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Julia Katz
Julia Katz
April 20, 2016
Behind the pseudonym of Lor Dethal lies Nemanja Torlak, a writer for Widewalls intrigued and moved by diversity in art and in the lives of those who create it. It is often the unexpected that come forth and surprise us, and art is a world that allows it and makes it possible. David beats the Goliath daily, and writing about it is a pleasure.

Whether we realize it or not, the whole of our surroundings is filled with and made out of motion happening on many different levels. We may see the sea and its waves, the dog running across its shore, the kids playing in the sand, but there’s much more movement to the picture that escapes the eye – the slight breeze touching the skin and moving the clouds in the sky, the light moving through space, illuminating… Every tiny particle moves constantly and though we may only focus on the larger movements, Julia Katz explores the notion completely in her rich paintings. Presenting the universal energy of motion, Katz ties together the movement of human figures and their surroundings in her practice.

Julia Katz
Julia Katz – Kiss

Movements of the Beach

Exploring the world of motion, Julia Katz chooses the beach as one of the settings that best portrays the concept. Following the human figure that is at ease in such an environment, movement becomes free and there’s plenty of it between the people and the lush surroundings constantly in motion itself. With a vast number of natural elements comprising the setting including the sea, the sky, and the air, there’s always a sense of motion within the painting that Katz vividly depicts using oil colors. With her work evolving even further, she examines the same principles within different environments, delving into the relation between her subjects and the elements of nature, none of which are ever still.

Julia Katz explores the relation between people and the elements of nature, none of which are ever still

Julia Katz
Julia Katz – Shorebirds

Cultivating Energy

Inspired by the unity of energy flowing through all things in the universe represented by the Chinese system Qigong, Julia Katz reaches new heights not only in her ever-evolving practice but in the development of her own character and intuition. Showing a connection through movement in her paintings, Katz visually portrays these ideas in a stunning manner. Regardless of the background she chooses, there’s an omnipresent feeling of swirling energy coming out of each of its comprising elements, leaving a strong impression on any viewer. Depicting people concerned with their own current state, she reveals a higher state of things often escaping the daily thoughts.

The artist is represented by the Azart Gallery.

Julia Katz lives and works in Chicago.

Featured image: Julia Katz – Pathway (detail). All photos credit the artist.
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2015 Go Figure – Figurative Group Show Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NCGroup
2014 6 Pack – A Figurative Show Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MIGroup
2014 Summer Group Show Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILGroup
2014 Little Boxes Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MIGroup
2013 Coastlines Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2013 Watch Your Step – Movement in Art Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MIGroup
2013 15th Anniversary Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NCGroup
2011 Force of Nature Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2011 Garden Dance Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NCSolo
2011 First Impressions Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MIGroup
2011 14th International Open Womanmade Gallery, Chicago, ILGroup
2010 People Watching Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2009 Making a Splash Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2009 Spectrum 2009 Hunter Museum of American Art, Chatanooga, TNGroup
2009 Introductions Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NCGroup
2009 Counterpoint Chicago Artist Month, Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILGroup
2008 The Silent and the Social Chicago Artist Month, Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILGroup
2007 Dance Marathon Addington Gallery, Chicago, ILSolo
2007 Highland Park Art Walk 2007 Anatomically Correct, Group
2007 National Art Premiere 2007 Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, ILGroup
2006 Personal Space Dulgar Gallery, South Suburban College, South Holland, ILSolo
2006 Transfigure: The Body in Motion Gwenda JayGroup
2006 Highland Park Art Walk 2006Anatomically Correct, Highland Park, ILGroup
2006 Women’s Works Northwest Area Arts Council, Woodstock, ILGroup
2006 Artists of 60035Chicago in Bloom, Chicago, ILGroup
2004 Real People Old Court House Figurative League, Woodstock, ILGroup
2003 Self Conscious Wilmette Public Library, Wilmette, ILSolo
2003 Naked or Nude Fine Art Building Gallery, Chicago, ILGroup