Judi Harvest with Monumental Hive, 2017, Photo by Francesco Allegretto

Judi Harvest

United States

Installation, Sculpture, Painting


Judi Harvest
Judi Harvest
United States
June 29, 2018
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

American born interdisciplinary visual artist Judi Harvest, has been exhibiting for over forty years throughout Europe and the United States. Born in Miami, Florida, Harvest is a recipient of The Silver Knight Award in Art, and attended Barry University – graduating with a BFA honors degree in 1974 – and attended Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy, which ignited a lifelong love affair with Italy and the city of Venice. She attended the Art Student’s League in New York and the New York Studio School. Harvest is an MFA graduate of the School Of Visual Arts in Urbino, Italy. Since 1987, she has lived and worked in Venice and New York.

Judi Harvest with Room of Dreams Murano glass pillows, 2015, Photo by Claudio Franzini
Judi Harvest with Room of Dreams Murano glass pillows, 2015. Photo by Claudio Franzini


Judi Harvest has had over 22 solo exhibitions and 13 groups exhibitions, 14 of which have been in Venice, including 2018 CROSS-POLLINATION: Honeybees + Murano Glass, 2017, Propagation: Bees + Seeds (part of Beauty and the Beast, an exhibition in Palazzo Tiepolo Passi), 2015’s highly acclaimed Room Of Dreams (part of Dialogue of Fire). Her expansive 2013 solo exhibition DENATURED: Honeybees + Murano, for which she created 100 amber-toned Murano glass Honey Vessels, and other honeybee inspired paintings and sculptures, including building a garden for Honeybees.

Judi Harvest - Honey Garden, Photo by Claudio Franzini
Judi Harvest – Honey Garden. Photo by Claudio Franzini

The Honeybee Series

The heart of the Honeybee series (2006 – present) and Harvest’s largest project to date, is the HONEY GARDEN, a permanent installation in a 250 square meter forgotten field on the grounds of Murano Glass Master Giorgio Giuman’s glass factory on the Island of Sacca Serenella. In March 2013, Harvest purchased 6 boatloads of soil, planted 30 fruit trees, and 500 different types of fragrant flowers – including lavender, jasmine, roses, sage, rosemary and wisteria – with the intention of creating a suitable environment for the bees. In April 2013, she installed 4 fully functional beehives, which have now increased (naturally) to eight healthy beehives in the Honey Garden. Honey Garden produces over 60 kilos of honey twice a year. The glass factory has seen the benefits of increased business and awareness about Murano glass and Honeybees; two colonies of beauty on the road to extinction. They have new requests to work with artists from around the world, all thanks to Judi’s Honey Garden project.

Judi Harvest, Honey Garden, Photo Claudio Franzini
Judi Harvest – Honey Garden. Photo Claudio Franzini


Nature is the one largest inspiration for Harvest’s work. Dancing and movement also play an important role. Inspired by the Waggle Dance, the Honeybee’s communication form, Harvest also dances around the canvas on the floor to begin a painting. Some of her teachers are Richard Pousette-Dart, Robert Beauchamp, Milton Glaser, Jannis Kounellis, Peter Agostini and Robert Storr. Barbara Rose, Art Historian, stated in Harvest’s latest catalog, PROPAGATION: Bees + Seeds, 2017:

Not all artists are created equal, and not all artists are equally creative. Judi Harvest has made creativity in both art and life her goal and her achievement. Like Robert Rauschenberg, one who inspires her, she wants to act in “the gap between art and life” so that what she makes and does as an artist has a positive impact on the world.

Judi Harvest - Honey Vessels, 2013, Photo by Matthew Klein
Judi Harvest – Honey Vessels, 2013. Photo by Matthew Klein


Judi Harvest’s degree is in painting and she loves to experiment with techniques. She also enjoys creating videos which document each series of work. The videos may be viewed on her website. Rhinoscimento, 2000, The Buddha Diaries, 2003, Stilled Life 2004, Venetian Satellite, 2006, Breakfast With The Bees, 2013, Sogni 2015, Waggle Dance 2017. Her paintings, such as NUPTIAL FLIGHT and POLLINATION, are oil on linen. Occasionally collage elements may be introduced, such as volcanic sand from Stromboli.

Judi Harvest - Nuptual Flight, 2007, Photo by D James Dee
Judi Harvest – Nuptual Flight, 2007. Photo by D. James Dee

Her Honeycomb sculpture pieces, such as MONUMENTAL HIVE, are a combination of US Chicken wire, air- drying porcelain, beeswax, gold leaf and resin. Her Murano glass works are usually pure Murano glass, mixed with gold leaf. Her Honey Vessel, Double Line sculptures, featuring 100 unique Honey Vessel Murano glass sculpture, are Amber Murano glass blown into Italian Chicken wire. With glass blowing, the process is planned but the results can be a happy surprise, unknown until out of the furnace in 3 days. The consistent theme in Harvest’s work is the Fragility of Life and the Search for Beauty. She often mixes common and precious materials, as in the Honey Vessels, Murano glass and chicken wire.

Judi Harvest - Monumental Beehive, 2008
Judi Harvest – Monumental Beehive, 2008

Shows and Press

With a consistent presence at renowned international art festivals, including 6 International Venice Biennale’s to date, Istanbul Biennale, and The Venice Glass Week, Harvest has exhibited at some of the most respected galleries and art spaces globally – Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art, Jonathan Shorr Gallery in New York, Akademie of Fine Arts in Prague, National Academy Museum in New York, Chatauqua Institute of Arts, Bugno Art Gallery, Bockley Gallery in New York, Galerie Thomas in Munich, IVAM Institut Valencià d’Art Modern in Spain, Palazzo Tiepolo Passi in Venice, Venice Design Art Gallery, Hotel Bauer, Zeitgeist Gallery in Milan, Fondation Valmont in Barcelona, The Coral Gables Museum in Miami and the Murano Glass Museum, Venice.

