Juliette Clovis - Sissi 2, 2014

Juliette Clovis

France 1978

Graphic Design, Plastic Arts


Juliette Clovis
Juliette Clovis
October 24, 2015
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Juliette Clovis is a French artist best known for her hand cut works that focuses on female identity. She started drawing and painting very early in her childhood. Her parents were art lovers and collectors, so they transmitted to her their passion for art. She was born in 1978 in Poitiers, France and later she moved to Paris for her studies. After a first degree in law, 2 years studying history of art at L’Ecole du Louvre and a Graphic Design at L’Ecole des Gobelins, she worked for 5 years as a communication officer. In 2004, she decided to leave her job and to dedicate herself completely to her art.

In her works, Juliette Clovis focuses on female identity and the representation of women in modern society. Her artwork is made of cuttings of extreme minutia cut by the artist’s hand. She draws inspiration from a combination of mythological, historic and religious references as well as other ethnic codes to produce her feminine creations. After her first very colorful works, which were close to Pop Art, the artist has evolved a graphical singular universe combining neo-classic sensitivity and a baroque language, brought to life through a unique technique that she has pioneered.

Juliette Clovis Works 2014

Juliette Clovis - Itagaki, 2014 and Persephone 3, 2014
Juliette Clovis – Itagaki, 2014 and Persephone 3, 2014

Contrary to the current French contemporary art movement, Juliette places a very particular emphasis on technical and aesthetic research. The artist seizes each piece of art like pieces of haute couture on which she will spend hundreds of hours to form her creations. And it is this same quest that drives her work this year with a new medium: porcelain.

In her most recent work, Juliette Clovis explores the topics of invasions and metamorphosis in human body. The theme of metamorphosis is ambiguous. In biology, it refers to a process of transformation within the life span of an entity. But metamorphosis equally has a psychological meaning, with changes intervening in the character and therefore the identity of the person.

Recent Works 2015

Juliette Clovis - Isaure 5, 2015 and Frida 2, 2015
Juliette Clovis – Isaure 5, 2015 and Frida 2, 2015

Clovis’ work on female identity, which until now has represented a classic and quasi-photographic approach, is being transformed with an invasion by a multitude of new external elements. New women emerge covered in a profusion of natural elements packed with wildlife and flora. Certain pieces are completely anthropomorphic, challenging and disturbing. Take for instance the chimeras with human faces – creatures that confront us with our own humanity. These bodies and faces seem to fade away in favor of luxurious nature, and the artist explores female identity, its place and its relation with nature. The new portraits that Clovis now proposes are a veritable hybridization of style and eras, a blend of allegory, poetry and surrealism.

She participated in several exhibitions and fairs in Europe, New York and Asia and her work is now represented by about 10 French and foreign galleries. One of them is Artemisia Gallery in New York.

After 12 years living in Paris, Juliette Clovis moved to Bordeaux, France, where she currently lives and works.

All images courtesy of © Artemisia Gallery.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Art up LilleLille, FranceGroup
2015LollipopARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2014Juliette ClovisMondapart gallery - Boulogne Billancourt Solo
2014Asia Contemporary Art FairDamina gallery, Hong KongSolo
2014Selected in the Emerging artists at Art'Up Lille Lille, FranceFocus
2014Revelation by Art'UpLille, FranceFocus
2014Trio show Nielly/Alben/ClovisAlain Daudet Gallery - ToulouseGroup
2014Asia Contemporary Art ShowHong KongGroup
2014Art up LilleLille, FranceGroup
2014Singapore Art FairSingaporeGroup
2014ST'ARTStrasbourg, FranceGroup
2013Juliette ClovisDamina gallery, Hong KongSolo
2013Juliette ClovisValérie Lefèbvre Gallery - LilleSolo
2013Auction - Contemporary ArtCornette de Saint Cyr Focus
2013AuctionDrouot - Paris, FranceFocus
2013ST'ART Strasbourg, FranceGroup
2013AAF New YorkARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2013Singapore Art FairSingapore Art Fair - SingaporeGroup
2013Lyrics!Helène Bailly Gallery - Paris, FranceGroup
2013Scuderi’artGuilhem Gallery - MegèveGroup
2013World’s Apart Art Fair Damina gallery - SingaporeGroup
2013Lille Art Fair - FranceGroup
2013Art O'clockParis, FranceGroup
2012Juliette ClovisMondapart Gallery - Boulogne BillancourtSolo
2012Juliette ClovisValérie Lefèbvre Gallery - LilleSolo
2012Asia contemporary art fairHong KongGroup
2012Singapore Art FairSingaporeGroup
2012AAF BrusselBrussel, BelgiumGroup
2012ST’ArtStrasbourg, FranceGroup
2012Art O'clockParis, FranceGroup
2011Juliette Clovis770 Gallery - Paris, FranceSolo
2011Juliette ClovisMondapart Gallery- Boulogne BillancourtSolo
2011Chic Art FairParis, FranceGroup
2011AAF BrusselBrussel, BelgiumGroup
2011Nowhere @150ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2011SeizeARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2011AAF New YorkARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2011ST’ArtStrasbourg, FranceGroup
2010Juliette ClovisSeven Seventy Gallery - Paris, FranceSolo
2010AAF New YorkARTEMISIA GALLERY, New YorkGroup
2010AAF BrusselBrussel, BelgiumGroup
2010Mac 2000Paris, FranceGroup
2010ST’ArtStrasbourg, FranceGroup
2009Juliette ClovisLM Events - Paris, FranceSolo
2009ST’Art Strasbourg, France Group
2009AAF ParisParis, FranceGroup
2008Juliette ClovisGallery View - Séoul - KoreaSolo
2008Juliette ClovisArt Jingle Gallery- Paris, FranceSolo
2008AAF ParisPetitjean gallery – Paris, FranceGroup
2008Europ’Art Geneva, SwitzerlandGroup
2008Lille Art FairLille Group
2008AAF LondonARTEMISIA GALLERY, London, UKGroup
2008London Art FairLondon, UKGroup
2007Juliette ClovisStephanie Hoppen Gallery - LondonSolo
2007Residency of 3 weeks at L'Espace 29Bordeaux, FranceFocus
2006Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montrouge - FranceFocus