live in fantasy, painting and drawing products of his imagination.

The owl is very important symbol in his work

Joshua Yeldham - Bird of Paradise, 2015 (Left) - Owl of Soltitudes Ladder, 2015 (Right)
Joshua Yeldham – Bird of Paradise, 2015 (Left) – Owl of Soltitudes Ladder, 2015 (Right)

Totem of Fertility

The owl, very important symbol and potent energy in his paintings, represents the fertility totem, which he adopted when he discovered he was infertile. Known in mythology for their wisdom, owls play a distinctive role in Yeldham’s visual language, becoming a metaphor for the artist himself. His children were born via IVF, and today, his main support is his family, wife and two daughters. He documented his struggle in the book Surrender: A Journal For My Daughter, which is the unique testament to his devotion. Yeldham works in his backyard studio, his family is present and deeply involved in his creative spirit.

Joshua Yeldham - Untitled
Joshua Yeldham – Untitled

How Real Place Becomes a Fiction

The result of his work is unreal beauty, dreamy scenes torn directly from his heart. Joshua Yeldham is now considered one of Australia’s most talented landscape artists. He creates abstract and, at the same time, figurative works, connecting real places with narrative and fiction. Captured by the power of nature, he puts heart and soul into every piece. His numerous awards and prizes, such as Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize (2014/2015) or Archicald Prize (2013), are only the confirmation of Yeldham’s sincere devotion to his work.

The artist is represented by The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong.

Joshua Yeldham lives and works in Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia.

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2014Surrender - Survey Exhibition Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney solo
2014Surrender Cat Street Galler, Hong Kong solo
2013Surrender Tree Arthouse Galler, Sydney solo
2013Surrender Tree Sydney Contemporary Art Fairsolo
2012The Tongue Has No Bone Scott Livesey Gallerie, Melbournesolo
2011 Two Rivers Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong solo
2010 River Song Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
2010River Music Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne solo
2009 Child Of The Moon- Hawkesbury River Scott Livesey Galler, Melbourne solo
2008Hawkesbury River- Motherland Arthouse Galler, Sydney solo
2007 Hawkesbury River – Death Bird Series Scott Livesey Galler, Melbourne solo
2006 Hawkesbury River Melbourne Art Fair, Arthouse Gallery solo
2006Hawkesbury River Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
2005Bird Nest Diaries Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne solo
2004 Bird Nest Diaries Arthouse Galler, Sydney solo
2003 The Clay Brothers - A Prayer for Fertility Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne solo
2003A Prayer for Fertility Sydney Art Fair solo
2002 Solitude’s Bride Series Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
2002Solitude’s Bride Series Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne solo
2001 Eucalyptus Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
1999Colo River Arthouse Gallery, Melbourne solo
1999Solitude & Prayer Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
1998 Paradise is a Bird Arthouse Gallery, Melbourne solo
1998Paradise is a Bird Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
1997The Hunger Artist Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
1996Viola and the Emu Catcher Arthouse Gallery, Sydney solo
2014Wynne Prize Art Gallery of New South Wales group
2013Archibald Prize Art Gallery of New South Wales Archibald Prize group
2013Touring Exhibition Regional Galleries throughout QLD group
2013NSW & VIC Wynne Prize Art Gallery of New South Wales group
2013Wonder Works Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong group
2012Wynne Prize Art Gallery of New South Walesgroup