Judi Harvest - Propagation Bees Seeds, 2017 Venice Biennale at Palazzo Tiepolo
Judi Harvest – Propagation: Bees + Seeds, 2017 Venice Biennale at Palazzo Tiepolo Passi. Photo by Francesco Allegretto

Judi Harvest has been featured in the pages of The New York Times, T Magazine, Vogue Italia, Interni, Bloomberg, Miami Herald, La Nuova, Il Gazzetino, Wall Street Magazine, Neues Glas, Art Zealous, Tablet Magazine, Grazia Casa and more. She has been the subject of various broadcast interviews and documentaries including a 2013 RAI documentary highlighting her work with endangered Honeybees.

Judi Harvest - Pomegranate, 2017, Photo by Francesco Allegretto
Judi Harvest – Pomegranate, 2017. Photo by Francesco Allegretto

A regular guest lecturer for international conferences and symposiums – on art, the environment and the state of Venetian Glass, and honeybees – her most recent lecture titled Cross-Pollination, was during The Venice Glass Week at the Institute of Art, Science and Letters, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice in 2017. Harvest’s most recent exhibition, Propagation: Bees + Seeds, opened at the 2017 Venice Biennale and is currently exhibiting across United States and Europe. She was recently commissioned for a highly anticipated project to be unveiled at the Gritti Palace Hotel during The Venice Glass Week, September 9-16, 2018.

Judi Harvest lives and works in New York City and Venice, Italy.

Featured image: Judi Harvest with Monumental Hive, 2017. Photo by Francesco Allegretto
All images courtesy of Judi Harvest Studio

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2018CROSS-POLLINATION: Honeybees and Murano GlassThe Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables FLSolo
2017Propagation: Bees + Seeds (part of Beauty and the Beast)Palazzo Tiepolo Passi 2774 San Polo, VeniceSolo
2017Propagation: Bees + Seeds, exhibited in Beauty and the BeastPalazzo Tiepolo Passi, Venice, ItalyGroup
2016Room of Dreams Fondation Valmont, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2016Room of Dreams Zeitgeist Gallery, Milan, ItalySolo
2016-2017Murano OggiMuseo del Vetro, MuranoGroup
2016Edible Icons: part of an exhibition celebrating the release of the documentary Streit's Matzo and the American DreamArt on A Gallery, New York, USA Group
2015Room of Dreams, exhibited in The Dialogue of Fire, Venice Biennale collateral exhibitionPalazzo Tiepolo Passi, VeniceGroup
2015Room of Dreams, exhibited in The Dialogue of Fire, Venice Biennale collateral exhibitionPalazzo Tiepolo Passi, VeniceGroup
2013DENATURED: Honeybees + MuranoScuola Dei Battioro, San Stae, Venice, ItalySolo
2012Mujeres Del MillenioIVAM Institut Valencià d'Art Modern, Valencia, SpainGroup
2011Hive Culture: Captivated by the Honeybee Glyndon Gallery at Wave Hill, Bronx, New York, USAGroup
2007Men are from Mars, Women are from VeniceHotel Bauer, Venice, ItalySolo
2006Planet FlorianCaffè Florian, Florence, ItalySolo
2006Venetian SatelliteCaffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, Venice, ItalySolo
2005-2014Luna Piena / Full Moon – monumental outdoor sculpture installationCalle Vallaresso vaporetto stop, San Marco, Venice, ItalySolo
2005Cosmic SerenadeVenice Design Art Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
2005Luna Piena (Full Moon) - paintingsPaul Sharpe Contemporary Art, New York, USASolo
2004CarnevalePaul Sharpe Contemporary Art, New York, USASolo
2003Fragmented Peace, monumental outdoor sculpture installationCalle Vallaresso, Venice, ItalySolo
2003Fragmented Peace, paintings, sculpture and videoArte Daniele Luchetta, Venice, ItalySolo
2002Stilled Life 9/11Arte Daniele Luchetta, Venice, ItalySolo
2002UnknownMonique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, USA Group
2002ART: 9/11Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art, New York, USAGroup
2001Rhinoscimento, multi-media installationSpazio Proietto, Venice, ItalySolo
2001Edible Icons InstallationIstanbul Biennale, TurkeyGroup
2000Edible Icons, installation, video and conferenceThe Chatauqua Institute for the ArtsSolo
1998RhinoscimentoJonathan Schorr Gallery, New York, USASolo
1998Annual ExhibitionNational Academy Museum, New York, USA Group
1998Annual ExhibitionBerengo Fine Arts, Venice, ItalyGroup
1997Carnivale di VeneziaBoca Raton Museum of Art, Florida, USAGroup
1996UnknownJoseph Rickards Gallery, New York, USAGroup
1995Venice WorkBugno Samuele Gallery, Venice, Italy Solo
1995Water WorksAcquasource Gallery, New York, USASolo
1994Viaggio in ItaliaAbitare il Tempo, Verona, ItalySolo
1994UnknownFranklin Furnace, New York, USAGroup
1993Monumental Propaganda, with Komar and MelamidNew York, USA and Moscow, RussiaGroup
1993Akademie of Fine ArtsPrague, CzechoslovakiaGroup
1990Commitment, Sacrifice, JoyVeranda dell'Arsenale, Venice, ItalySolo
1989Il Soffio Di EoloMalfa, Santa Isabel, Isola di Salina, Italy Solo
1989Installation HalloweenLondra Palace, Venice, ItalySolo
1988Judi HarvestBockley Gallery, New York, USA Solo
1987Judi HarvestGalleria Graziussi, Venice, ItalySolo